Where-to-sleep stories

by Ewcyna

Travelling in Myanma is not that easy. This means cycling is even enjoyable, while the circus begins accommodation issues. Foreigners are obliged to stay in places that have licence to accomodate them, means, they are forced to sleep in hotels, which – “first primo”, are found only in some localities, a “the primo made of other” cost proverbial "their". Wandering around foreigner immediately finds the friendly police focused on him, which is obliged to ensure his safety and bring to the nearest, (authorized - ) to take foreigners Hotel. And these one can find only in the larger cities. I knew in advance, that it will be impossible for me to do it every day , distances are too large. Equipped with this knowledge at the end of the first day I looked to the Monastery. Buddhist monasteries are to be found everywhere, sometimes at every 1 kilometer. Somewhat abashed monks explained me something, I expected already , that is .. "Lady - no". Hmmm.. Means, this option is out. Really, really to my regret. So, at the end of my first day cycling I noticed . say, it was written "The Garden of Helena". Maybe it is a hotel?
I thought. I cycled into, it, the gate was open. No, It is was not a hotel. In the yard I saw a bunch of teenagers and some children.. Luckily one of the girls understand a few words of English .. and since then she became my guardian. Understood, they do not own this place, but they explained they would call. The called, calling.. finally I hear - yes!, You can stay! Wow!
But this is not the end of history. Then the owner called. At first, What'm hearing is that, he said he is happy a foreigner visited his house. Very much. But in Myanmar it is a rule, that one have to report it to the police. The police will arrive, So if I could give them my passport.. and wishes me a good night.
Upon arrival, mr. policeman gave the impression of being pulled out of the lethargy of winter, not being able to understand what is going on , but it was accompanied by two lively and sligtly nervous individuals. I do not have a clue whom they were , but I learned, I can not stay here, because it is very dangerous. I have to go to the hotel. Necessarily. And they began to call together and individually. I was sitting politely on the couch, sometimes smiling, waiting for the judgment, hoping I have not had to go anywhere because it is already dark and I was just so sleepy. Above my head lasted fierce discussions.
I found out that , that to my happiness and despair in the area there was NO hotel. So they proposed, I could eventually stay there, where I was but the residents of the place obliged themselves to give me security, I understood I will be guarded or something… AND I CAN NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT THIS, In general: keep my mouth shut. I did not quite know, what could be so dangerous there.. Maybe this two year old boy could put my stick in the eye or the lazy cat bite to the throat during my sleep?
Well. The policemen in a good mood and with a sense of well executed mission went home, and me after rbeing heard "YOU SLEEP NOW" politely laid down in a big bed, which was made available to me. I'm a little surprised, that all windows and doors were closed and locked.. but whatever. The impossible became possible. I sleep in a Burmese home.
But, but ... what's going on? After some time, somebody quietly entered the room 3 the 3 girls laid down on the floor next to my bed with a blanket covering.
My God. My fearless guardians! and my heart melted ....
So my accommodation customs had to change, because the last thing, I would have wanted was to cause problem, Let me add - a formal problem. Thus, since then, in the evening, or about 5 pm (the dawn is here before 7 PM, west ok. 18the, day is short, unfortunately,) after reaching any village I go straight to the police booth, where I politely smile, and I say, I need to sleep here and then I wait what they would do. From this point it is already their problem. It usually takes them an hour to sort it out - unless, in the village there is a guesthouse authourized to accept foreigners, if so the police would jsut guid me there. If not, I must get a permission to stay in guesthousie for local people. Yep, it turnes out, anything is possible when you cycle… Recently they quickly brought a burmese English teacher, which made for an interpreter, and on the occasion he invited me to his house, where I spent a pleasant evening.
Today, quite unexpectedly, in the so-called. „in the middle of nowhere”, or in a place where almost no one had heard about I found a a good guesthouse, shower with hot water and wifi in the room, so that I can give you some information for eye glancing at PRETTY WOMEN on satellite channel. Well, well. In Burma goes new. Even supposedly a year ago there was no ATMs and cash for the entire stay had to be brought, most willingly in berand-new American green USD. Now, I could - but only in 6th- ATM - cash to pay the local file. Prepaid card costs ... 2500 USD! Now apparently it is ok 200 USD even as every second person proudly sports a new smartphone. With the internet access it is still not very well, but I'm sure, that this will change rapidly. It is good, or wrong? I guess both answers are good.
After 3 days of journey in beautifully shaded roads I drove into desert. It became dry and everything around is dusty, but I think, that the weather now is perfect. There is no the Philippine overpowering humidity and temperature during the day is just as n a beautiful summer day in my homeland. Do not beat me. I know, that in Poland again the winter surprised road workers!

