by Ewcyna

zdjecie z mamą

Ewa, once called Ewcyna by the closest friend. For years, happily "infected by cyclosis", I represent the species “ "individual bike wanderer"” of feminine gender.

Still as a teenager, on communion bike brand labels Jubilat oblepionym in the field flowers in every free moment circled around the family home on the outskirts of the forest Mazovia Kampinoska.

Travelling has always been my passion, but traveling by bike has become an addiction. I replaced an old bike with a better model and moved on. Under the wheels many roads here and there, but addiction is an addiction – holds tight and still wants more. For several years I have lived mostly traveling on the bike and while at it I was not bored.

Life on a bike is simple. The problems usually boil down to a few basic: which way to go, where to sleep, what to eat, what to see along the way. You never know where a given day I get, whom I meet and what will happen. I do not plan too much or too often, life writes your screenplay anyway.

My travels this is not a project. I do not go for the acquisition of kilometers, I do not climb the highest mountain passes, but when they beat, I'm very satisfied. I do not take part in the competition for the other “most”. Traveling on the bike because it's really like.

Alone? Holy Crist! – said an old woman once having seen me in a village somewhere "in the middle of nowhere" in eastern Poland. It is also the first question, that people ask me, often only by the language of gestures.

Yep – I travel mostly alone. Benefits, which gives me solo trip are plentiful, but meeting with people on the road is always a great joy.

You can read about safety in solo travel here

A blog is a journal of my last trips (I did not write previously), some photos, practical information and contact platform. Human being, although alone on a road, is still and after all, invariably a social being.

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