by Ewcyna

The thing is to wash and toilets. Washing of the expedition is often as much important thing that often breakneck and challenging the big West. Not in Japan. Here we have a sleek urban toilets, przydrożych toilets in shops and other roadside klopki (each equipped with toilet paper), and countless waterways. The most important thing is onseny, or public baths. In fact, after our one might call it a spa (for the price 10-15 PLN). What 2-3 days you can buy a super-scrubbing onsenie completed wymaczaniem in hot water.
Using water courses or would be lots of toilets usually wash the top and bottom parts of the body. But more, after all, means, which plays an essential role in the life of a wanderer bicycle, as it is on all the time in contact with the saddle. Taking care center in Japan is a very simplified. This is because, the toilets in Japan have many features, such as waterworks (not to mention the sound of a rush of water, birds singing or whoever that will). It may be a water feature front and rear, cold and warm. Just sit on the (always heated!) troublesome throne, Press the select button fountain and after a while our measure is as good as new ... 

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Magda 19 April 2013 - 07:34

Az sie prosi o video 😉

ewcyna 20 April 2013 - 13:55

No can and will.. Meanwhile, I will make some pictures because kibelkowych met nareswzc with operating instructions in English..


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