Balkans from sea to sea

by Ewcyna

On the way over a 3-week trip with a group of friends from Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea in Croatia by Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Bulgaria – the Black Sea coast.


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Escape from the land of sunflowers | Ewcyna 3 September 2016 - 09:03

[…] Rhodopes, Bulgaria. On the route from the Adriatic to the Black Sea from the initial five were three of us - me, Jim and Bob Scottish. The turn of June and July of the year 2010 This time the World Cup - as anyone knows Bob knows, that football is a sacred thing for him. Do not miss any match. Do not miss out matches when traveling by bike is not so again hop siup. You have to combine, you have to sacrifice for a good cause, but that Bob has a good obcykane - always somewhere to find this TV, out of the ground it shake out, for people to wprosi, Will beer - eager to find. There any smartphones or other GPS users do not have, paper map where the darker marked in the higher parts of the mountain suggests, it will not be simply and quickly. The mountains are, This must be so, and already. Janek goes slowly, I like it I – mainly push bike, Janek waiting for me, Bob disappears from the horizon of chrysotile. The aim is located behind the city pass Gocha Delchev and above all the final match! When about seven o'clock we see Janek indicator located in the village of guesthousu decide (no ok, I lead the way in this decision) forgive. There is a nice village, The climate is Pensjonacik, it is telewizornia. Only Bob has no. He drove. Driven think about watching the match pushing hard on the pedals, until he came to the pass around 22.00 then the dark, szwankujacymi rolled off the brakes on the outskirts of the city in time for the last minutes of extra time. It's called sacrifice ie, it's called passion! Both myself and Janek at this time, despite the sincere desire to cheer and fell asleep in front of TV. Bob ahead of us as it turned out for some 50 km, we met a few days in the beautiful city of Plovdiv. The train took us to the Black Sea, which was indeed black, but the amount of moczących in the human – the planned 2,5 days in Golden Sands far enough to me half. (Gallery of travel 2010 r. he is here) […]


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