All the roads lead to Jinju

by Ewcyna
Morning. I don't want to move
bicycle paths to the horizon
South Korea, overnight with a view of the rice field
At Kim's store
What's for dinner tonight? Kimchi!
Kaki or persimmons. The best ones straight from the ground!

But ... oh yes! Yep! After all.. oh yeah! You are a lady-dragon! – said the donkey and the lady dragon as it turned out to be female flattered her long eyelashes and soon sent him a smoky kiss in the shape of heart.

You remember that scene from the first part of Shrek?

Recently, I felt just as this ladydragon, when a passer-by with a dog walking in the park in the coastal town of Saczeon, wherein I was putting my tent (okay, I pitched it in there for the third time, Is in it my fault, that the rain continued?)  said shrilly: Oh yes! Yep! But so! (Yes, yes! You are female!). Fortunately, there was no smoky kiss.

Well, what else sir, from birth, constantly.

I was not sure when I have seen you here before.. Oh no! She really does it!!! You'll sleep here??

bouncing with excitement and the excitement and high-pitched voice already began to annoy me.

O.. no! it's so dangerous!

Really? What is so dangerous?

That he could not you explain to me. But he said, that he would come check, to check if anything bad happened to me. So he came after half an hour :). But I had to explain as well, that sleeping in shelters is by no means a typical Polish behavior and what is more - in Poland, I would no chance do it. But I'm not in Poland, but in South Korea. It's safe , a night in a motel costs 50 USD, My five-day budget.

"Sheltering" as I called this form of accommodation I really like, well, because it is dry in here and under the roof, I feel safe, because snakes do not reach it here and can be seen only , being driven over.. . that, but the shelters also have its less charming side as well.  I mean, you should keep in mind that, the space you share not only with morning birds, but huge spiders as well. Fortunately, this you can see only in the morning .  In the morning as well, when the temperature drops a few degrees above zero (Autumn mister, autumn!) and I want to pee I wait with hope, that I can withdraw that.. but it is not happening, unfortunetly.. and I have to get out of the tent.. brr!

Also kind of strange things happen. Especially I have one in my memory, when I stayed in shelter by tghe river away from the buildings. Night, some 1-2 in the morning. and I am being waken up by. the sound of the trombone. I look out of the tent - you can not see anything, fog as white milk.. but somewhere closeby I can hear the trombone! Thrilling.. . A man came to play trombstone in the middle of the night. Simply. And when he finally went away, around 3-4 the morning another sounds began - firing of guns. And so till the dawn..  I did not discover any training ground nearby and remained with a question mark in my head - what was the shooting for?

That things are going swimmingly? For bloodthirsty I have good news! Not all.

After re-accommodation in the park at the end of the sky cleared, Having stoecked with food since I intended to stay in the coastal national park I hit the road again. Something, however, was not going well in the bike…. I stop, I look and I do not believe my eyes. The hook from my pannier broke .

I sat. I think. am thinking. Not good gentlemen and ladies.. , not good. What to do, how to live? How to go, what to do??

By chance it happened, right in front of police station. I ask then the gentlemen if there is any good bike shop in this little town.. no, there is none they replied. I think, keep on thinking.. . bingo! - Bike shop in the festival town Jinju and Kim, its owner that was so friendly to me gave me his business card.. and due to bad weather, I'm still close to this city. Maybe he can help me to order some new bags or fix what went wrong? Somehow I get there, to Jinju. I look for, his business card - found! I ask policemen, to call Kim.

Two minutes later, I hear - Ewa, do not worry, I am coming. Wait an hour – he said and hang up before I could react I remained with my jaw dropped on the sidewalk. This would not even come to my mind to bother him and as kto come these tens of kilometers..

My pannier could not be repaired on site, Therefore, we decided that I , get back to Jinju. Again I timidly knocked on the door of a Franciscan father John, who easily allowed me to stay a few days in his office, in which I spent some nights a few days earlier. And who invited me for tea and then said,, that was very glad to see me again.

Three days in Jinju. this time without any festival, but just a Jinju will remain in my heart. Hours spent in the Kim's bike shop, in which many friends gather in the evening, there is a buzz and you do not want to leave. "Mandatory" going out to dinner in the city. Everything is delicious and everything "crooked", though I tried to protest. Some jokes and some important conversations, although in rickety English at times. Gestures and smiles, because not all can be said.

For the first time I felt, that I do need to go any further, because I already arrived.

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wszystkiejazdygacka 27 October 2014 - 13:01

Super wpis! :)))) Until podlinkowałam.

Mira Boat 27 October 2014 - 21:45

I am of the same opinion as my predecessor. The amazing story. A tear of happiness in the eye turns, However, there are PEOPLE in the world. I will always be.

Anna Wozniak 28 October 2014 - 20:44

Hi Eve!
You know there is a saying (I heard them in Georgia)
“Traveler in need of God does not abandon”

Ewcyna 29 October 2014 - 13:01

Well, I just have a feeling, that in Korea “does not leave more” 🙂


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