Bohol Island and some (post-) Philippines' thoughts

by Ewcyna
Filipiny rowerem

– “You need to know, where you're going, madam. Everyone needs to see where he's going. You have so many bags, you need to relax. I'll take these bags and I'll show you a nice place on the beach near here. You need to rest!
Travel otherwise very pleasant island of Bohol began quite excitingly. A worker on a motorcycle looked both sorry and confused seeing me on a bike and do not accept anything , I was saying.. I'm not even tired, that I do travel like this, That I was going around the island and when I get tired I stop. He came across me just outside the city and followed me 15 km, Which started to be really annoying. Yep, I know, know he meant well!
After an hour of emotions provided me my bike – I got a regular flat tire, which does not admit quite surprised me because so far Schwalbe tires did not fail , and those are new. In any case, I took to repair somewhere on the side of the road with a high degree of shyness.. an even greater amount have to be passing me people, I somehow do not get too flocked to help. The other thing, that I did not encourage them, I wanted to check this very useful in the life of every cyclist that skill to repair or replace the inner tube. After some time, also made up of a wreath of onlookers, one of which even me then he held the wheel while others the power of sight and certainly with prayers supported my efforts. Struggles have been completed successfully, But anyway I want to even before departure to look into good bicycle workshop to have my wheel checked.
And that on prebious day on quite neatly to cut on ending the day in the context of maintaining a high level of emotion I visited the local hospital. However, there was a really nice, half of the staff have already heard about me before and the doctor once the dressing ran out of the clinic with a shout “Bicycle! Show me your bike! Apparently you have 4 bags!”
The weather has improved, but basically my whole journey takes place in the shadow of the typhoon Yolanda - this, which hit the Philippines in early November. Still on TV a lot of talk about the cities of Tacloban City - destructive force killed there over 6 thousands of people, tens of percent of households do not exist. Almost every day I talk to experienced people on this subject. Today, yesterday.. as it was, or received aid. Here on the island of Bohol, where I was a few days there were more disasters lately - in mid-October, the island struck a powerful earthquake, damaging many buildings, in this centuries-old churches pohiszpańskie. Potem tajfun Yolanda, no and the next, which just ended also caused great damage, lack of access to water and food for the people in the smaller islands. For many, the Philippines is a postcard paradise. Actually, you have to be fascinated by the beautiful, covered with coconut palms beaches, enjoy the natural flora and fauna of coral reefs. But I remain convinced me, of life here does not spoil.. Fortunately, Filipinos are not Hispanic narzekaczami and their natural life promotes the adoption of such, what is the. It helps to have faith, about which I have written. "Only God knows why He sends us all" - I've heard many times. "We surrender to the will of God".
But remember too many other Filipino flavors. Spuśćmy veil of silence on the driving, and basically lack thereof.. Do not think yourself, I am well aware of the fact, that I live on another continent to this way of thinking lokalsów may differ from my, but sometimes I still can not get over, with so significantly. Take, for example - last night in the hostel roadside. Appearance was even quite, pretty - pretty decent, apparently opened a few weeks ago. It is nothing, therefore,, that he had time to spoil flush, and because it is a device, and so rarely occurring here (in the bathroom is a bucket with a mug). The room was not one half of the window. The owner explained to me, that died in the fight against typhoon (remember - more than 2 months ago). It's sad, of course,, However, this was not far from the impact of a possible price reduction, I naively suggested. Somehow, however, after negotiating the price was lowered and rented a small room where another – was in the TV. And what - I think to myself - just watch, why not Philippine telenovelas, and maybe for some news to'll pick? The receiver was on the boom, but unfortunately the cable was too short, to reach a contact. The owner solved the problem instantly.. bringing in another room equipped with a longer cord. This proved to be easier than bringing extension. I wanted the toilet paper, every boy immediately went to the store where purchased rolls of pieces 1. I understand, with any other room in the paper that was, Why buy a multi-pack. Stories also abound.
These are the last days of my stay in the Philippines, and the thoughts I'm already in Burma.. do not hide, that really makes me happy prospect of exploring this opening only at the world, apparently przeuroczego country, but I have no doubt, it might be a challenge rowerowopodróżnicze. Curiosity consumed me!

