Equipment and accessories for cycling – what proved to be useful?

by Ewcyna
Bicycle travel equipment

Bicycle trip equipment

Tales of the way stories, but to travel by bicycle, and particularly the long, you need to prepare well in practice. Travel and camping equipment, its quality, convenience and (no)failure often determines, how this journey will proceed.  I am not an expert in this field, an experienced user can not, and that experience with the use of equipment and accessories, I own I would like to share. About different things, that I find useful in travel I have written 3 years ago here.

  1. saddlebags

Saddlebags is one of the most important pieces of equipment bicycle traveler, isn't it?

Choosing panniers I do not hide trouble. Teen I started years ago with panniers material of one of the Polish companies. They served many years, but also I found out, I got to be something stronger and waterproof, more reliable. The most common bicycle panniers Traveler, namely products of the German company Ortlieb have all the features of good panniers, but. for me they are simply too small - have 40 litrów. Jakbym się do nich nie przymierzała było to jakoś wydawało mi się za mało, although I know, that this is also the idea, to less strain and more sacks sack, which is mounted on the trunk.. Secondly, they do not have any pockets in addition to such, which can be purchased and attached, However, you need to do on this occasion no hole in the pouch and somehow I do not quite persuaded..

Jesienią 2013 year, panniers searching the internet I came across a description of the outdoor equipment US Pacific Outdoor Equipment (now Hyalite). Saddlebags this company were to buy in one of the online stores in the UK (SJS Cycles) and not made up my mind - set cost from what I remember about 600 PLN . panniers are 60 l, large pockets, small pockets in the lid and front where you can hide something minor key. Fixing system on plastic hooks may not be perfect, but all in all better than samozatrzaski Ortlieb. By the way also I bought a self-inflating mat this company, of which I was very happy.

bicycle panniers and Pacific Outdoor Equipment Ortlieb

How come true? Throughout 1,5 he was calm, until one fine autumn day 2014 in South Korea broke my hook fastening in one of the panniers. Well, my luggage is heavy and yes. Unfortunately, I did not have the spare time to replace the hook (Now I have).  To this before from their own negligence smashed sliders in large pockets and went too 2-3 the latches flaps (They were vile quality) - suma summarum, I bought instead of repair.. new, the same the same company, which surprisingly they were somewhere in the Internet sales in South Korea. Do not know, Now if I was such a wasteful, but, but it came out. I have to say, it was actually a new version improved, hooks despite the huge weight of what wożę 3 years holding, sliders and also no clips are completely different and not broke as the previous. And of course, I can not pack a lot of.

Unfortunately, if someone was interested in it bags they are no longer manufactured (unless, that otherwise wyguglacie).  As I wrote, the company is now called Hyalite.

At the front of my bike panniers Ortlieb, model with a flap (look photo, sorry i can't find the name), 25 l. knock on wood, them nothing is. No.. almost nothing. One fine day in Thailand fitted together into one rustic wiewórki (rather large white wiewióry), wygryzły about that hole 4-5 cm in diameter while I was sitting in a cafe rummaging in the net and watched as cool squirrels jump on my bike. I would prefer if this Wiewiórą then stuck on the grill as I saw the possibility of their teeth on my expensive hardware. However, the hole patched product TENACIOUS company McNett - a transparent adhesive tape to repair patching all sorts of things - the way thing, but worth. To seal the recently held or 2,5 year, I just have to find time to seal the hole again. No, tape "silver" or in my case black, which temporarily sealed the hole is not the same – does not stick.

patching a bicycle pannier

Damaged saddlebag (hole bitten by a squirrel!) and patching attempts. A transparent repair tape was held 2 years

Necessary equipment bicycle and cyclist friend is a bag on the handlebars. Ortlieb, proved very, though recently departed 1 side pocket.

