What I find useful while travelling by bike?

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When I chose the first cycling journey nothing was clear to me. What is useful and what is not, how to attach to the bike and where the squeeze? I confess with shame, the hair dryer in hot Greece does not quite passed the examination.. And what color to choose a sleeping bag? No, it's not my question (lucky me), but once I was asked any, and the only answer what I came to my mind was, "and what do you like"?

Because of the time discussing with fellow travelers about this and always everyone has their "most-toolbox" I decided to make a list of your. I'm not going to describe the entire inventory, but things, that really work on the go. It may be useful to someone my "patents"?


1. Heater (and of course the cup or small pot)


In the morning I do not know my name, and decipher puzzles of this cyclical helps me tea and coffee. I will not move from the spot as you do not eat breakfast and do not need a drink of – so to say – stimulants. I have a stove, but I often stay in places with access to electricity - then to boil water is enough for me electric heater. Only in South Korea, I could not use it too much - wywalała plugs L

I met many travelers, who repented, with no heater and could not get her on the road. Coffee or tea "on the town" have cost a lot so we save a lot of your heater stubborn and give advice to cook pasta. It should be!

2. Earplugs


I can not do without them. Cure for all, especially Asian noises (although sometimes with stoppers do not give advice). I would recommend this to a hand molding, especially companies APTEO CARE (dobrze się ucha trzymają 😉

3. Sponge for washing

Who would have thought, that is such an essential gadget. A jednak! The sponge absorbs water, and thanks to her washing in the proverbial glass of water is feasible – brings a feeling of freshness, as if it was a wypluskali in the shower. And this one sharper side in the morning and evening, improves blood circulation better domywa dirt. Note - in Asia not to buy (!).

4. Slippers flip-flops or

How many times thanks to them, I was even able to take advantage of the Asian "bathroom". Ba - time and peace, which rags and water for months, either, and he had never seen! Surprisingly, I have a problem with buying a really lightweight flip-flops in Poland, but in Asia you can buy them at every corner.

5. Quench collapsible backpack (Decathlon)


It cost less than 20 PLN - 2 USD, similar example can be found. firmy Tatonka, but much more expensive. Size of a fist after rolling, weight can 100 gram. A revelation to me - I keep it documents and money and needed little things. I put the whole bag to the front of the steering wheel (Ortlieb). When I stop somewhere not only removes the bag off my backpack. This is also useful simply to take with you, eg. for sightseeing or shopping, when I'm not cycling.

6. Quench inflatable pillow (Decathlon)


You can say, carriage cushions that are already burżujstwo.. They have not yet done, Head placing folded clothes, but this small lightweight inflatable cushion quickly liked.

7. A small padlock


I use it to close the bag Ortlieb during air transport (info below) and closing the tent, I'm more or simply somewhere to camp. Obviously - as someone wants to steal something easily find a way, but the risk, that will win something "because that passed that way" is already much lower.

8. Computers - netbooks, I-pad, or other


For these, who write such. blog or on the network while traveling for essential. Internet cafes in some places disappear (for example,. Japan), their use is not convenient and the use of e-banking or dangerous websites. Wifi access in many places already widespread. Unfortunately, equipment is a big load of baggage.

9. Phone for two sim cards or "dual sim".

My unfortunately is weak (Sony Xperia), but the same option of having a slot for a second sim card really works - one is a debit card Poland and the other Local. No need to constantly translate etc.

10. Smartphone at all

Setting off on a journey I did not have a smartphone, but soon realized, with the help of travel and bought the cheapest model in the Philippines. Although my knowledge of the equipment is still in its infancy, I do not know what I'd do without a map, eg. Google Maps or Locus Pro, to show me through satellite navigation where I am. Thanks to them, do not wander (or a little wander), I find important objects on the map, check the distance. Not to mention the many other, useful applications.

