… and what am I doing here?!

by Ewcyna

Sometimes, and, moreover, it is increasingly, also my humble road business plan Bringing Down the House. After leaving the city of Jinghong pineapple after two turning points of your route (I do not agree with the statement, that the true traveler never returns, me it came out good) azimuth peeled for running parallel to the motorway, which absorb most vehicles, free path and not the fast lane. Very quickly to the demands of the movement adapted, for a simple reason - the road crosses across mountain ridges. Meandering the slopes founding pedałującemu in sweat rider 30-40 km steep climbs and then it is true of similar length reunions, which, however, in an hour - one and a half to finish, and then you have to move to the lowest gear.. Clim to the 1700-1800 meters and exit at 700, 400, even 200 metrów n.p.m.. and so the vicious circle. Well to me there, up, because it is cooler, fragrant conifers and beautiful views, and I want to say goodbye for good banana, because their appearance is a sign, that I am back in the valley and you will climb. Buuuuu ... bananas already firmly Thank you!

Well, do not hide, is hard, knees and wrists can not withstand. Daily average dropped to 50-60 km a bywa, that and less and anxiously began to count the remaining two miles to the capital of Kunming, where I would like to get 10 May, because there 12 May I go to a forced air a few days trip to Bangkok. As mentioned tour is compulsory because Visa 30 Day two entries requires, that somewhere abroad I have to go. Fell on Bangkok and not how I planned Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur because it used to be the cheapest. And so it is a waste of time and money, the last year's changes in the regulations China pay an tourist visa circus, że. .eh, wish to talk. The country is so big and so interesting, how can you develop in a short time? No way.

Well, but sorrows and moments of rage rewards me though partly exotic region. Riding through the villages and towns full dressed in regional costumes women makes, me feel even more alienated. Sometimes I think, that is not true, I'm here, among such different people, it was a dream, some space and even a "what am I doing here?!". Children, and sometimes adults become speechless at the sight of, approach and without krepacji look it in the face. And then sometimes follow and fall into these shops samcyh, just to be poprzyglądać closely.. Funny it is and welcome at the same time.

Hani people and other minorities, who inhabit this region are known for their diligence and just beautiful costumes, that I see every day wear is not from holidays. An extremely important issue to be here ethnicity and attributes her identification - are a particularly diverse colorful headgear – mainly black cap embroidered with multicolored tails, pompons, sometimes they are checkered turbans or pinned up in a pyramid on his shoulders and flowing black ribbon. The rest is complemented by an elegant all-all the rest - extended pants and various embroidered cloaks. Besides, a lot of women sitting in front of houses stands or would be engaged in embroidering. I also learned, that these dresses are subject to fashion trends and not once, not two one woman shows on the other saying, that is not the time for costume and begs for new! (My pictures are poor this time, I do not have the courage to aim the camera at people, but can communicate though some climate).

And I learned this from Nan, Susan i Kristen, who spent yesterday afternoon. This resident of Singapore, Malaysia and the United States working here for years for NGO, which has the task of "grassroots work" - education and assistance to the poorest mainly in small villages. Very good stuff, some people do life, very.

I walk you down the street and I see a finger pointed at me Nan, who exclaimed, "You're a tourist, truth?!".

He, he, and how do you know I'm thinking J

From word to word, and after a while I found myself at her house, where he was on the roof was a small redecorated her daughter's birthday party. As it turned out extremely extroverted Nan has helped kilkorgu stray foreigners in these pages.. and though I thought, that in my case there will be no need ultimately Nan exchanged my money because it turned out, they do Kunming, that is, for a week with a hook, I can not find an ATM that accepts foreign cards. This is to fart, and luckily no cash.

What are the impressions of China? Poverty contrasting dripping with gold and marble wealth – monumental, przerysowanymi to capacity mainly architectural bublami, new districts wieżowco-apartamentowco-pałacowców. I have it, where is the castle, not - many castles Gargamel and the Smurfs where they live - in China's! And I was not yet in a really big city has seen so many. Average cottages, which I pass a Cavity townhouses, where next door in one small little room living families. I kind of everywhere, where I've seen so far mainly poverty, is the local "houses" are extremely depressing. Sneak through the village and I think to myself, you that God has given me so much, it's hard to believe.