Ortlieb handlebar bag


I am a happy owner down sleeping bag Yeti. Model (probably, I do not have at hand account) GT II 900, at the time of purchase was approximately. 900 gram, I paid about Zan. 760 PLN . This is why, what I like, is that, the inside has plenty of space, I do not feel bound by a snake and I can bribe a leg or sleep on your stomach, What also really I like. Now, after several years of intensive use, and two washes (I recommend only laundries, who know their stuff, I used a friend of company Yeti, in Praga) probably because he came out a little less feathers, but in life I would not have decided to travel with a synthetic sleeping bag. Besides sleeping bags, with lighter really they give thermal comfort and are light and nice. Of course, a trip to Southeast Asia and other hot and humid areas not recommend, but I was carrying, and even did not use it as it stretched out for a night of pillowcases. Puch can not be compressed too long, sleeping bag should be distributed, when at home and in the journey as often released from pillowcases.

Sleeping bag Yeti / Dawn sleeping bag Yeti, 900 gram

warm sleeping bag on a bicycle

sleeping bag Yeti

And here attention to women - remember, the women felt heat / cold is different from men allegedly felt by even 7 degrees. I see the writing on the sleeping bag "temperature range" is do not trust him and always in the sleeping bag warmer zainwestowałabym. I'm in my sleeping bag I feel good to say temperature 5 stairway to plusie, Having to wearing thermal underwear. Female friends,  who bought sleeping bags weighing up to half a kilogram (optimum temperature) rowerowania during the New Zealand between February and early April (There were nights after a few degrees – The country autumn) of what they said they were freezing terribly.

The company YETI is not the only one worthy of command down sleeping bags manufacturer, You can choose another contractor, Poland is a leader in the production of down products.

Exactly, driving to South Asia and Eastern Europe almost 5 years ago, whereas rustic heat and high humidity I bought a sleeping bag / pad silk Silk Sleeper Ex3 company Lifeventure.

Lifeventure Silk Sleeping Liner

This baby weight and size of a fist 100 gram, very pleasant to the touch, which it was extremely useful in tropical climates. Ma kształt dużej mumii i nasączone jest jakimś preparatem odstraszającym owady. Można używać jako prześcieradła bo jak wiadomo – z czystością pościeli w wielu miejscach jest co najmniej dyskusyjna bądź jako niby-spiwora podczas gorących nocy.

Regarding the fact, that I chose in the high mountains, and in really cold my sleeping bag already not enough for me recently, I'm an owner of another product Lifeventure - sleeping bag- wkładki stretchowej LIFEVENTURE THORMOLITE STRETCH LINER.

This multifunctional product - the material from which it is made thicker, than silk, what weight is given by the manufacturer 370 gram. It has the shape of a large mummy hood. The product can function as an independent sleeping bag in a hot climate or as a supplement to a regular sleeping bag, when it gets cold. In the latter case, supposedly increases the heat by about. 10 degrees. I used it several times and at one and the second option, but mainly because it was the second no heat. On Turkey in summer found.

Much of it, is that. Now I decide I do not need any of these products,

Spiwory/ wkłądki do śpiworów Lifeventure Stretch Liner i Lifeventure Silk Sleeper

but in such a long journey the seasons change, changing weather, difficult to find a universal solution.


After years of using mats decided on self-inflating mat, although the fact, not everyone likes it because it may damage the valve or perzebiciu.

I think, that the mat should be neither too thin nor too thick, 3-3,5 cm thickness is optimum for 3 Seasons. I am leaving on a trip I bought a mat of Pacific Outdoor Equipment weighing about. 650 gram. Mat is ideal for checking 2 years, it was the women pray, nieco grubsza w tułowiu i cieńsza w nogach. Niestety sama przez własną głupotę ją wykończyłam w grudniu 2015 year after 2 years of use, when I scrubbed her campsite and then I set happily in the sun to dry. ABSOLUTELY Bury. I read after time, the mat can not be exposed to the sun's rays, because the structure inside the rozklejają. In this case, that's exactly what happened, a few days later appeared purchelek, which leaves only expanded, to achieve greatness 30 cm and could not sleep on it. Fortunately, I was already in Athens and had provided, Beds with Marzena, but also unplanned expenditure on the head.

three-season self-inflating mat

self-inflating mat. Remark – set to photo only, nigdy nie zostawiamy mat na słońcu! Rozklejają się.