11. Others - Mounting Tape, Zipy very handy for quick repairs such. zero. Sometimes such stopgap lasts and lasts..


1. Bag to carry the bike "self-made"


Were home-made by a neighbor, material is probably tilt gardening (very durable, but I could not get better – material had to be light, because I am carrying a bag on the bike). Previously, I had a few years similar, sewn by leather craftsman of the two largest Ruthenian plaid bags. Both were sewn to size, according to my idea. Dimension 150 x 100 x 30 cm. The base is a strong ears, which form the strip pierced by the bottom of the bag.

The bag comes in handy especially during air transport, but sometimes also by rail (for example,. in Italy it was impossible to take the bike to the high-speed train, and already in the bag and yes). Although I try, that I am not always able to skombinować cardboard. With a bag just find a few smaller cartons, bubble wrap, pack the bike and put it in the bag. With ears alone am able to carry the bag over short distances, eg. the airport.

The second application - I often use it as a tarp under the tent. Bag, nothing is, tent less to destroy, not gets wet from the bottom and by the way does a little vestibule.

The use of extreme – I was even worse when such. not so warm sleeping bag and przymarzałam night was the last resort bag, which was covered up. This happened only a few times, ale naprawdę trzymała ciepło 🙂

2. Ortlieb bag on the trunk - the largest dimension, ie. 150 cm long and thinnest material (are probably the two thick)

This is how it Ortlieb waterproof and every day I am carrying it on the trunk of a tent and bag on the bike but the place is much more. This is useful when, when you need to transport the pouch nicely - especially during air transport. I throw out there 3 panniers and a tent, Roll and padlocked shut, Strengthening the tape and sometimes I give.

Of course, for this purpose can be used even if the Ruthenian bag plain webbing bag - I did so for many years. Now I have Ortlieb and also adored.

3. Leg to the front wheel bicycle


No bo to, leg to the bike that is useful to me as clear as daylight! I bought this bike with the benefit of inventory and it is a boon in the full sense of the word. I put the bike where I want to, saddlebags loaded front wheel does not swing out - and not so, from anywhere you can quickly find him some support. I know, many people consider it to be unnecessary ballast, but I love this gadget.

So many things come to mind. If someone has their favorite travel gadgets and solutions - we will know them. Pozdrower!

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  1. List of very interesting, especially since she taking only two of these things – sponge (necessarily!) and smartphone, but only on one card. On my list are, however,:

    – Ortlieb handlebar bag. First place in the list, because without it anywhere (cycling) do not move. Recently bought contribution foto – very useful after the multiplication of photographic equipment;

    – Mosquito on the head – not once, not twice saved me from madness, and of course against hordes of bloodthirsty (or) beast. Iceland almost every day I assumed mosquito net for helmet before leaving the tent, and it took off only in the evening, already in the tent. Founded on the helmet with visor, totally do not mind screens while driving, It stops immediately notice. I would recommend the green mosquito net, because the black looks a bit ghastly – but better than none black! Mosquito weighs nothing, occupies so much space, next to nothing, and is more precious than gold;

    – Bike Mirror – I'm so used to it, that after his return from the expedition, when, for example. I walk down the street and I want to look back, patrzę w stronę lusterka zamiast odwrócić głowę 🙂

    – Large hairbrush, specifically for this combing, in which after a day of cycling turn my hair. Comb would not have a chance;

    – Waterproof Helmet Cover – very useful especially for someone, like me who has a strange tendency to ride the storm regions and to attract rain clouds. Thanks evening hairbrush has a little (Unfortunately, only a little) easier task;

    – You mentioned by sponge, to which I would add yet so obvious obviousness as nail scissors and tweezers, cotton buds, thread tooth, sunscreen, hand cream, lipstick and of course a lot of cosmetics (ultralight is cieniasów:)

    – The lid to the pot with holes – I use it as a strainer. With incomprehensible for me because it does not have many of the above sets of tourist vessels – For example, in Poland, I have not seen this in any store;

    – Kundel, ie kindle reader – ideally located in the bag Ortlieb. My favorite electronic gadget on the go;

    – Ordinary cotton leggings – I use almost no other expedition trousers. Light, dry quickly, are long-lived – five years, I use the same few pairs;

    – Two spare batteries for your camera – oj, useful to me;

    – Sunglasses – usual, there are no special bike. Even on a cloudy day to protect your eyes from wind and worms. I know, some drive without glasses or forget about them, I do not imagine myself;

    – Large bags from IKEA and cord – panniers for air transport. Neither the lock is not needed – not only because, to disentangle the string that you need great patience, but mainly because, że nikomu nie przeszłoby przez myśl ukraść tak okropnej torby 🙂

    Regards and wide road!