Villages are also in addition to the visual magnitude of olfactory sensations, by no means these pleasant. Ended the era of scarce, but clean toilets - began the era of wychodków! The local secluded place, in which builded on the outskirts of villages leave no doubt, what they are. At first glance, never cleaned, coed spaces with holes in the floor of the tap or no water container. Thank you - not, I prefer the bushes. Fully complete the fragrance of happiness ubiquitous chicken coops and Obórki, and all this makes, from passing through the village and the village was only I push harder on the pedals. Sometimes just a little bit of boredom pursuit of chickens.. not because they are so inconsiderate, instead of on the sides of the wheels straight flee..

I remember, Ela as friend once said "go back to China, as there or clean ".

So Elu road, looks like, the slowly-slowly, here and there, mostly in the cities even have already started. Piles of garbage are often passed unreliable and stab a knife through the heart. How can so treat the environment and its immediate surroundings?!? Well, but otherwise even watching the legendary Chinese behavior at the table guess, it must be a cultural thing. Trash the table, worn a headscarf, butts, empty cigarette packs and other packaging and the bottle landed lightly under the table. Someone comes along and cleaning up.. – or not. So, no to this, of course, you still need charchnąć violently and spit, this will Raz zresztą. But it seems, ZE for, at the top "noticed the problem - today I saw on television advertising social awareness, in which it abandoned on the sidewalk paper wandered into the trash and yet he placed in the appropriate container for segregation. Something new?

You could also write a layette on "speaks with a Chinese and an international issue". Apparently everywhere, in addition to the English-speaking Philippines came to terms with the local population was a challenge for me, but China.. China is a different quality. This is a problem to the nth degree. This is wrong, For example, I, who thought, that showing on the toes of numbers is commonly known manual signaling. Number 10 This splayed fingers of both hands? Nothing could be further from the truth. In China, they are pointing fingers crossed. All numbers above 5 shows the way.

Standing in the small hotel reception, pointing at each other, clasping his hands behind his head as sleeping, pointing at a calculator and posted an array of (always here outdated) prices, timidly, adding yet seemingly well-known English words such as "how much" or "money" has always obtained the answer for the room. Here you can see the most round eyes and bewildered face receptionists, who probably thinks, with came to ask her for the recipe for Duck syczuańsku. I could be a professional pantomime or stand on the eyelashes and I will not be understood. Let me add, he recently got a girl on the reception of such a fit of laughter at the sight of, until that fell under the counter. She could not dig there, I tried it at the counter again with laughter collapsing, keys fell out of her hands, until it led to the order of the other guests at the reception, but while it lasted. I do not hide, I am grateful to them because I feel rather average as Donald Duck. It was about the bike diapers at them I wore, or what?

In such moments bless electronics. Only now discovered, nieoblatana boom in these blocks, that can be downloaded from the net translation apps, which operate without access to the network. And so it, armed with a cell phone-enabled application Google Translate step into hotels, shops or soup kitchen, where we talk a local supplicant shoving the nose cells screens. Most important, however,, that although faultyly, but it works!

Well, I do not know how it will sound after months of changing the instances of the word "hot", but sometimes chilly .... Well, even quite evening time zimnawo. The second, long neglected the word "rain", and even heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, that have prevailed over the region. Are you going brother, siostro, and even here where there is shelter, a long driveway and far between.. and for good measure slipper rear wheel up occurred.. I know, the rainy season under his belt, but it's kind of started?! So bad and so bad. E.., probably a fleeting, truth??