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PiotrK 25 January 2014 - 17:17

One would like to read without end…

Myrrh 25 January 2014 - 19:29

And if the hospital gave you assistance under Polish friendship- Philippine, and demanded evidence of insurance or money? I hope,cut the wound was small and quickly heal.
A fakt,the hospital staff already heard about you it certainly was nice for you, but also interesting from the point of view of sociological. After all, the media was not yet Cie ( for now) and so the island is a small grajdołek active grapevine.
Thanks for the pictures of kids.
Here in Lodz – I write for cool- jest about me 15 degrees and winter holidays a week.

ewcyna 28 January 2014 - 16:01

Myrrh, absolutely none of me wanted nothing in hospitals (in addition to the bike show:) -then visited yet 3, asking for a change of dressing because I'm so Prikaz. Fortunately, everything is healing nicely, I will live and I will try next time do not put your finger in the working windmill..
Yep, I know, that in Poland zimnawo anything.. I like snow, but rather not miss. Although cross-country is the only sport next bike, which I like and it's very – Snow Report as conditions are a little envy..
Kibluję itself has just the airport the morning while waiting for your flight, and almost two. I have a connecting flight in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, some 7 hours.. maybe I can jump out of the city and see the Petronas Towers? Once were the highest in the world, Now it is already probably not.
With mixed feelings I'm leaving the Philippines.. still meet great people, on the other hand, I swear like a trooper to the inability to settle the simplest things and, above all, drove me insane traffic on the local roads, and especially my “beloved” jeepeneye. Death in the eyes, kopcacego streak of smoke in the face.
I know, with Asia in general, this is famous, but I'm really curious how it looks in other countries.
Keep your fingers crossed for it, we (me and the bike) arrived healthy and happy.. I rode happily teeth because I could not give it here in the hands of a good mechanic, bo wszystkie były zajęte 🙁
As it will be able to write from Yangon, then with netem pewnei say goodbye for about a month, because so many can stay in Burma. Thus, – bez niepokoju jeśli będę mmilczeć 🙂

ps. This just in – was only confirmed in Burma warmshower, I could stay with him, makes me very happy because the country mysterious and worth at lokalsa inquire everything is not?

Monika 28 January 2014 - 21:36

Szerokiej drogi madam 🙂

ewcyna 30 January 2014 - 14:15

I'm in Burma. This little bewildered said.. And this is just the 1st day.

I Małgosia Sebastian 1 February 2014 - 15:40

Hi Ewcyna! Fantastyczny sposób na życie 🙂 Podziwiamy i trzymamy za Ciebie kciuki. And when you get back to Warsaw necessarily visit us. We guarantee a comfortable bed, free wi-fi and a pork chop with cabbage and potatoes. Greetings Goshia and Sebastian

ewcyna 5 February 2014 - 17:29

Hello, This way of life also I like
Thanks for the invitation, Warsaw I did not hurry, but I'll be sure to call. As long as you can keep track of my fate.. I greet!

Maryla 2 February 2014 - 09:28

Hi Eve,
I envy you, of course, travel, but especially Burma. In early youth I read “Moon in the jungle” Francis Clifford and since that time I dream about it, to get in there. Of course, the country has changed, but it stuck in my head… It is a challenge. Fingers crossed, although I believe, that all work.
I embrace, Maryla

ewcyna 5 February 2014 - 17:33

Maryla, I am in the subject knowledge of the issues Burmese feel only shame.. I did not have time to prepare before you leave and młdości how to read other books.. I have no really any wider perspfektywy, I'd love to have jakieśksiążki ripped in reader, but now it is already some afterthought.. I'll catch up!.

Myrrh 3 February 2014 - 22:38

Eve! Waiting for relations with Burma. What you there so stunned ?? I only hope, with a joyful astonishment.

PiotrK 4 February 2014 - 11:53

The local order supposedly is the reverse of what we know in Europe, even rivers flow to the sea to the mountains


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