Up in the Air

by Ewcyna

I was scared to look at the map, because the road to Sapporo led by a fairly substantial mountain range. I do not know how it is, why with so many hills and mountains I cycle every day I in Japan, but as I see on the map the road winding through it every time I imagine if it at least Karakoram Highway... And this was only slightly little over 1000 meters, Nothing!. I could possibly cycle more 100 miles and drive along the coast, but here it does not mean flat. The local mountain ranges can be compared to the crest, whose teeth fall perpendicularly into the sea, thus cycling along the coast means cycling hills.
The suspense was intensified by storm black clouds right in a place where, through which I had to go. At night and in the morning it rained, but, as the weather forecast was “"low clouds"” (low clouds) I decided to get on the climbing, I also did not have much time.
But, with low clouds at sea level clouds are a little higher.. therefore climbed into one big fog enjoying falling rain. Oh, like such climb.. – wet-out and wet from the bottom to the last thread of my underwear. But at least I have to say, that I have my skin well moisturized now.
Unfortunately, do not know why the road was also liked by. since it was not a main road, truck drivers. In fact, climbing was not a problem only for those wheezy trucks rushing behind me..
Just before I hit the pass I stopped at a shop and restaurant complex. This soap-jam as everywhere, saw several coaches. Suddenly I see – spurt! From the shop runs half of its service, running to the parking slot . Saleswomen run holding on head scarves, so they did not fall out of their heads. What's going on??
They lined up outside the store, and I knew, why I was asked to , move my bike. The coaches with 4 certainly very important customers were departing, who (not like me) left in the shop some cash.
The entire staff of this store was saying goodbye bowing deep and frantically waving.. Maybe they will come back?

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