I had to look around for a new mat. The most common products Thermarest fall for me because ... uhh, ok - color. I do not know why things, which are used every day and is very susceptible to soiling they are manufactured by this company in orange or yellow. They are indeed the company's mats in green, but are heavier models, certainly not on the bike.

I decided, therefore, the product of Mammut, which fulfill the criteria for the thickness, gravity, -length and color was no J. Weight 760 gram, length 183 cm, thickness 3,5 cm (ie shorter. 165 cm are too much on contact with my height 166 cm), Navy blue. For this mat is equipped with non-slip printing.

It remains a matter of course, with Isomats are easy to puncture. I try to be very careful, where I put mate, but do not always succeed protect it. Although in the case of the first mat it has survived more than two years is not outdone, my current it happened several times (s the Oman desert and generally spikes) and I patched her repair kit, which is included in the kit. Still, some air escapes but not enough, to wake up with the feeling of lying on the soil. We travel a longer 2 years.

ok, that was a complete set of sleeping, I use the inflatable panels purchased in the Decathlon 20 PLN / $ 5. first survived 3 years before they began to flee from the air, over a year ago I bought the same in China and knock serves me today.

So, sleeping is the most important, but let's take for cooking.

  1. TORCH

I have a burner's model Primus Multifuel. So this model, that after changing the nozzle, you can use a variety of fuels - gas, petrol, other liquid. I admit, that do not use its features, because I am a fan of incorrect gas, which is the cleanest and most convenient to use, besides I cook in the vestibule without leaving the tent. Mam też chyba uraz do benzyny, nie znosze tego zapachu. Gas could get in practically every country, which was (!), although I note, that in many (for example,. Asia South-East) are not set on cartridges available, but can as elongated spray. They are at the same supert - 1 USD though is sometimes 5 USD (Georgia). The thing is superprzydatną adapter cartridge, I have such a model, purchased in Thailand, but also in Poland, then I saw in the shop. I really want to invest and then have the opportunity to buy another bottle, often much cheaper than wind-up.

adapter cartridge longitudinal

But back to the burner - only twice I was changing nozzles and used it on a bottle of gasoline and liquid fuel, which on this occasion I am carrying. Unfortunately, the quality of fuel China was bad and kopciło per kilometer.

Primus Multifuel burner, cookware set Penguin, cutlery Rockland, adapter do butli gazowych, grzałka no name 🙂

This is why, na co warto zwrócić uwagę przy kupnie palnika, nawet jeśli to nie jest superdrogi model wielopaliwowy, is that, żeby był on wolnostojący (na nóżkach) not screwed on the bottle. I really did not once not twice the cylinder filmed burner rolled scalding the operator. Burner on their feet is stable.

  1. POTS

I drive with each set 2 przykrywko made pots of pans-company Penguin. In South Asia East drove only one smaller garczek. because there is not completely cooked - food is available 1-3 USD. For two years, however, I am carrying two pots, although it's a lot harder przyjemoność, no but the more I can have something seriously and convenient upitrasić, makaron etc. a mniejszy jest raczej do gotowania wody. Garnki trzymają się dobrze, although smaller inadvertently packed the baggage, and got the go somewhere so it is slightly bent. Now I was getting into pots flying plane, or deep-wrapping the other things in the luggage, or for luggage.


A small thing and what useful. In addition to the beloved long-handled spoon found somewhere in South Korea I use cutlery set (spoon, fork, knife) of Rockland - like appearance is plastic, but this is a special material which can be mixed hot water. I also have with each folding spork - tiny, I hold in my pocket backpack, It is handy and very useful, when, for example. He wants to eat yogurt and fumble in the saddlebags..

