Beppu and hot springs

by Ewcyna

Beppu is a pleasant town on the western shore of Kyushu, Japanese situated on the Inner Sea. I always wanted to come here, because it is famous for its numerous hot springs, and the pictures you can always see steam rise above the city. Such a bubbling city. For those bulgotek however, draws many tourists here, therefore, the second time after the volcano Aso We felt one of them. The Beppu are several areas of so-called. Bubbling piekiełek (jigoku) and not necessarily need to be seen. To facilitate bought a ticket to pass a majority of them, after the first 3 we had quite, no but bravely we visited probably 8. It was a really interesting experience, but We decided, to discover that it is us too much because we are good, we were finished.
Well, but now crossing over to the other Japanese island, ie. Shikoku is famous for its "only" the peace, untouched nature and sex museum in Uwajima. We are waiting for new experiences.

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