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Ewa 5 February 2014 - 20:39

Here the weather is not bad – Wroclaw today was 7 stopni na plusie 🙂
Guests write what you eat – to przecież bardzo ciekawy temat a tymczasem życzę Ci spokojnych następnych noclegów 🙂

zofia 6 February 2014 - 06:39

Already a little worried, but I see, You're doing it right, I enjoy it. Good luck. I cross-country skiing in Jakuszyce delight in winter, there is snow and sunny frost. His impressions of the Philippines wrote down on madamka.pl

ewcyna 7 February 2014 - 12:04

Hi, Cross-country is a fantastic thing, although I have to say, I miss that now is not.. I'm doing well, but I humor skiepszczony police today.. write something about it soon..
Cool site, quickly zadzialalas I see in that respect the!

Myrrh 6 February 2014 - 19:52

Well- quite a story. Does this mean,There will not meet with any foreign cyclist? The poor do not know what it is campsite. Pretty Women really makes an impression. How else you happen to Eve Satellite TV is a watch for ” Day of the Wacko”. That will be the proof,from the open to the world. It appears,the local people have a nice face. As a child I have no doubt- sa charming.

ewcyna 7 February 2014 - 12:20

This is not the end of the vicissitudes of accommodation unfortunately.
He pulled into a more secluded area and because of this yesterday sporobowalam forbidden fruit that is sleeping in the wild. Word gives you even really had not planned, but nei possibilities Drive through yet 50 km to the town and there was not even villages with the police booth. Therefore, holed up in the bushes (which also were not easy to find, and basically buried in red sand) and since the dawn curled belongings and it was ok. At least I started at a decent time. Well, but friendly police a few days longer keeps track of my route, and evidently figured out, I slept with who knows where. On the way he asked the policeman caught up with me or with Polish, tried to ask something about sleeping, ale udalam Greka, with do not understand.. no, and since then I have tails.
Ogony (Tracking me or undercover) I had so far every day, and even I was playing this game quite, konspirajci because of this that they could get even improve my ha ha, no but obviously I watched today, me to not know where she went not. To the city I had newiele over 50 km and already I arrived at noon, but the next hotel is supposedly good over 100 miles of stocks that I decided to stay longer.. but it saddens me very much, I do not imagine my further travel in this way. The hotel whose I arrived straight away asked me where jade tomorrow and began somewhere to call. Niech ich cholera.

namiotnaszdom1 12 June 2016 - 03:11

Heh… We are also undercover pissed mercilessly for several days. They changed every town and slept with us in the temples. When we drove in another district came to nothing and the rest of the stay in mianmarze we spent at ease sleeping where we wanted

Ewcyna 12 June 2016 - 10:07

Yep, I know.. czytałam 🙂

Monika 7 February 2014 - 15:23

I hope, with local authorities accept the end of the message, you are going to travel with “after his” 🙂 i Ci pomoga w tym, what you wish you, and the total of the tail also has its good side, I guarantee you safety. Ewa, 're like the internet, whose was not, blazes a trail, and this is not easy. The more I admire and wish you good luck.
P.S. Join this request, write something about jedzonku, pleease 😀

SZEROKEIJ DROGI i wspolpracujacych policjantow 🙂

PiotrK 11 February 2014 - 08:55

Ho Ho Ho Hoooooo!!! But the ride, I like this. Do not forget to wave a greeting tajniakom, can invite your morning banana herabtkę or help yourself. Adventure on the whole, which will describe. How's the arm after a meeting with fan?
I wish you patience, forbearance and perseverance

ewcyna 11 February 2014 - 13:27

I was just thinking about postaiwniu beers, but somehow it still gentlemen in other pubs sit..

What to jedzonka – zbieram material 🙂

Myrrh 11 February 2014 - 21:18

How many days you plan to ride in this friendly country with cops in the rearview mirror?
And in general there is a familiar beer? I actually- where you you eat and what there is to eat- I repeat the question Monica.


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