Akcja tajniak

by Ewcyna

„Hello! Are you a cop? Ming-la-ba! Good morning! Are you going for me? Why?"

In round, numbing stupidity pleased to see the face of consternation mixing with panic. I see, his forehead wrinkles and the right hemisphere is trying to communicate with the left, indicating that the process of thinking, czynnoość years probably is not practiced. An individual on a blue scooter in a white little hat came up with the opposite, on my back turned, took out his phone and started to call pretending, that does not see me as I passed him. Then pyrkając going for me, and how to stop yes - ahead, to go in front of me, from time to time to stopping and glancing backwards, so I do not get lost or would be entering into some buildings, stopping at some roadside shop on lemoniadkę or admiring the blue sky. I'm not przewrażaliwiona, this happens a few days. Pal licho, if it is just the police, I only please, held not to be too close, but now they are regular undercover. Do not know, what they learned this over the years occupied by the military junta of the country, but it was not a good school. I, sucker, I can recognize them in the 3 sekund.
"Hat" at the end of intelligently replied, "No police. Security”. So we have clarity on the subject. Security service in the face hedgehog.
I used to have, from everywhere I am an Alien, but I was thinking ... – who would send such a conspicuous person - a foreigner with a completely different appearance, cycling, driving along at a snail's pace on main roads and not speaking the local language - to reconnoitre?!?
This is why, I know that, "in a try flashing" in a place that's news to me. But before that happened to me, that the police only infer me the city closer to or further – However, in recent times are undercover, who change the way during the day – probably depending on their sickbay. This may be a youngster in pink cap or an elderly person looking at a farmer. See also, to places that stink, where he stopped and something to buy, and it's for a meal.. Sometimes I'm still there and I see it.. probably ask what questions to ask. It just seen. Well, unfortunately, I suppose also, even local, intimidated the people calling the police as he sees me - here, the provinces still little changes, people are afraid. The case has deteriorated when, when once spent the night in the wild. Section between the cities was too long, and I ended up in the afternoon on zepełnie secluded - and I will add charming - the way (Eh, how I love these evenings under the starry sky and morning bird trills.. ). My worms, However, a mouse caught on Pysia, I slept not know where, and that it is forbidden for me parol zagięly. Unfortunately. You do not have the data I will listen to bird trills on the ground myanmarskiej.
On the other hand it is not so bad. At the end of the day revealed undercover passes me in the hands of "immigration officer", which leads me to the place of accommodation (which is often densely intended only for the local population guesthouse, which is associated with much lower fees – and generally abusive conditions of human dignity ). Most recently he was a super happy with the moonlighting boy, which once led me to asked "beer?"After my affirmative answer jumped the corner and brought me a cold can of the local brewski. To wipe the tears probably . And so my dear – women here not Drink beer and every time I order arouse quite a sensation.
No cóż.. I do not like about a very, but I have to take it with a "boon myanmarskiego inventory".
Well, and so in general I have a first restday. After 9 On the way I got to the most famous places in Burma, that is, the city of Bagan. This archaeological gem – thousands wielusechletnich temples pobudowanych by Burmese kings, grow out of the red sand desert and attack the man on each side, are tiny and huge, red and white, Round, square and oblong. The degree of saturation of tourists similar to Paris, but it is hardly surprising - Bagan is a supremely unique place.

Seriously, I'm worried about the state of my jaw. As this goes on there will be at gathering.

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zofia 11 February 2014 - 14:53

I envy you, I should have planned a longer trip, can still happen to go there. Stay.

PiotrK 11 February 2014 - 21:24

Hej Ewa, But the buzz, just that I'm not there? For once in my life I had a personal protection. Should you have morning coffee to bed given. You Misiaks raise. Say hi to them from my friends in Polish. tell, that keep our fingers crossed. Ciao.

Myrrh 15 February 2014 - 00:40

Eve! Indeed, the extraordinary history of this “care”the stranger and a bike. It's kind of funny, but as I man cools off, This element will notice even moving element.. Who would you be so worried on Polish roads?. A just ASZ- Security, Well Shelves. Super! You Darling hug such cichociemnego and spread them on the shoulders of his gratitude for presenting your help.


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