So it started!

As soon as I announced to the world (overall joyful) news – that, I was going to cycle Asia and that I go the Philippines first – negative info immediately began to come. That what I do, that it is the third world, that the cocks will peck me to death.. (but from what I know they do not fight with tourists only one against the other) that, it's no point to show in Manila without a gun..

Well, my eyes turned round. Przeczytałam wszelkie dostępne informacje na temat tego kraju tudzież skąpe odnośnie zwiedzania go na rowerzebyły one z reguły pochlebne i optymistyczne.

Did some more investigation and. it turned out, that the most sinister perspective was made by, a foreigner that has been working in Manila some time already but all the time stays in his hotel leaving just to work.. and did not appear in the coutryside even once . Well yes…. Alex po zapoznaniu się z kilkoma stronami, I have sent him he stated that , he is losing too much and absolutely has to see more than the capital of the Philippines, which is – actually- somewhat connected opinion.

Ale jak będzie to się dopiero okaże. Zachowuję optymizm i zdrową ciekawość, ale z drugiej strony nie zamierzam się narażaćdużych miast i tak nie lubię więc zamierzam się ewakuować na prowincję wcześniej niż ustawa przewiduje.

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  1. Welcome to Asia! Indeed, some of Asian countries, like the Philippines, would not be too friendly. ?However, be careful and watch your steps would be okay to foreign travellers. Avoid remote areas, trying to stay in towns and villages. And NO night ride there! Anyway, we wish you good luck and have a safe and fun ride!
    The RidersLand

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