I do not want to let, but … must (?)

by Ewcyna

.."No, that unless I change my mind again .. ". Prophetic words. Or, unless, that change them even 25 times, as recently.

The change in his own alone can not keep up. On average, I change them every 2 hours. This was not to be Bangkok, because it's a great city and in general.. But the mountain ranges, which are arranged in Thailand mainly vertically upright or otherwise outmaneuvered me so, I found myself 100 km from the capital of Thailand.. no i was thinking, it worthwhile to visit some may professional bicycle workshop, Coby looked bebeszków my bicycle before entering the grounds in this respect rather pristine. I might be able to get a new saddle, TASM will obklejone, and maybe something else?

Therefore, I boarded the train, because already in the last episode I was really dancing with trucks. This maneuver allowed me to look at Bangkok from another site. Well yes, is crowded and noisy, but it also has its charm. Odwiedizłam charming beautiful feet lying Buddha, several other temples, daily chodzłam also dine on garkuchanich on most tourist in Bangkok, Khao San Road. Well, not without an accent less radosnego9 – several months in Bangkok riots, one of the major and prestigious streets is closed and is located there.. tent city. Something like ours nurses protest a few years ago. Unfortunately, about a month ago during street battles were killed here a few / several / a few dozen people. I do not know how many, ale to szok, that there were casualties.

Experiencing a similar shock, reading what is happening in Ukraine.

Boys of service and bicycle shop BOK BOK (bearing from Agatha) UWIN a review of the 1 day, I did not get the saddle, and no i have already had to leave, but "as I sit and think, that come to mind various dog thinks "he would say dog ​​Pankracy, if anyone remembers him. Read, I hope and trying to figure.. and came to me, that as I go now so, I planned ie. to Cambodia and then north, This I get to Chińskeigo Yunnan in time for the start of the rainy season. And that the best time for riding there is the April-May, because blooming flowers and cornflowers. And that April and May are the hottest here, where am I. And there, gidze I'm dying from the heat and takes me to all forces, desire and aspirations.

Well, I made up, in that case I do return north. I even already on the verge of buying bieltu air to the Chinese in Kunming, but "love" for transporting a bicycle airplane made, I buried it further and came up with the train to the border with Laos, Vientiane. There will be hot and hills snipe increasing, but thus save a month and I get to China before the end of April. I have a double entry visa to China, shame to lose, because the Chinese really tightened the conditions for granting visas, especially for those, who strive for it while being abroad. And I'm very, I really want to visit the Chinese Yunnan and Sichuan can also.

Uff. Translations abundantly. Myslę, that's why, that all the time itself, I try to translate the rightness of my decision. Bypassing the coast and Angkor Wat.. But I promised myself solemnly, I'll come back to the area around November-December, when it is green. Yep, I definitely need to green. Still not already, wait, but it will be., must be!

Therefore, my dear sea will not be. As a consolation, I go into the shower and I'm running for the train. Coming relationship with Laos.

ps. And yet something about what you call romantic mists, about which I wrote in the previous post. It turnes out, that typical of this region, unpleasant and dangerous to health for having breathing problems. In English “haze” ran onto a region of northern Thailand, mainly in Chiang Mai, transparency of the air is almost no, duchota etc. The forums were a lot of posts interenetowych type “as it is now? I have to go or wait?”.

ps. 2. the last time I hope the issue of dogs – I started to apply stopping, it works! completely stupid dogs. Too bad, I did not know before.

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Monika 25 March 2014 - 16:47

Aaaaaa 😀 Jednak? 😀

Ewa 25 March 2014 - 20:41

Ewa,I hope, że Laos przywita Cię najlepiej jak tylko może 🙂 zazdroszczę Ci tego, you can change just like that sentence – this is the freedom, although it is known, always have such restrictions have, and that the money or the lack of it,and the rainy season and other factors, ale masz wolność i to się liczy 🙂
thank you for the pictures of food – you take care of your regular readers

Myrrh 26 March 2014 - 18:11

Rightly Eve wrote ,you can be the envy of freedom in decision-making. Because we are here, we are tied to their jobs, awakened with a roar of alarm, chasing buses and trams,,,,,,,,,,
I admire you- You Podróżniczko for our geographical orientation- natural- climate in the area. My knowledge closes in four seasons climate Polish.
Let Laos will show you the most beautiful his face…..

ewcyna 27 March 2014 - 01:05

About this freedom I always wanted.. :).
A clock sometimes also the attitude, although already pdskórnie somehow wake up as the sun rises (ie before 6TA).

Regards already in Laos, stolicy Vientiane. As soon as I'm on my route. The first day somehow without emotion, neither good nor bad. But it seemed to me, that is cooler, although it may only seemed, officially today progoza 40 st. in the shade. Met cyclist from Malaysia, country if there was no hot complained, with can not go, nei can sleep and gusts of wind are like a breath of hot hair dryer. So not only did I…

PiotrK 31 March 2014 - 20:31

As for my sense, You want it Ewcia, but you can not, and it is only sometimes, external factors as you will not allow or restrict. That's what's up to you and you want to – that's all you can. Wide, equal, further down the road.

ewcyna 3 April 2014 - 14:15

Peter, I had to think about it, to understand what you mean – I think I succeeded, after all, why in the title I put a question mark..

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Magda 4 December 2014 - 13:45

We also managed to get around Angkor Wat – and it was one of the 3 points “must see” on our list. But, for something you will have to go back ;)) I had similar feelings about Bangkok – that the piston, smog, and that ble. Therefore, the planned trip after only 1,5 day in the city -> but pointless! Bangkok has a thousand faces tweezers and then regretted, we discovered that there were so few (m.in Chinatown at dusk).
A Tajlandię północną lubimy 🙂 Gdzieś nad Mekongiem znaleźliśmy spanie nad samą rzeką – super, will be beautiful views. Morning turned out, fog that extends for miles on the river and on the sides, i zajmuje też nasz pokój 🙂


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