by Ewcyna

I went to Sapporo but did not have a big appetite to explore. Well, just a big city in the vicinity of which the winter Olympic games took place in 1972, for Poles significant, because the large hill triumphed Wojciech Fortuna won the first ever gold medal in winter sport for Poles. I wanted, I really wanted to pay tribute to our athlete visiting the hill, on which games were held, but did not make it. I was going to spend the night at Kenichi's, who lives on the opposite side of the city. Ken is a member of the warmshowers community and one of the leaders of Japan Cycling Navigator website, which previously I much benefited from. Well, and most of all bike adventurer, since he travelled 4 the world for a few years and in my head is such a thing....
Ken and his family turned out to be wonderful people. On that day, they hosted also Canadian couple, who finished their monthly trip around Hokkaido. A lot of people come here just to cycle Hokkaido.
At dinner we shared impressions, they were similar – incredible hospitality of the Japanese, including gifts like lunch or even an envelope with .. money - this also happend to Dan and Marjorie. We all finish our trips enchanted with the intention of coming back.

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