Jeju – island flavor mandarin

by Ewcyna

Diary Globtrotuarki. South Korea even more central, day… and because I know there.

View Reverend entering my room around. 23-often with two cold beers in hand did not pass to the views of common and natural. Frankly me a bit speechless. I was already in my pajamas, and although usually at this time already asleep (dark by about. 18This is a dark tent 19ta night) is due to an emergency or a warm room at the rectory and of course wifi reaching there something else in the net a fumbled.

But what could I do?, his parsonage, I clearly do not sleep yet, and sometimes even manifested signs of good manners, narzuciwszy something on the back of the Reverend invited inside.

The conversation somehow slightly awkward, So zagaiłam Well, and how to live in Korea, please priest?

Eh, hard - Shook his head with regret. We all just think about work, earn money (just a moment, if I do not hear somewhere??).. Money message needs and spiritual life Young people do not go to church. Problem. The big problem.

Poskubaliśmy a nut, ponarzekaliśmy what the world is and having drunk beer together one said goodbye. Ufff. A bit strange this visit.

My tour in Korea reminds some flourishes because it keeps changing my vision is indeed just have to go. It had to be there, but I saw the river, sprained and so nice to get going, that I reached the tens of kilometers into the sea.. and then there were some monuments of the Unesco, prastare grobowce, and then discovered, with near total because some 150 Festiwal jest w Jeonju km Bibimbapa, that is one of the national dishes of Korean, So there I went and how. When only, to find out, the main idea of ​​Korean festivals, because it was already probably the fourth in which I found, is mainly selling souvenirs, guzzling and all kinds of crap pierdołowatych. Earlier in Hong pastor found a beef festival. The pastor really was with this fact rather unhappy. You do not like festivals? I asked. „E.. and such, from morning playing loud music, people crawl, no attraction. No, I do not like"Said.

Beef beef, but what is it that bibimbap? Name at least funny, is not? "Bap" means rice in Korean, no and this "bibi" I can of "bibki" or fun, I do not know?

I'd identified, that Bibimbap This type of salad with rice on półciepło. You get a large dish filled with man arranged in star ingredients - these are mostly vegetables cut into strips (carrots, lettuce, seaweed, sprouts, sometimes a little meat, sometimes a little fish, sometimes poached egg, sesame seeds, the rest of the unidentified). This is administered usually (what else) chili sauce or a decoction. So, and of a bowl of hot rice.

When it was first erected in front of me staring at the main bowl of the few bowls and side and not really know how to "bite". Therefore I asked you cook, I showed that. Kobitka came, put some nice rice to ingredients, shed a few tablespoons of broth and stir vigorously began. ok! I get it and I thanked, from now I have a I can.. But Mrs. further mixed. I mixed. I thanked again, from now it myself.. You do not, however, continued to mix thoroughly all the ingredients of my bowl.

Resigned longer nei protested having come to the conclusion, that you will think, with the addition of mixing is alien to me the act of inserting a food into the mouth, therefore, necessarily immediately assume my bib and shout "am!"Making me open my mouth to feed. Well, although they eventually took over the reins of a stick is a lady with a high degree of mistrust became 2 meters away from me watching, are you sure food gets to my mouths. Heavy experience, but bibimbap good.

What I eat here at all in the Korea? Well, the food is Korean for me was an evolution, ie. I liked this and that, but this country, and so there is little chance to be in the forefront of my culinary favorites. Everything, maybe 90 percent of food drowning in chili paste, It is umuziane and utaplane. Famous kimchi UNDERWATER is ALWAYS meal. Kimchi is in my opinion a common name of all silage (umuzianych the most utaplanych and chilli paste), reigns, of course, cabbage and radish, but they are probably all pickled vegetables and leaves, is also fluent kimchi and there was flabbergasted that also can be called that name. Upon arrival, I was heartbroken, approached me nothing and the prices were giving of pain. Auć! Auć! It hurt. But what to do, this is not the central-eastern Asia, where you can dine for 2 dollars, but no 5-6 to get some dinner. Given, that have not spent a penny on accommodation, I am able to fork out so much.