  2. Janus! Very thanks for your list!

    Some of the things you mentioned have, but failed to complete them “gadgets” for example,. Ortlieb handlebar bag, sunglasses (additionally with me because I'm nearsighted optical),
    I forgot about mutt, friend, traveler or reader.
    Moskietiera – I remember how my corral where you. To date, the flying abomination was ok.
    So – Also wożę two batteries for the camera. I had trouble even one lost in Bangkok is a big city but it was not easy to buy a second.
    About lid with holes actually first heard.
    No a drawstring bag around Ikea, but to Ortlieb padlock must be.


    1. Hi!
      You're right, quite a few items on my list are not gadgets – I suggested more word “Essentials” 🙂
      Handlebar bag I do not have a lock, gdzieś zgubiłam 🙂 Ale zawsze mam torbę ze sobą, never leave her on the bike. Well, Norway has happened to me several times… For example, once I left my bike at a waterfall with an open bag on the steering wheel, and in the documents, safe, phone, all on top. I took only the camera. It was a national park, little frequented trail, Norway… Somehow it did not occur to me, zapuściłby that a thief in a place. When I returned to the bike after some 10 minutes, I saw, that is with him a large group of tourists, as it turned out, Israel. I found out that , that they decided to keep an eye on my bike, judging (somewhat rightly), że niechcący zostawiłam cenne rzeczy 🙂
      So far I traveled mainly in Scandinavia. Many times I left for the night or on a bike shopping time nieprzypięty, sometimes I even leave for the day seeded tent with all of the equipment in the middle and lounging beside a bicycle on the grass. Once I willingly agreed to the proposal of some tourists, a lift to my panniers car a few miles to the top (left them at the crossroads). I'm afraid, that travel around the region as secure rozbestwiło me a little and I'll have to be more careful, gdy wybiorę się gdzieś indziej 🙂


      PS Caps with holes can be purchased separately in Sweden. Have a special notch on the handle of the pots. Trifle, and really helps camping life…

      1. You better not get used. After two months in Denmark I went to Germany and the river left the bike with their belongings jedzeniowym (fortunately only). Maybe with 15 minutes it took me a wine with a friend on the banks of the beautiful River. Even the map of the trunk of my stolen. Scandinavia is a different story. Tam portfel nie raz zostawiałam w przyczepce rowerowej i nikomu nie przyszło do głowy żeby mi go ukraść 😛

    2. Nothing more nothing less in “niezbędniku” Eve and Janus .it is very experienced people ,professional women long and short cycling. My favorite has always been and is usterko cycling ! A few years instead of gauze towel buy at the pharmacy / This super-lightweight gauze dries quickly occupies minimal space in the pouch and is b.tania.
      With greetings from the good wishes and Successful New Year. Beautiful further Dear Eve
      Andrew of soot

      1. Andrew, Janus .. until almost ashamed, well, because I had a mirror, but he lost and instead shake my head pretty hard, I must admit.
        Trumpet for trumpeting it was lost to me.
        Towel omitted, but I can add, I have this fast. I kinda like to know how much they cost here in Asia, I would have never bought, I like it though. But as a small towel used to wipe my blood Jan Necessary for 3 zloty.
        Andrew, Also wishes you all the best of, most! I am happy, from here zajrzałeś.

          1. Ja właśnie wolę uniknąć tych wymiernych skutków odwracania głowy podczas jazdy rowerem ulicą 🙂

            What can interfere with mirrors?

