by Ewcyna

Several practical information:

– visa - there should be no problem with this. It is true even when I was employed, but most of my friends, that is, a few people of all ages - there was no, or run your own business and it was not a problem. Even fellow retired miner what he once refused a visa – also this time it was ok. We had a chat with Mr. Consul of bikes. Let me add, with anyone in the U.S. do not know, I have, etc.., therefore play.

– other, which should be considered: little fellow without hesitation bought a ticket for Canada, and did not have a biometric passport, or Canadian visas, wiec go nie wpuscili na samolot 🙁 i musial we Frankfurcie wykupić nowy bilet prosto do USA… Dodam, the back had to buy a third, What a bad luck.

– accommodation: camping on the run over my section, mainly because of the many tourist attractions, rather, they were. The cost is about. 8-dozen USD per place, but this place was great and there was located a few tents. Of course, how goes it solo is needed, where I know it. The best by far are the KOA camping ( - A rich network, good or very good facilities. These national parks are very eco (a lot of room for tents and large spaces, but poor facilities, only toilets, waters often have to go far, and the showers, if at all they are the more). The worst of the overnight was actually Indian reservations - all fenced and rather bad attitude natives, no but without exaggeration.. Rate of course should offer a fee. Ask is - necessarily, because they are almost at the point of przewrażliwini property rights. Rarely, but it happened, we used the motels or hotels (Las Vegas - once again you can not afford).

– supply: Best buy in the supermarket, of course,, which are in large cities, as supermarkets. In smaller towns and villages in the small shops are often only bars and crisps, as the basis for food. Drinking in the deserts very expensive - up to 3 USD per Powerade'a.

– equipment: Here it mainly a question of gas cartridges – very hard to get, in fact, only in sports shops REI (for example,. in Santa Monica and Las Vegas) and that only the type of Coleman, not Campingaz. The stations do not uwidzisz. These, which decided to buy tents were not happy - there is something in these tents American, the tropics is like for short.. no selection. Sleeping Bags - riding on the Colorado plateau and no longer sure the mountains should have down comforters. Most of us are focused on the heat wave was, and then froze at night or sleeping bags dokupywała.