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Monika 2 May 2014 - 15:24

Fashion First Class! 🙂
In fact, the monthly visa no sense, echhh….I wish a speedy and efficient to reach Kunming (BTW, it is already almost a month since leaving Laos???? unbelievable!) Tych podjazdow to nawet nie skomentuje 😉 jako, the stretcher August in closer indeterminate time with the intention of visiting our marvelous Polish Taterek've looked myself in the Sea Eye approach and keeping in mind your tongue where you were kicked propped walking down there last time with some surprise stated, the level difference is only about. 400 m 😉
Also Eve, klaniam sie nisko 🙂
A write something about the kitchen of Chinese in their free time?

ewcyna 4 May 2014 - 16:05

Monika, my tongue of already taken rather not give more throw on these driveways, I rest every few hundred meters. Yesterday amplitude as follows 1650-1950-630-1550-230. Dominated reunions, but just today somehow I did not want to dig out of the lowlands and my word I give, jutro Biore bus.
Why am I not losing weight!!!???

And as for jedzonka is already so, yes, collect documentation degustacyjno-photoshoot, Today even very over worked and move in August of overeating can not:)

Monika 4 May 2014 - 21:07

A paradise, aż mi się słabo zrobilo 😉
Super, that is the relation Pool, czekam z niecierpliwością 🙂


tourister 5 May 2014 - 12:26

Sometimes acted passenger river transport from Jinghong to ChiangSen in Thailand without calling Laosu.Ostatnia company,My favorite is offered in August was called DeltaPower.Uwarunkowane it was the water level in Mekhongu and politico-criminal situation.
Is it possible currently?

ewcyna 8 May 2014 - 02:08

I have no idea. Something somewhere in the head loop, that I read, that last 2011 it is not possible – an accident, Drugs have any worries some Thai people..

Myrrh 5 May 2014 - 21:12

Eve! Such reflection occurred to me,with as once you go back in Warsaw pielesze – it will feel like a countess some-
in an apartment with a bathroom and central heating, segregation of garbage and cozy crib. How many a man has to survive, to convince the, that what surrounds it is a luxury. Well- positive and side effects of your trip.
A condition in overcoming altitude envy you honestly.

ewcyna 8 May 2014 - 02:12

You know Mira, but I at no luxuries here do not complain. In China, it is very difficult for a place to pitch a tent, So mostly I use the local golf hotels, that are cheap (20-30 PLN ) I w 95% super – czysciutka bedding, climate, kettle, TV. I will write more about this. This is why, what I actually interferes in China is in trouble with dogadania and cigarettes, social acceptance of their burning mass and everywhere – absolutely all the guys walking around him and a cigarette in his teeth. Disgusting.

PiotrK 6 May 2014 - 19:49

How do you Ewa take time and effort to write all these relationships, that allow us to travel with you through the world,break away from reality for a moment, smell the piles of pineapples, climate of the Chinese side road? I admire and thank you.
Crotos after a short Croto, as the 4 days of mass impressions and experiences, Exchange, gradobicie, crossing the swollen mountain river, lighting fires in the mountain hut, climate “Strawberry Wine Jaśliska and other. Darek once again did a good job.
Stay, Pisz of fotografuj.

ewcyna 8 May 2014 - 02:15

And here Peter touched quite a significant topic. I like to write, but in fact it requires a lot of effort and energy. How many times he fell asleep on the long charging the photo.. I write mainly during rest days, this is the answer. I am happy, że to doceniasz 🙂
Yep, I know that cycling junket thing of the past and fond memories, August savor the season!

Gretel 12 May 2014 - 16:22

I love to read your relationships, I admire you and wish you an easier pedaling.

ewcyna 12 May 2014 - 16:36

Gosiu, dziękuję 🙂 Właśnie od kilku dni odpoczywam, that – sort of resting. Since the pedaling anyway. I gather strength for bigger hills..

Marzena 12 May 2014 - 19:46

No big these China and shame, the need to rush. Good, you were able to reach such far-from-highways regions. These beautiful dresses!

ewcyna 18 May 2014 - 15:27

Actually, so far it is not, well, because as you know in China highway are everywhere :). But fascinating, it certainly.

zofia 12 May 2014 - 19:58

Well, write something in the end, I'm concerned…

ewcyna 13 May 2014 - 00:46

But why, after all, just wrote a? In Bangkok, just back from hot melts…

Ludmila 12 May 2014 - 20:21

Fantastically August reading your posts! Pozdrawiam Ewunia i pedaluj dzielnie dalej 🙂


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