  3. How many today I learned interesting things !!!! As soon as I sign somewhere rady.Dzięki these precious girls. It is true that my bicycle trips more resemble FWP holidays ( the older generation knows what runs) than survival school, but who knows, maybe one day I will not go where the eyes and willingly suffer a / advice would use.
    Regards Andrew of soot, I met, Eve just like you, GORGEOUS on my first trip to Lithuania and Latvia in 2008 r.. The idea of ​​gases as a towel, it seems innovative.

  4. Me the heater were useful. In communist Poland, cooperatives – shops in the countryside – took over the entrance light bulbs. Heater was applicable “thief”, jack on the cable with socket E27 – because the bulbs were highly. Early in the morning on the steps of a light bulb store wykręcało, wkręcało thief, to the heater and kawusia, tea, soups at this time there was no.

    1. Why is it – soups was not? Maybe in Bierut.
      Then,, and certainly in the 70s and 80s they were!!!
      And that's what, tasty, nutritious, natural ingredients, not the same chemistry, like now. Admittedly (something for something) it had to be longer to cook (10-15 min, some 20), but it was worth it.
      Current products do not wash their even to such e.g.. Polish barley soup with meat or tail.

  5. The raju grzalka, wzruszylam sie 😉 kiedys nie bylo mowy o wyjezdzie bez grzalki. And now I think it is difficult anywhere to buy? Zdarzylo mi sie gotowac przy pomocy grzalki jajka 🙂

  6. No heater for cooking eggs, of course, also I use. But Irenaeus betray what purpose musialaeś to bother to shop and unscrew the bulb – is not it better to connect the heater in the house? 😉
    Shows, heater that reigns. That's why I put it in the first place because I recently met a lot of people at our beard pluło, there is no.
    And you can buy in these shops with soap-jam Appliances, and the square of the Union of Lublin in Wwie even grzałkowy shop!

  7. For me, number one is Kindel. How many evenings he told me umilił! I drive it too, co i Wy – Cushion, heater, glasses… The idea of ​​gauze towel instead of a great, So far I have not heard. Quick-drying towels have the flaw, that quickly begin to emit an odor of stale, even after drying. Next time I will use. Oh and screens.

    1. Your friend, the horse KOGA all necessary ekwipunkiem looks great in this picture .Podziwiam strength of the material and your siły.Jestem faithful reader of this blog just like Mira from Lodz. /thanks for the memory Miro;) Yours sincerely / A Ewuniu wish you a joyful and safe wide roads everyday.

  8. “for what purpose you had to bother to shop and unscrew the bulb - no better way to connect the heater in the house?”
    What home? Spent the night in a tent on the back of the store. In those days,, This tourist suspicious item, villages in remote areas, was received with caution. “Thief” This E27 base bulb socket cable terminated. The store energy was free “State”, nobody did anyone grace, not bothered. How come shop, What is even better sold. In those times roamed Polish lands with shoe. He looked the man on the tramp. Uncertain element. The concept of a tourist did not work.

  9. Speaking of cycling bags: my companion the last trip of her was covered, when all the clothing was already on “housing” and it was still cold. At the end and came up with the idea, to pack it in and fasten. Sleeping bis!
    I also wożę collapsible foam poddupnik. For cooking water compact Jetboil – small and fast (gas because the current is always in deficit). Box Ortlieb handlebar perfectly as a handy bag, remaining within smartphone, ipad, flat, Compact Camera, money, documents and a few other odds and ends. This whole mess is always in the hold, So at every distance from the bike enough to throw out, fault on the hump and tranquil conscience, that nothing of value left no.
    To wash a glass of water – Japanese small tea towels, lightweight and drying in a second.
    For packing panniers of air and rail transport I use the bag on the front wheel (She was included with the bag main). Spin tapes and getting this neat bundle crane behind the handle panniers. The bag back (tent and a sleeping mat) I bring to the aircraft as a handy.
    Lampko-LED flashlight.
    I do not move without charms :))) Two Buddhist bracelet, figurka Jizo – protector of travelers and breaststroke Kaeru (kaeru – in Japanese: back home)

    Eve, I wish you the next great adventure!

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