“Do kraju tego…

by Ewcyna

I was able to transfer myself with the bike to Osaka. Here I spend the night and day and later on tomorrow I will fly home.
I was welcomed by heavy, moist air, rain, heat – this time of year in Osaka and throughout Japan in general, apart from Hokkaido the rainy season starts. It is not as onerous as, for example, in Thailand, but it is worth it and keep this in mind when planning cycling escapades. I mean my trip was well planned 🙂
I was also greeted by `joys` of a huge Japanese city, as I landed on the bed just in the center. Bars and pubs, lots strange people .. I prefer countryside.
Main airport of Osaka – Kansai is located on an artificial island in the ocean, because there was not enough space on the land itself. These artificial islands here and Tokyo (Odaiba) for me are something extraordinary. Oh, how much I hate being in a plane circling above the water..

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