  1. bathroom accessories

A set of things to wash every accumulates according to your needs, I want to point out two things:

TOWEL - quick-drying towel is a travel necessity. I remember, I went the other day as the cotton and sechł all ages. Fast-drying towels on the market atrzęsienie, but many of them do not like to touch. I have many years (some 10) towel Jack Wolfskin terry cloth-like, the largest size that is large bath towel. I do not use it in everyday life, but I think, the size of the towel gives me comfort - I like to wrap a towel after a bath. It was extremely useful even in public baths in Japan and no beach.

tudzież cloth towel-drying

Every day sleeping in the wild use .. cloth size may 50 cm 30 cm kupionej za kilka złotych(maybe 1 USD) in China. It already has a hole, because it once it somewhere on a hot burner laid the, but I have to admit that the fabric structure is very similar to 50 Jack Wolfskin times more expensive.

So, I still cieniukutki towel Fjord Nansen, I got that from one of my czytaczy (I know, Judith Wodzislaw Slaski - greet:) this baby, I mainly used to wipe the face (Also during the day as I was dripping sweat, that is, the last day haha).

BEAUTICIAN - although for a long time I used the no name beauticians and plastic bags, However, recently organized my toiletries in the beautiful si, blue, comfortable (It is not that important?) and very frunkcjonalnej beauticians company Lifesystems model WASH holdall size L, because it has several compartments and sliders, and besides, a mirror and a comfortable grip, który pomaga ją powiesić w toalecie czy gdzie tam w podroży przypadnie. It is made of quick-drying material, is for me one tiny minus .. even the largest size, that is what I L,  jest dla mnie .. (yes, bingo!) well a little too small.

kosmetyczka Lifesystems Wash Holdall

No, I do not have any means decorative cosmetics, but somehow accumulated because the shampoo and conditioner, sponge, brush, to refresh the liquid face in the evening, soap, krem anty UVA / UVB, DEET mosquito, toothpaste and toothbrush, some washing powder. pierdółki and some other buttons on contact.

  1. OTHER - KIT

First aid kit and what is in it is also a question needs. Some things, however, I consider it necessary - accessories are a first aid:

– alcohol disinfection. I use the product Tribactic, he has also composed bactericides

– Octanisept - the spray began to use later. It is extremely useful for larger wounds and abrasions, perfectly wound dries out the way I sanitizing. Repeatedly proven in travel.

– gaza, swabs for applying gas to a wound

– antiseptic swabs (smaller abrasions or wounds)

– slice cut tudzież set of patches - such personally prefer, which are fabric than the plastic surface that (you know, what I mean?)

– bandages - necessarily flexible and usual. Przydawały more often than one might think.

 – earplugs - an absolute "must have" on the go, especially as I am nadwrażliwca sound.

A set of such first aid accessories can be purchased in a pharmacy or rely on ready-made first aid kits already - and I have been using one and the second version. Last korzytałam a set of Lifesystems - FIRST AID KIT WATERPROOF. You will find there what you need and even more.. frankly I think it's even too much and is set ciężkawy, but the company has a dozen first-aid kits, You can choose a smaller and more modest in nice tight package - recommend the mind.

The second thing in the medicine cabinet - drugs. I do not have a lot of them

– something for an upset stomach, rozwolnienie - Loperamide

– painkillers - no I'm immune to many because of, the life of the patient's spine because I took a lot of. I would recommend Nurofen Plus as codeine stronger, It works for me also menstrual pain.