Reign of soup.. eh, but they are far from our Polish soup. Micha this time some szaroburego broth with meat and sometimes stripes roll dumplings, Although it sprinkled some chives .. but not, not my taste. There is no or little przesmażonej bulbs of garlic, potato…. Until wears me, to cook in their own way, give them a cucumber, kapuśniaku, barszczyku! These are soups!

Gaslight also gimbapy, or the Korean version of Japanese maki-sushi or sandwiches rice. You can get the type of toast bread and baguettes. Pretty good for a total of.

Vegetables and fruits grow here buxom, enormous and tock tock of the same if they were subjected to metric standards of the European Union. Półkilowe apples only 2-3 meter time Jabłonki, pear is probably around a kilo have - something I think, that grew fed half of the periodic table. This time we, so we have some say climate J. The best are persimmons. One month ago I asked for fejsbuku what is it about this orange fruit, and now only stare bleed under the trees.. such overripe persimmons best or as they call them are just as kaki be killed.

My road esses flourishes in the end threw me on the island of Jeju. I do not hide, that the hope of finding a higher dose of heat because I sometimes have a little ass to freeze onto the saddle.

About the Jeju jeju! With the volcano in the middle, consists of 90% with black lava forming raw rock formations at coastline, other 10% is a blend of mandarin orchards, hotels, B & Bs, cafes and various attractions and they are not far from the beaches and ... mostly museums. Jeju Island is a major tourist destination Korean romantic, Thus we find here

– three museums of love and sex

– chocolate museum

– museum of teddy bears

– and some 100 or 200 other similarly interesting

Distributed at the Tourist Information Guide also instructs exactly what you chose for happy.

– "Put your hand under the head of a loved one and count the stars together"

-“give her a hand and przeskakujcie together by the waves "

– "Go for a walk and surprise her a passionate kiss"

The more I appreciate the now Polish men – no hand-holding, a great deal! Estimations gentlemen.

Having passed over 250 km around the ticking of the taste of mandarins back to the mainland. I was less than 3 weeks in Korea. At the end of November I'll be back as I promised myself on trails Southeast Asia, Thailand and Cambodia, where escaped in March prepared for the prevailing heat. I try to apply the principle of "travel in the appropriate time of the year" (no ok, of November in Korea, I did not work out) So I'm counting on it, from December to February temperature in accordance with przewodnikowymi promises will be at least bearable, and I myself pleasantly poglobtrotuarzę.

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Mira Boat 15 November 2014 - 20:32

Eve, almost 2 not weeks you wrote and I noticed I was a bit zaniepokojona.Nie ,so chilly in Korea, because so far chwaliłaś myself staying there. Pictures of food provoke appetite glands. And you know, that while teasing you with tips on what to do on a date is a Korean boy with girl….it made me even these principles and I'd like powiedziałatak- Too bad , with the boys so seldom reach for these subtle forms in our country. In the end, we have a sea with waves…

Ewcyna 16 November 2014 - 00:45

Mira me in this country no danger, I assure, but thanks for your concern! Although it is known – cases Happen.
I myself constantly praise me to stay and I wish to leave, but the fact, it got cold as in a kennel quite unexpectedly. I try to stay somewhere wprosić (churches), I do not want to rebuy any in clothes. But the day usually comes the sun, the air is clear and it is so beautiful..
As for the rules of romantic, This to me they really like, only I thing that is funny memorize them in guidebooks as everyone knows what is going well and on the ability Polish men in this respect, do not complain. Buziaki!

PiotrK 16 November 2014 - 21:39

Looking for grub, whether life can be beautiful?
And why only one beer with the Reverend?

Ewcyna 17 November 2014 - 01:57

Well according to Korean guides prettier is like a grub put another into the spout.

Because of piwko.. because lately I feel like it's more for mulled wine, but it was not..


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