Ainu climate

by Ewcyna

There are days to cycle and days to hang around. That day was evidently to hang around. Slowly, since the road followed down the river, Here some lunch, here chatting with the Nepalese and the afternoon came quickly. Every time I was going to push on the pedals something occured. And so it was with Ainu village – skansen, which I came across on the way and that there was neither mentioned in the guide nor on the map.. A great spot under a tree right on the backwaters of the dam was just calling me for the night… but – I thought to myself – girl! you just can not hang around all day, you need to travel a little. Well, when leaving I saw a poster announcing Ainu music live concert that evening .. on Saturday at 4 PM… and it was Saturday, . 17.00..
I went and just stayed. Cool music, barbecue, a lot of people – even noticed some strangers. After the concert, it was getting dark already so fully justified and happy I went directly to the spot I noticed before and I stayed for the night.

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