by Ewcyna

Everyone here envies you – said Pastor Hong. They envy you, because you are free and you can do, to, what you want.

We sat in the annexed by me on a roadside shelter dormitory. Pastor Hong and several parishioners Presbyterian Church, who went for a stroll, spotted me and came to talk. And then pulled out of the shelters, took to thelocal eatery, ordered food, then offered for dessert hot shower and shared a room for the night.

Yep, anyway.. I was about to sleep there, in the pine forest, that was suggested to me by local Tourist Information - I said pointing at some distant 2 place 2 km away. But today is the national holiday, so and when I arrived there was already a lot of tents there, one next to another, So I went further because I do not like crowds.

I think Koreans are very fond of camping?? I asked, so that we do not further discuss longer thread titled "my journey, my freedom ", because I feel a bit ashamed.

A.. those people there. yes. These are rich people - pastor replied.

Rich? Those in tents? Rich people probably would go to the hotel? - I was sure, we did not understood each other.

Rich, because they have time not to work - Said the pastor. Poor people do not have free time.


Everyone here envies you - Said Kim, bicycle shop owner in Jinju, who spotted me on the street and invited to his shop and later on to a dinner with his friends. See – PK has even made a bicycle - Pointed to standing in the store bountiful expedition equipment on maroon bicycle frame Surly, leading brand of bicycle globetrotters. Long ago, it was made, bike is standing and he is looking at it. He is still dreaming about it and talks about it, but it is not going. He's too busy. Everybody dreams, but jsut dreaming. Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.. You have made this move..


I envy you, because you have the time - Said the encounters on the way Korean young cyclist. Yes I do 4 vacation days and I have to hurry, to make it do a route to Busan – said. He had 4 days on the road, which I, Although with stops and "straying" to the festival, defeated almost 3 weeks.


I wasw to write about the colorful festivals and the Korean, how great it is to travel around the country. Because it is constantly. Silence, peace, gilding the fields of ripening rice and, above all so very friendly and helpful people. But I still have in my head these and similar words, I come here very often. Why? Do not know. Maybe the reason is, that the Koreans, as well as Japanese seem to work so much, not using even a two-week leave per year, which they are entitled to. Maybe it's because I hear these words often, because many of them can communicate well in English here?

Do not know, as far as my traveling even take, but surely I will remember moments.

This moment in the morning, when I open my eyes with satisfaction thinking about it, that the next night passed quietly and there was a new day. I love to celebrate their leisurely mornings, belonging in this respect seems to have absolutely tiny minority in the touring community.

This moment in the evening, when they already have performed all the preparatory steps: I found a place to stay, "I installed" in a tent or wherever else, I ate something and can even (thanks God) more or less washed myself. I lay down in my tent, and before I get asleep I just think.

And yet a moment, when hunger occurs, Shops are not around, you have to hide your shame in the pocket and enter the threshold of the local eatery. A number of shoes at the door and coming from inside the buzz, which usually dies when, when I enter . This moment, when they put food in front of me, and I do not know how it should be eaten.. I'm sitting in the company of all male workers change from a local factory, who came just for dinner.

And every day there are many other, more or less similar moments.

The festival issues specialist teleportation did not show up, I had, therefore, deal with the same, within my, what else, limited opportunities. I got to two festivals, on which I was particularly anxious: Festival in Andong Mask Dancing and Floating Lantern Festival in Jinju. Both have left an unforgettable impression.. see for yourself.

Well, and now in anticipation of tomorrow's weather brake down, which comes up from Japan, I am going to install a tent in a local park shelter with hope, I'm not taken by the wind and that this time my moments will (positively!) unforgettable. Stocks of food made, Monday under the banner of the winds and rain of continuous, I report to prepare for the task!

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Jurek 12 October 2014 - 23:02

Japanese people are lazy – This opinion Koreans about the nation. And such a genuine dialogue with us at work:
– Why is there no work today Iksińskiego? – asks Korean Polish worker.
– It is sick, on vacation.
– I understand, that is sick, but why not have it at work? (curtain)

Ewcyna 13 October 2014 - 08:16

Whoa, good! No essence of the approach to the subject of the work here. In my opinion in both countries is similar, in both there is the phenomenon of death from overwork (Japanese term “karoshi”).

Although I am well aware of the antagonism between the Japanese and the Koreans (Multiple war, occupation of Korea by Japan in the first half of the twentieth century) it can not dispose of them somehow entitled to one bag. Modern Asia. Korea reminds me of Japan – architecture, landscapes, human behavior – but fortunately I see it more often differences. I hope, that this still write, as poobserwuję more.

Mira Boat 13 October 2014 - 22:05

Eve,- was impressed on me the word of Koreans about their dreams, an inability to meet their, , of benevolent jealousy towards you……….. In the end, you do not have to live in Korea to have a sense of “fettered dreams”.. You would have to think about what is the main source of these .. human fears … I think about it I'll be in my free time, and you pedal further and describe, describes. But what I like the Koreans and cutlet dinner invite, hot water to wash pożałują.i not yet able to speak about what they feel. Say hello to them from me warmly and tell them,that I too have sometimes braided leg in the covers and head in the clouds.

Ewcyna 15 October 2014 - 08:20

Eh Mira, who do not have these dreams. And I myself sometimes think of you here pedaling, it is the perfect place for you, This entire infrastructure, pleasure – that, but climbs too good happen.
The last days even more warmed my heart to the nation, someone gets in a car without thinking and makes dozens of miles to help you..

PiotrK 15 October 2014 - 19:01

And do not manage to jump though a few days to North Korea from Thailand, may, in the small border traffic? I wonder if there like hospitality.

Ewcyna 17 October 2014 - 03:23

No Peter, here you can not jump to North Korea, especially, from a few days ago, there were again riots border and relations to przymroziły. Cross-border exchange of niet, and the rest is up podbnie as with Tibet – permit, company guides even in the toilet.. Eh.

Monika 25 October 2014 - 06:58

Polska to druga Japonia przeciez 😉 miala byc przynajmniej i jesli chodzi o godziny i dni spedzane w pracy, I know that August with so much differ from the Japanese people, or Koreans? Once one only dared to take 3 string of weekly holidays, just for the purpose of travel (itself then envied) to mi sie potem czkawka odbijal jeszcze dluuuugo 😀
Speaking to Japanese, Ewa, I met one recently, very marveled, ze ktos moze po Japonii chciec jezdzic na rowerze 😀 przeciez tam same gory! 😀

Ewcyna 26 October 2014 - 23:20

Remembering his nights worth of work now from the perspective of a bicycle saddle is hard for me to assess how it is with this work here.. but recently I read, that Korea prohibits work after 19tej. My last two or three words of conversation started.. “Koreans are working too much, counts for them only money…”. cos this is, no?

Ewcyna 26 October 2014 - 23:37

And yet.. I gather from a few days for conceiving a new entry, but the weather as wire, although it is not too hot.. you need to take advantage, you need to go!


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