Bagan and a little history

by Ewcyna

Today will be seriously. So I throw myself in my threads different passwords and social nature – political, undercover and so on.. time may a few sentences to introduce the history ..? Let, I'll do an extract from many sources ogólniedostęnych.

Bagan is a place on the map szególne relationship Mjanmy (because this apparently is officially the name of the country should sound) – is the first (XI – XIII Century) the capital of the Burmese empire, which was the nucleus of the current state. It was at this time has just built here almost 3 thousands of sacral buildings – Buddhist pagodas, called here stupas or swamp, temples and monasteries. The stupas are kept relics of the Buddha and stupas Burmese characteristic is the form of a bell. Faithful are the temples – They are images of Buddha.

Let alone the prehistory. At the end of the nineteenth century, Burma became a British colony, having obtained independence in 1947 year. So good bad started to happen in this country in the early 60s, when it came to power, the Socialist Party. Announced at the beginning of the 80 program “Burmese road to socialism” consisted of nationalized industries, repression of minorities (and there are many here), cut off from the outside world. My, Poles know something about this.

The military regime came to power in the late 80s and then just decided to rename the English name of the country of Burma to Myanmar. Because this name is commonly used here, spot, I try to use it as often as possible, But being tied to a better sounding Burma.

Often there will not be 2005 the country's capital was moved from Yangon to Nay to Daw Pyu – city ​​built from scratch for this purpose. The most important strategic reasons was the location – in the center of the country which helped suppress riots.

The process of democratization started very recently, in 2011 year. Then after almost 50 years of the military junta, power into the hands of civilians. In January 2012 reached a ceasefire with ethnic minorities, released hundreds of political prisoners and restored the legality of the opposition party National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu Kyi – awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of dissident, who spent more than 20 years under house arrest. In the mid- 2012 the European Union lifted sanctions, at the end of the visit came Barrack Obama.

Changes began, about some of the times I recall.. is built from the ground up the banking system (ATMs), introduced mobile telephony (Today, I asked about the price of the SIM card – 110 USD), not to mention on how to access internet.

Last year in August opened 3 land border crossings with Thailand – so far into the country could only get and get out by plane. Although I flew, but I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity to get out of Myanmar by land. The visa gets jedynei on 28 days, but apparently there is no problem with the possible prekroczeniem this amount – should only pay the appropriate fee.
Still it is difficult to move around the country. Many roads are closed, which is wpmlyw for route planning. Precisely familiar Japanese, who has entered into Burma from the south asked me about detail route because dowiedizał in Yangon, that the way to Bagan is closed. Hmmm.. I just overcame this route, may, however, hence the interest in the undercover?

History of Myanmar reminds me of the Polish case and the person Aung San Suu Kyi our Lech Walesa. I know, that in a few-dozen-a few decades much has changed here. I wish mieszkańcowm this land a lot of good in the hope, it will remain like now.

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PiotrK 13 February 2014 - 20:37

O sh.t, zajefajne foty, particularly Title; Trolley, hobbity, krasnale, hid in the grass and the trees, it's just a dream summer night, a noc trwa 28 days, say, that the money can be extended?

ewcyna 14 February 2014 - 00:48

For each day exceeded 3 usd

Myrrh 15 February 2014 - 00:48

Photos of unusual. Especially the, where you're going and you get back temples ( and, how do you envy such views).. But the unusual- such calendar cyclist- This is the same bike on the background of the temple ( here you envy my bike).

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