– Gargarin to rinse the throat - the good throat infection, and this can happen even in the summer

– polopiryna / aspirin - when catching cold prophylactically overnight

– antibiotic 3 eg day. azithromycin. The issue of the use of antibiotics without consulting a doctor.. debatable, I do not want to enter into polemics and convince anyone, but honestly for years I came to the conclusion, as I catch the infection is not what I was doing, and unless it does not pass wyleżała. How does not pass 3 This day I have a zapodać antibiotic, but also at the same time a few days of rest. That's how I am, It works only with antibiotic, in my case even penicillin derivatives are excluded. When I came to China to travel very I caught a cold, in principle, I could not speak and had started work literally 2 days. Then a vein with an antibiotic, maybe not as much as you need wyleżałam, but as much as I could do, but over. It was the last time (December 2016 year) when I took an antibiotic, Therefore, I do not abusing. but I am carrying 1 package.

–      Steri Strip – takie cudo do „zaszywania” ran. Apparently useful for larger cleavages instead of sutures, but I not have been using.

– Malarone. Lek antymalaryczny. In terms of preventing malaria or mitigating its effects. A doctor enrolled 3 package, spent almost 500 PLN and I not used it even once.

Personally, I recommend to carry a 1 package to take for peace of mind when they are suspected of malaria in the area. It is a terrible disease, but it has no medicine. And the danger is, local people say, will read either. This journey taught me, where I spent about. 1,5 year in the areas of malaria that is potentially the tropics. Malarone is very hard for the body drug.

By the way, even - before leaving vein with a series VACCINATION, virtually everything that the doctor wrote travel medicine. The amount was more than 1000 PLN , but also I have some peace of mind, the less bad of me ima. And for vaccinations should take at least 6 weeks before departure. On the day of vaccination means not plan on anything but lying at home - I have a few hours after the vaccination sessions, I felt like I was coming down, weakness, hot, cold alternately, shooting in the head. The next morning it was ok.

Well, It is roughly the most important things with praktykaliów, I have come to mind.

I'll be glad, if someone useful (a little time spent on this, maybe you can consider buying a coffee or a donation?

Buy me a coffee at

and of very open to reading about your experiences and your niezbędniku the tourist traveling by bicycle.. If you have any questions or comments at the bottom of this place is to discuss J

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Janus 17 August 2018 - 13:38

Dzięki za listę! Z rzeczy, które u mnie bardzo się przydały/przydają i bez których nie ruszam/ruszę się na rower czy w góry, mogłabym dopisać:
Moskitierę na głowęw Skandynawii czy na Islandii to kwestia życia lub śmierci 🙂
Kamizelkę albo kurtkę puchową z kapturemdo zakładania na czas postojów albo podczas biwaku, oczywiście tylko w chłodniejszych rejonach/porach roku
Niedawne odkrycie: ExOfficio Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs, czyli jedyne majtki, jakie kiedykolwiek miałam, które nie zjeżdżają, nie wpijają się itp. choćbym nie wiem co robiła 🙂 Co za ulga! Przy najbliższej okazji kupię kilka dodatkowych par 🙂
Odkrycie z wczoraj: mini-szczotka do włosów firmy Tangle Teezer – road, ale mała i leciutka, no i fantastycznie wręcz rozplątuje kołtuny! W podróży, zwłaszcza po nocy (albo kilku) w namiocie włosy potrafią mi się tak splątać, że muszę część odciąć 🙂 Myślę, że dzięki tej szczotce problem zniknie. Mała rzecz a cieszy 🙂
Mokre chusteczki, czyli namiastka prysznica
Torbę na kierownicę Ortliebanie zliczę, ile rzeczy wożę w niej na co dzień. Zapewnia szybki dostęp do aparatu, ma mocowanie do mapnika, mieści sporo jedzenia na drogęplus łatwo zabrać ją ze sobą do sklepu bez strachu, że ktoś ukradnie nam dokumenty czy elektronikę.
No i czytnik ebooków 🙂 Bateria starcza na miesiąc, waży malutko, można czytać wieczorem w namiocie czy w ciągu dnia podczas siestyczego chcieć więcej 🙂

Ewcyna 17 August 2018 - 18:55

Hej hej Janka, thanks for the list.
I don't know why I didn't write about the steering wheel bag, but I was taking a picture.
Clothing matters- I didn't move because I want to make an additional entry, but I shaved my panties because I need something checked out
-mosquito Net. Well, I wasn't in Scandinavia but I already know what you can't forget there.
– tudzież sponge with handkerchiefs in my case I wrote in an entry before 3 kat, I podlinkowwac. Greetings!

