Ananasowy song

by Ewcyna

Long ago, long ago, when I was a little girl, every year I went on vacation a few days to Aunt Irka to Warsaw. It was always expected that I rank the great event and a few days before the excitement did not give me awake, because I knew, what awaits me there vastness of interest.

During one of the tours we sat in a cafe Lazienki Park and aunt ordered for me a big bowl of ice cream “Ambrozja” and absolute rarity whereupon – sok ananasowy. I remember myself crying over a glass of this juice, that I could not try, I deigned him doing nothing to deal with our odganiania namolne wasps.

In the city of Jinghong, the capital of the autonomous prefecture of Xishuangbanna in the south of the Chinese province of Yunnan. Pineapples attacked me from every corner of the, each block, stands stationary and mobile, pouring out of the shops, lying side by side on the heap, in baskets, or would be arranged in equal rows. To eat this heavenly fruit should only stand in front of a rule przysypiającym of boredom dealer and ask for the language of gestures, that one copy for us on the spot oporządził. For the whole 2 I have the fresh gold, sweet, delicious pineapple for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A chaser juice from freshly crushed dolomite which I love coconut then dig white coconut flesh.. Well, and on fruit snack breadfruit and sometimes also a bit of it is true stinky old onion, but taste absolutely delicious nut-cream-arakowego durian.

This is at least the Chinese region of China, lying on the border of Burma-laotańsko-Vietnamese-Chinese, where over half the population are ethnic minorities. Subtropical climate and rolling hills favor crops - ananasowce, bananas with kiśćmi immediately in blue packaging, Pola arbuzów i herbata, tea, and yet more tea. Everything planted in rows równiutkich on the terraced slopes of the mountains. You know the shop shelves red Pu'er tea? Well just in the city of that name today spend the night. And until recently I did not know of its existence and I did not know where it came from this name. Travel broadens!

Pu'er upta tea
banana trees
Ewcyna China

The cities here can be pleasant once you cross the disgustingly dirty suburbs, avenues lined with palm – and there is also no absolute bike Hicior – avenues for bicycles!

Jinghong, Xishuangbanna, China

After crossing the border has changed little and a lot at the same time. Te same góry, People also look the same, but. wide road, equal to i. are finally! Tunnels. Are carved on mountainsides, pull on the one hand, that you spit on the other reducing the amount of cycling climbing. Boards along the roads inform me about local attractions and remind, I was not asleep at the wheel, do not spit at his feet and threw trash out the window (that is, it, What does any average Chinese). The initial enthusiasm after a few hours is weakened. Where are the villages and bamboo hut on the road, where I could always stock up on food and drinks? Where pleasant shelters and alleys, where I could rest and shelter from the scorching sun? Where the children crying "hello!"?

I'm going to the bank to change money. The lady at the window even speaks some English.

-„Excuse me, no exchange of money because we are today nieczynni"Says.

I look around the facility. It's after 9 o'clock in the morning. People write down blanks, standing in the checkout line, or would be buried in the cells gouge in the noses.

-„But are factors, after all, is open?" – reply.

-„..Well yes, but we nieczynni because it is a festival and New Year"Corresponds to the nice lady.

It reminds me of a joke:
Stasi, I am not proud of you, 17-this and going from work!"
-„.. because you know, Today I'm on vacation " corresponds flustered Stas.

I think to myself, that in this case is the same and the lady at the bank window came to work only a few hours because generally it is free.

Fortunately, one of the gracious turn, ATM seems to me cash.

China Xishuangbanna New Year Water Pouring Festival

Just as in Thailand and Laos and the region as the culmination of celebrations of the Songkran Xishuanbanna or New Year's Water Splash Festival. I was one day late to the capital of the Jinghong region, which celebrates this holiday the most, but in a small town, to which I joined, to watch the supposedly very interesting tropical botanical garden became drenched. I found out that , the pond at the garden is all around for well for scooping water, So the tour unfortunately “nor”. This was no water for children watering pots, oh no. Circulated through the streets of the van filled with mostly young people, and of course, buckets of water, these teams poured opponent on the road crew, passing people with probably a better purpose as each other.

Pouring water symbolizes the cleansing of the worries and troubles the past year, Now, therefore, I feel in this regard crystal clear. In contrast to the hated my Polish “cast Monday” in this climate (the temperature is still about 40 degrees) buckets of water landing on my head makes me much fun, Therefore, I invite all comers every day, preferably between 11-th and 16-th.

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Myrrh 23 April 2014 - 22:33

Eve! You had cast New Year – and is the second New Year this year- and we recently cast Monday…… In our eggs and the Holy Water and pineapple heap around you.
This is the second time I wish you a happy New Year 2014 – Travel, meet, be happy !!!!
Is it true,the taste of that fruit is way better than this, which we know in Poland with imported fruit and ripened with the help of chemical enhancements? Try to eat a few days only the same fruit at breakfast, lunch and dinner
and you will see how wonderfully you feel.

ewcyna 26 April 2014 - 12:52

You know Mira, I guess in Poland I ate fresh pineapple not just a canned sometimes, So hard for me to compare the. but fresh, regional seafood are always the best. A diet only fruit I have to put aside for the time, when I will not be so much squeeze the mountains..
But really I'd much away for Polish bread with a crispy crust, milk, new potatoes, iceberg lettuce.. The Chinese still write, but buying something edible in the provinces is a total lottery and a lot of, a lot of translations.
Thank you for your wishes and I hope, the holidays have passed p;rzyjemnie and the weather is conducive to rowerowaniu and walks.

Monika 24 April 2014 - 11:01

Ten kawal ze Stasiem wydaje mi sie dziwnie znajomy 😀 choc w realu nie o Stasia chyba chodzilo 😀 😀 😀
But envy pineapple!!!!! Jedz ile wlezie 🙂
Breadfruit are similar to the appearance of durians, moze to to?

ewcyna 26 April 2014 - 12:55

Moni, yes, yes – breadfruit tree, You're brilliant!! Already corrected in the text. I searched the net and could not find.
But it also happens durian, only terribly expensive, So very rarely.
Well, and Stasiow-Zdzisiow-lynx that I am in corporate life I met quite a lot of, to bardzo zyciowy zart jest 🙂
A tak a propos – as I drove near the bank of that 11tej about it actually was already closed!


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