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27.09.2022 The Municipal Library in Góra “Not just camels, or the Silk Road by bike”


Halika Festival, 11.09.2021 Bydgoszcz
Award from the hands of Elżbieta Dzikowska
A webinar on a bicycle by the Świat Bike Expo Kielce 2021
SakFa Bicycle Festival 2020
Outriders festival
Outriders festival “Window to the world” 2020


24-26.05.2019 – Meetings sneakers Traveling Women, gdańsk

Women's Meeting Travel Sneakers

24.05 hours. 17.00 “Travel safely” Debate with the women travelers: Stasi wake, Anita Demianowicz, Eve Świderska, Agnieszka Siejki. Leads Beata Szewczyk, Radio Gdańsk

26.05 hours. 16.00  “Globtrotuarka. About life on the bike”

30.05 hours. 18.00 – City Library Warsaw Wola, the. Bielski 3 Traveler's meeting

“Not only camels. Silk Road bike”

Autumn 2018

18.10 hours 19.00 – Traveler's Club Cinema Rialto“Not only camels. Silk Road bike”

27.10.2018 – TRAVENALIA travel festival, Krakow “Not only camels. Silk Road bike”

5.11.2019 – house of culture “PROM Culture” Warsaw“Not only camels. Silk Road bike”

10.11.2018 – festival OSOTT, Rzeszow“Not only camels. Silk Road bike”

29.11.2018 hours. 18.30 – pub Keja, Boat“Not only camels. Silk Road bike”


17.02 hours. 19.00  “On the way to Hokkaido Japan or South-North bike” Warsaw, meridian Zero – cafe travelogue

24.02 hours 19.00 “Not for speed” or bicycle through Asia Warsaw, meridian Zero

26.02 hours. 15.10 – 16.10  “On the way to Hokkaido” Wroclaw, International Tourism Fair

28.02 hours. 17.00 “On the way to Hokkaido” Gryfino, Festival of Places and Travel (note – change hours 17.00)

MARCH 2016

4.03 hours. 17.00 “Not or speed or bicycle through Asia” sochaczew, city ​​Library

7.03  hours. 19.00 “On the way to Hokkaido” – Krakow, Travelers Club Middle-earth

9.03 hours. 19.00 “Not for speed” or bicycle through Asia – Katowice, Travelers Club Namaste

12.03 (Block VII pm. 18.00 large hall Arena Gdynia) “Not for speed” or bicycle through Asia – Gdynia, Kolosy – National Meeting Travelers, Sailors and Mountaineers – Award nomination

15.03 hours. 18.00 “On the way to Hokkaido” Public Library in Lebork

17.03  hours. 17.30 – “On the way to Hokkaido” Warsaw, Public Library No.. 51 Warsaw Wola ul. Bielski k. Górczewska

22.03 hours. 19.00 “On the way to Hokkaido” Warsaw, Powder Magazine Żoliborz – note change! meeting will be held 5 April

APRIL 2016

4.04  “Nieturyści – meeting with the, who travel in their own way” in PROM Culture Warsaw Saska Kepa, Japan north-south + conversation

5.04 hours. 19.00 “On the way to Hokkaido” cafe Prochownia Żoliborz, Warsaw

14.04 hours. 18.00 The train to travel – “NOT FOR SPEED” or bicycle through Asia – Krakow, Dworek Białoprądnicki

MAY 2016

31.05 hours. 19.00 NOT FOR SPEED or bicycle through Asia – Szczecin, The old command, Square Batory 3


3.03 – meeting with students 3 grade of primary school in Sochaczew

21.03 Academic High School at PJATK, Warsaw – Cycling through Asia

13.04 meeting with elementary school students in Rzeszow

18.05 Meeting with high school students in Piaseczno

19.05 The meeting high school students in Ozarow Mazowiecki


4.11 hours. 19.00 POZNAN meeting District Culture Centre "Pod Lipami" in Poznan NOT FOR SPEED or bicycle through Asia

11-13.11 RZESZOW (Saturday 12.11 ok. 14.00) National Meeting of globetrotters Tramps and Tourists OSOTT in Rzeszow

14.11 hours. 18.00 GDANSKInstitute of Urban Culture Street. long Market 39/40 “On the way to Hokkaido” Japan or South-North bike

16.11 hours. 19.00 BOAT Club Podróżnikó Keja – NOT FOR SPEED or bicycle through Asia