Accident and hospitality at Kou

by Ewcyna

Tego dnia spotkały mnie dwie rzeczy – dobra i zła. Ale zaczęło się od tej złej.
Potrącił mnie samochód, co prawda w zasadzie tylko otarł się o sakwę, ale w rezultacie się przewróciłam i nieźle wystraszyłam. Że coś takiego może sie zdarzyć w superbezpiecznej jak dotychczas Japonii. Nic się na szczęście nie stało, ale zdziwił mnie fakt, że .. nikt na drodze nie zatrzymał, nie mówiąc już o tym, że nie zrobił tego sprawca potrącenia. Tu pierwszy duży minus dla Japończyków. Oczywiście nie dotyczy to ogółu, ale wierzyć mi się nie chciało. Tak to zresztą tj.” unbelievable” określił młody mężczyzna z wioski, that to me all the time went and saw.
I wiped a tear in your eye, dusted himself off and went on. And in the evening happened to this good thing. At the store came up to me a young man, speaking really good English, pozachwycał over my journey, and after a few minutes he invited home for the night. Kou is in his late twenties and a local elementary school teacher, but his passion is traveling and learning languages. So soulmate.
Kou house is located in the seaside village, where he lives with his parents and grandmother. I'm not very effusive, but my new friend's family was przesympatyczna, especially mom. She was a Saturday evening and she apologized to me can not be, because he has a table tennis tournament. My dad is a fisherman and most of the dishes are not, which appeared on the table came with a catch (fish) or a set of (seaweed in miso soup) of the day.
Although my father Kou watered beer and sake (two liter bottles for some) and I wanted to sleep it also wanted to visit with Kou. He praised the, that he was going to Europe in August, to Italy. Super, I asked how much.
Experience 8 days.
Why so short?!
I can not get more days off.
O People. This is not the first time the Japanese call me, that there is a longer holiday, if at all there is a holiday. Apparently it is 20 days available, but only on paper. Not considered to be on leave. The Japanese also met earlier told me, the last year for the first time got 13 days in a row because I was flying to South America, and that it was a rarity in my life and I probably will not get enough. A working 15 years. And on a daily basis is not considered to go home before the boss.
I ask what they are doing in school, as children have holidays (from mid-July to end of August – not too much). No. ..”We gather and prepare studies and write a summary.. “. I asked it on a daily basis for the work. “children end up ok. 16the, but we have a meeting and back 20- 21.00.. and you have to have to prepare for the next day ..”
I thought early on that, to move to Japan, but innate laziness tells me much “no”.

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kou 25 May 2013 - 11:37

Hello,This is kou.thank you for your coming. After you left,I always think of you. Where is Eve? Does Eve safety drive?I'm so happy that I find out you are fine.
I want to go to Poland in the future.I wish you a nice & safe trip!

ewcyna 25 May 2013 - 12:52

Hi Kou, I try to cycle safely as much as possible, thanks so much for your care:)
For me it was a great time with you and family and as said, come to Poland!


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