A day on the road in Oman

by Ewcyna

On the way to the Al Hamra, Oman

The sun wakes you up at dawn that is at about at. 6.30. You stretch your bones lazily, boil some water for tea and coffee. At about 9.00 you start moving finally, trying not to blaim yourself again, that you promised yourself to get up early today, to see the livestock market. You love to celebrate your mornings.

Al Hajar

morning in the mountains of Al Hajar

Less than twenty kilometers of pedaling, and you see Lulu market on the outskirts of the city. This is the best supermarket chain in Oman with brilliant gourmet food, hot dishes and decent clothing. It's not good.. Lulu always makes you soak in for a long time. Here it is 10.30. You promise yourself, that you drop in just for a moment, and you leave after 1,5 hours. All in all it is not so bad. Well enough, you left your phone in customer service, at least it could recharge. As usual it hard to accommodate shopping in your bags, but where like not here you could buy fresh labneh (soft curd yoghurt, great for breakfast) with spices – I prefer a mix of Middle East zataar, Bagels (you take two, it's better than bland toast bread), rose jam (generally I do not eat jams, but this one is unique) olives as big as plums, some fruits. The most time today you spend in clothing department since you need, you simply have to replace those hideous old T-shirts, also you could do with something with long sleeves, because the sun here is more then enough.. and maybe one more long species. Gatko-cloth-pants with long legs, necessarily loose (basically there's no other type here), which make, you feel good finally, and men's and women's looks do not land on your bare calves. They will be very useful here, and then in Iran. (Girls, whatever you see wrtitten online or in your guidebooks, or if you were convinced by locals – that as a foreigner you can wear what you like it is not true. Forget about tight clothing, bare arms , shorts less than knee-deep .. in Oman and in most Muslim countries you say to such clothes NO. For your well-being and local, not to mention safety.)

Water does not run out – tanks are everywhere

Well, lunchtime. I look for a place to eat – called here coffee shops, although there is no coffee there, or something intoxicating like in the same name shrines in Amsterdam. Coffee shops are mainly run by Indian, Pakistanis and Nepalese people, that is representatives of the immigrant population, whose number exceeds the number of indigenous Omanis – These are places to eat for workers mostly, therefore cheap and tasty. Good for a budget visitor like me – simple menu, most often rice with chicken biryani, or curry, veggies dal from lentils. and salad, plus a soft drink - all of it for the equivalent of 12-15 PLN (3 EUR) which is less than the average lunch price in Warsaw. This does not mean, Omanis do not use them – usually, what really strikes me, This is the type of service “drive-in” – Omanis only deign to leave the window in the car and place order.

Coffee shop, Oman

Indian thali.. – I love!

Chicken biryani

Now I know already how to behave in a restaurant and go straight to FAMILY ROOM. This is a separate part of the restaurant desiganted for women (usually, there will not be any sitting alone there anyway) and families. A woman should not sit alone in the company of men. Well, my first days here , I would refuse to go to Family room..

Well fed, but all in all could do with a wash. this action, which I practice every day but often you have to be quite creative to do it . The toilet in the supermarket is not a good choice, too many people. The same in a small mosque nearby. But! Here we have Shell petrol station! the toilet is ok, It can be locked, well ok. I'll wash my hair as well, What! it is only 14.00 so maybe a small laundry,  it's lunch break anyway, no one wandering around.

Of course, at this time of a day I need a nap , that helps me to reset usually. Oh, it is 15.00. but I still have to drop by to another store, but, opens at 16.00.. Let's have a tea, then.

Wait, what I was supposed to do today?

ok, visit the fort of Al Sulaif! It is only a few kilometers from the center of Ibri.

Fort Al Sulaif is different forts in Nakhal, Rustaq and Nizwa – It is only partially restored, making it, more authentic, and this increases its attractiveness. I do not like excessive restoration of monuments so, they tend to look brand new.

Fort al Rustaq

Oman ścierem / Cycling Oman

Al Al Sulaif fort I am greeted by the guide and guard. What a volcano of energy he is, but he is obsessed with taking pictures.He wants me to take it everywhere. Tht is this and that.. he explains – take a picture. Bla, bla, blue.. Here, take a picture… Please, picture. Do you want a picture? No?  And here?  hmmm..He doesn't seem to care what I think about it, taking pics all over, which is a bit tiring.

Mr. Guide before mentioned already, that I can put my tent somewhere here byt the fort. or.... wait, You might prefer centuries-old guest room by the entrance? he asks me? Making sure, that it can be locked from the inside I settle there for the night, of course.

Fort Al Sulaif, Oman

Overnight in the fort

– But are you sure you will not be afraid, all by yourself here?

Guide-watchman is standing very close behind me and I almost feel his breath on my neck.

– Go away, please, or I complain at the police.

– Good night.I will be here tomorrow 7 morning and he disappears behind the gate

Sometimes as a woman you just have to set aside all courtesy. Seven a.m? a bit too early for me , but at least finally I'll make it to visit livestock market. Today I'll be a watchman here. I shut the door, lock it from inside and go even to check, for possible other unwanted entrances.

Before gettign asleep I scroll some news about Oman.

"Every citizen of the country above 18 years of age, earning less than 600 rials (ok. 6000 PLN ) is entitled to receive 200 liters of subsidized petrol per month (l ca.. 1,8 PLN ).

Every citizen of Oman is entitled to receive from the government a free plot to build home. From 2010 this year this law referes to women as well"

Well well,, not bad, but. would I really like to live here?

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son glazier (@syn_szklarza) 31 July 2019 - 12:42

The topic earnings – minimum wage 225 riali, wages are not taxed.
The topic clothing – Wadi Bani Khalid two American women, which stripped the swimwear, They were firmly asked to leave clothes and bathing.

Ewcyna 31 July 2019 - 14:20

I am happy, one that hath an American with bath, does no harm to them or mandate. I witnessed the same situation, when in Wadi Shab two foreigners were taking bath in the bathing suits jaskraworóżowych the proverbial bum and boobs on top. In addition to several Omani families and women in chadors, covered from head to toe. Lack of imagination or reason? I was so terribly ashamed, because then all the women of the so-called. west are considered whores. Somewhat similar phenomena in opiętych shorts also used to see later, why am I writing about. Continued subject in the next post.

Ewa 31 July 2019 - 14:15

Deliberately so wonderfully travel,pal deuce day plan (my dream)

Ewcyna 31 July 2019 - 17:05

He travels under my maxim “not for speed” and I do not plan on. Sometimes some innocent outline, but as you can see, it ends differently :))


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