Not for the eagles only

by Ewcyna
Korea rowerem
Korea rowerem

– Where are you going? It can leave here at the bottom of your bike, go and ask

So stubbornly uskuteczniałam. "Pushes a simple" my grip on the driveway leading to the hill, which was a church.

– No, I want to see my bike too. Come with me, please, help me!

Ha-soon with a surprised expression on his face followed me.

– You're smarter than I am - summed up.

I do not think, I soared to the heights of cleverness, but you have to somehow deal. Simply, after reaching the spa Suampo somewhere in the middle of Korea for the first time looked like, where it will not deploy the tent. On the map the town immediately caught my eye the words "Catholic Church" - therefore I thought - maybe there?

I was not so much a "pro", as if this could have been expected. The experience of the Philippines, country churches standing, despite the high hopes pinned on them were on the matter say the average (I write about here). Here, however, the young priest not long wondered, gave me the key to the little room furniture and Ha-soon got pozwoleństwo to sleep through the priory shelter.

H-soon, man at the age of, say, a mature, like myself and hundreds of Koreans traveling one of the main cycle paths Korea, length 635 km, intersecting throughout the country located in northern Seoul to lying on the southern coast of Busan. On his travel equipment consisted mainly attached to the steering sleeping bag and trunk with food strapped to the trunk. He slept as I am so far in roadside shelters and so. Chinese pavilions, which are almost studded road. Saw no need to carry the tent together as a Korean knew, what you can expect. This confirmed my belief, that in terms of camping here will not die.

So it was. Due to the continuous precipitation, which is hit twice in such worlds przekoczowałam not one and two nights - once on the outskirts of the riverside city park, second time on the outskirts of the stadium. No one on me did not pay much attention, not cast out so I stayed in the afternoons by going on a few hours trips "to town" during which the tent remained himself. I co? I nic. I feel absolutely safe, as it was in Japan.

Say, that South Korea is a paradise for cyclists is not enough. To raj absolutny! The road strewn with roses! Bicycle paths are wide, concrete and not from some ankle Bauma, led with absolute precision. Countless arrows indicate the direction of travel (usually straight), upcoming curves, distance to the nearest toilet. Bench, shelters and waterholes encourage to do a break and odzipnięcia – they are so adorable, I have to be firm with yourself and demanding, not to stop at any. Maybe every third? Every fifth? Well, may, however, every 10-th.. Once even "in the middle of nowhere" I encountered roadside (Free of course) showers for cyclists so. Cleanhouse. Do not give a man even well zaśmiardnąć. This is definitely not on my nerves! Let me add, that these nerves will be put to the test pathname almost all the time, as paths, to ride in addition to the main is still three.

No ai temporarily shot an up previously in the local schedule of cultural events. As the degree of unpreparedness to explore Korea - fluke maximum. October is the month of festivals in Korea. Just “I include” Dancing Masks Festival w Andong (fantastic amused at performances), But tomorrow I have to run to Jinju Lantern Festival in the south of the country.. uff, make it as long as he continues to 10 October.. but further west in Gwandong is Kimchi Festival, but, but this only 8 October… In addition, the Korean Meteorological Agency has just announced, the culmination of the amount of colorful autumn leaves - that is each and every inhabitant of the country enjoy the rides mandatory – at best, supposedly to Seoraksan park is in the middle of the month. And this is entirely in the north of the country.. Where to go??? What do Sir??? How to live???

Specialist teleportation wanted urgently. Help!

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agnieszka 3 October 2014 - 17:15

Ewa, You even virtually feel great, positive energy, and though as you write travel unprepared fate has so many surprises for you. Sometimes improvisations are the best. Nice picture you draw of this country, about which I know so little…Regards.

Mira Boat 27 October 2014 - 21:36

Eve, Forgive,with Cie again lost sight of because of the turmoil professional and just now I read that it is a fantastic bike after Korea. I just like such decent conditions for cyclists. I envy you this exotic.

Michael Dempsey 26 May 2015 - 12:02

wow…South Korea is now on my radar thanks !!!

Robert 13 August 2015 - 13:59

Hej Heroes. I was this year in Andong theater masks. Sprośnie było 🙂

Ewcyna 13 August 2015 - 14:17

has, ha 🙂 oj sprośnie 🙂
ps. what a pity, spotkaliśmy.W that will not end it does not last long, and foreigners as a cure

Robert 13 August 2015 - 16:32

In May 2015 I was, and I think after your entry, that of 2014 year terms. Ale zawsze możemy we Wrocku 🙂

Ewcyna 14 August 2015 - 08:41

that's, which recently.. but this Dancing Festival of Masks is why in October is ..? ps. In Wrocku it has just been recently .. 🙁

Robert 14 August 2015 - 12:08

Performances take place unless daily, regardless of the festival. We shook up the village, They passed the theater, enjoying disasters Korean audience reactions, and finally they passed out husk on the other side of the river and climbed to towering above the village slope, where nastrzelali pics “Aerial”. The hot air was niemożebny!
If you attach again to Wrocka – I invite you for coffee. Pogadamy o zaświatach 🙂


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