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Koya san bicycle

Koya san bicycle

Na nocleg zatrzymałam się przed podjazdem, nieco wcześniej niż zazwyczaj, bo miejscówka nad rzeką kolo parkingu, sklepu i centrum informacji bardzo mi się spodobała – następnego dnia miało padać, a w takim przypadku warto jest mieć się gdzie ewakuować (pogodę sprawdzam teraz cyklicznie ze względów strategicznych). Postąpiłam ze wszech miar słusznie. Rano się rozpadało, but, że około południa przestało stwierdziłam, że co będę tutaj siedzieć i podjęłam próbę wdrapania się na Koya-san (more than 800 m altitude).
Poszło mi uważam nadzwyczaj zgrabnie – ponad 20 km krętego podjazdu (I remember him fondly recalled Mary last year), 3 hours and about. 18.00 I was at the top. Maybe not with me yet so wrong with this NEGOTIATE?
Koya-san welcomed me with not only a huge orange temple-gate Daimon, that arises suddenly in his face after 20 kilometer ascent in the wilderness, until the man jaw-dropping, but also giving the eyes of an array of temperature, which was 5,8 degrees Celsius. As I saw it did not surprise me at all now, that in spite of these shoots driveway along the way changed my dressing room and apologized once again with indoor shoes. Even a few days to pardon. And even more apologized hat and gloves, I buried that even their chances early on Japanese soil occurrence ..
The Koyasan attraction is the possibility of accommodation in one of the many temples there and participate in the prayers along with the monks. This is as much attractive as an expensive affair, so I spread my tent on the playground for children. Siąpił freezing drizzle in the morning, so I was probably zero wheel. I apologized so even ski socks and so was cold no longer bundled. I had good luck, I no longer apologize to me for not.
Koyasan is a complex of temples, the oldest of which date from the ninth century, founded by the monk Kobo Daishiego (of the 88 temples in Shikoku). Seen here praying monks, but the whole town is popular with tourists, not only Japanese. Most climate Okunoin place is a graveyard - thousands of old tombstones of ogromych, cedar trees. Koyasan and a number of pilgrimage routes in the wild mountains of the Kii Peninsula (called Kumano Kodo) are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
No Koyasan and I will still be associated with biker Toshio, I met with tourist information and a point of honor that he chose the doholowanie me back down to Koyasan, and it was strongly suggested dinner in the afternoon, accommodation, Shower and wash for good measure, of them, and yes, I took. It was terribly cold and besides, you have to fraternize with the people of Japan.
Toshio is not for me a typical Japanese. He is fluent in several languages ​​and well versed in matters of historical and geo-economic. Well we were talking and the next day towed me even more 20-30 miles showing on the road area attractions such as buildings from the Edo era samurai. The whole time I was worried as I get where I want to get and do not catch a cold in this tent. I had to promise him, that as you will feel cold to rent a place to stay.
But I'm cold as it apologized with a hat, gloves and socks.

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