Jerzy 17 August 2018 - 15:41

A Sudocrem unnecessary?

Ewcyna 17 August 2018 - 18:51

And yes it is in the make-up bag.. Cracked heel

zofia 17 August 2018 - 18:27

I have a mat thermarestu 3.8 cm and weighed 400 g at ​​a length of 183 cm. A gray color on one side and the other lovely lilac. already 10 I operate years.

Ewcyna 17 August 2018 - 18:51

Well, that's it 10 years ago and 6 They are doing cool colors! Yet he was so ciemnobordowy sliczny, I was looking at the Allegro or OLX.

Hubert Stuczynski 18 August 2018 - 10:44

Ewa – confirm, Primus burner that this is absolutely the best – there is in it to spoil what :). It's hard to find it in the offer, It is sometimes sold as “gas” with the possibility of using gasoline (which is de facto the pump and fuel bottle). But reliability beats all other burners type “jet” (well, you know, looking, such as an aircraft engine nozzle, and not as an ordinary microwave).

And the thicker the mat Thermarestu are most bicycle – heavier, but for autumn winter feel the difference in isolation :). But if anyone asks – just I coped with the mat Volvena, although some toporniejszą – It also isolate well.

If you are already in Turkey – which way it now? Greetings!

Ewcyna 22 August 2018 - 06:18

You see. I just remember, that before I bought the torch did this big market overview. Although some people claim, that this model is to himself, if gasoline that kopci.
What mat green Thermarestu, Sure you can pack on the bike, They are just over a kilogram as I remember. No other known mats and also to give, I used are. Only speak again opinions – Why do bright colors mat disease if it gets dirty so quickly?

Hubert Stuczynski 23 August 2018 - 17:09

Well yes – I forgot to add, that I smoke it virtually only petrol :). Yep – hill, until it warms up, but so have all the gas burners, which preheating of the nozzle. Then it flies like a blue flame of a gas stove, until milo.

What do Kolor mat – you're right :). I guess it's so they do, They were attractive to the pictures in the catalog.

Q'bot 18 August 2018 - 11:42

But walking around the tony ;P
I apteczkowych of the elements I have just sliced, and so that I do not use, I always black clothes, traces of blood on it can not be seen…
But it is not walking around mosquito nets, and is useful in any climate – and I mean this also tightens around leżyska, by snakes and scorpions were walking a little further than our skin.
About spare parts / tools for the bike also did not mention, and it weighs quite a bit…
And Why did I washing powder, and no fluid? worse dissolves, need wyżeszj temperature, you need to properly rinse his clothes etc.

Ewcyna 22 August 2018 - 06:14

Well, unfortunately, tons. And still it seems to me that most needed, though not all at once. Now, half in Turkey could safely leave your luggage. although no. Sleeping bag as found in the desert, last night I was tightly wrapped, some 8 only degrees.
What I told this to the medicine cabinet, a matter of preference. I have a theory at all, that men need less
mosquito? You know I thought long over her before leaving, however, it is the tropics and gave up, and how to correctly okazało.Na night spacing of the interior of the tent mesh, and as it is the guesthouse there are nets in the windows plus windmills. Believe me, I never thought that “what a pity, I do not have mosquito nets”. Maybe you have lezysko without a tent then most rightly.

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Unknown or Deleted Userpdg52 28 July 2022 - 12:08

A great set, I would add 5 meters of a thin line and a large knife for the kitchen, such as for digging a trash hole or emergency burying ,,clock”


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