Wyspy Amakusa

by Ewcyna

Przez trzy dni wędrowałysmy przez wyspy Amakusa – a beautiful, a small archipelago of islands lying west of the island of Kyushu. We were there quietly, beauty and .. what is important through many tunnels also rather flat. As it turned out, this region is also a center of Christianity in the Land of the Rising Sun. Appeared on the horizon churches, we passed the crosses przyrożne. Under one of the churches, picturesquely situated on a hill we decided to spend the night and rozbiłyśmy tents. It did not bother anyone, on the contrary – morning people visiting the temple we photographed more often than nineteenth-century building.

Despite ambitious plans not arrived at the Nagasaki – Ferries do not fly too often. Nothing is, should be on Amakusa longer because on the main islands of Japan is probably busier.

We are in Kumamoto, is a big city famous for one of the largest castles in Japan. We visit and use of the benefits of the internet at the Tourist Information – to our surprise so far failed to find a wifi or internet cafe.

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Marek 15 April 2013 - 13:00

Super! I have read and examined the existing relationship, and already I can not wait, kiedy moja stopa stanie na japońskiej ziemi 😉 Mam nadzieję, Unlike the GPS Internet works.

ewcyna 16 April 2013 - 06:41

so Marcus, Japanese numbers earth jet extremely easy to explore. Sleeping in the wild, toilets are everywhere, water, etc.. Maps as I wrote you take with tourist information, even in Japanese, important to the way the numbers are. Wifi is practically no, internet only clutch a larger tourist spots – for example,. Today in Mt Aso

ok, and responding to the question Janka – hat I have attached the elastic, We drive as it always falls to me…


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