Let the saints 1 May

by Ewcyna
Junnan by bicycle

1 May is a celebration of the working people międzynarododowym towns and villages therefore came to the conclusion, it is the best opportunity to take a free bike, although for some time I am a representative of the people of a not-, moreover cities. In addition, I was curious and with the eyes of my imagination I have already seen those streets of communist China flagged and transparent processions.
Well. There was no sign of the procession or other manifestations, it was a consumption festival. A year earlier, the Chinese authorities gave up organizing shows 1 May is now in China's big day purchases and sales. The streets were yes, full, but wandering with nets citizens, who came in a wide stream from the surrounding villages. I felt a little disappointed, however,. It would be nice to go back to the days of early memories of childhood, when the First of May parades were for me, residents of the small town small big attraction. Therefore, I joined the ranks of shopaholics, because a larger city is a chance to replenish stocks, then on the road - forget it.

1 May China
1 May on the streets of Luchun, Yunnan Province, Hani national minority

Several days earlier, on one of the – mountain course – roads I encountered a Serb family, ie. Ivan, Oliver and their 3,5 year-old son of David. On the bike course - that is to say the boy was riding in the trailer, which, like bicycles laden parents were stacked. Top bambetli the back and front of the bike, tacked a lot of utensils, bottles, food - in front of the steering wheel proudly presented the overgrown turnips or would be otherwise was a vegetable. Some prominent Russian checkered bag, clothes, reflective vests - in a word, they fully deserved the name of pure-bodied wanderers. They were traveling from Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur … home to Serbia.
As someone tell me, that I am brave what can be said about them? I can't imagine such a distant bicycle journey with a small child, no world championship just.

– 3 dni w Jinghong? what to do there so much time? – asked Oliver So, because there is supposedly some nice garden there? replied after a moment.

W Jinghong? Nieee, nothing special, I hardly visited. I've hung around the city, yes, is pretty cool. Sometimes I need to stop and rest, no break in the morning, read, browse the internet, settle various matters and stuff"I answered truthfully. And when I left it is expensive, which I chose I didn't like very much, So I decided to come back, sleep because it was late and the next day to go another. I got over it. I added.
– I also would've wanted, but ... we have to go Oliver replied. Maybe it seemed to me, but I felt sadness in her voice.
– you don't stop anywhere along the way, just go day by day?
– basically yes. Well, and you, why you ride alone?
I thought then I, that's why, not to have that sadness in my voice or maybe even regret in my heart, that "we have to go".

Junnan by bicycle

In Laos, I met a couple of Australians followers from Australia to London. We exchanged experiences as it usually happens in such moments. We have just left Thailand - me, although I was too hot, I loved this country, I walked on the most unpopular roads, I spent there together 4,5 a month and I didn't reach tourist noon at all.

They did not have very positive memories.
People were not very friendly, he didn't even greet usand I heard.

In Thailand? Unfriendly people? Have we been to other countries?

No fakt, we were driving on highways because we are in a hurry. Thailand from south to north we have done in 16 days, did not see anything but the highway added.

“We did”. I realize, that hardly anyone has an unlimited resource of time to leisurely ride or would be savoring every encountered flower and butterfly, but maybe it's worth giving up sometimes, indulge, take a May Day holiday and then even get on a train or bus if time is urgent and our road business plan collapses.

Do not know, I myself think so, but who likes what.

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Myrrh 10 May 2014 - 01:39

Family of Serbia or rather their luggage – also made me feel ooooooooogromne. But good,with are those parents. The child looks at the end of a fun-filled.

ewcyna 12 May 2014 - 16:04

Of tak, child seems to be playing better than their parents.

But, but – Now in Kunming live with a family who traveled for a year with three children of a wealthy again plans. Apparently it's perfect marital therapy!

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