Depopulated capital Naypyidaw

by Ewcyna

Departing from Inle lake unfortunately I had to take the same route, because I would have to have a permit to take another one. These are some “charms and beauties” of traveling in Burma. Dreamed off taking the downhill from the top I climbed a few day before 25 from Kalaw, but because of the first serious stomach problems I could barely stand up and I decided to take a train. In all well-, and that was an option, although little besides terrible rocking and rocking from side to side of this trip I remember. I was pretty dazed.

train in Burma

Trains in Burma is a remnant from the time, when the country was a British colony, that is, they have a good 100 years. Well enough, I was deeply anesthetized that day to pay attention to the inconvenience of travel. Train made 180 km in 8 hours, once moved normally, that is, forward, then suddenly retreated into some mountain villages, at each station held an exchange of consumer goods and the food came to you just carried on the heads of the sellers, who deftly made it between the benches. However, I was not interested in food. I was sorry to see, the downhill I missed, that's probably would take me an hour and was made by this train in a few.. but what to do.

Avocados were abundant

Now I was facing a geographically unattractive return to the south of the country along a very busy pan-shaped road. My visa time has shrunk, so I was betting on the train again, but after the experiences of the previous day, I couldn't really stand this thought. I turned around from the station and decided to ride a bike from this section for at least a day. The bum was happy to welcome the saddle and the side route I selected, closed for quality reasons (ie. its absence) for the movement of a four-wheeled vehicles, it led me through villages and the people who saw me with a lot of joy. Such a bike path of inferior quality. One had to cross the checkpoints there several times - there are road barriers quite often – well, after one of them again the police got interested in me.

Therefore, I pulled onto the main road, to eat something and from then on I had the police following me again “tails”. At the end of the day 100 miles I reached the large village, where planned accommodation, but as it turned out there was no guesthousu, even for local. Everyone sent me to Nay Pyi Daw - distant Fr. 50 miles of the new nation's capital. That would not worry me that much, I wouldd look for some bushes to sleep – but, but unfortunately I already had "tails". They were really worried about me they said, because it is already dusk etc..

What should I do, therefore,? I asked in signatures

Uradzono, that will bring me a car. Well, This waiting. We waited and waited for the car and he came.. then learned (sign language), we have to go further 1 mile (one mile..), well and that there will be this car. We go and go… after some 10 km I ask what is going on and where we are still going in this dark as an eye bend of the night?

To the capital – meaning Nay Pyi Daw.

Hey, hello! 1 mile is not 50 km! And as soon as the opportunity presented itself, Having counter 125 km, about 20tej got on decent-looking gas station. New and nice, purely, there was a nice shelter just in time for an overnight stay, friendly service. So I announced the undercover policemen, I'm too tired, to keep going and I'd like to sleep here.

– No, definitely not possible! Tourists must sleep in the hotel. The hotel is in Naypyidaw

– Well, take me there. I have no strength to go – I said

To tell the truth, maybe I would still find these strengths, but I was curious about their reaction. Will they let me sleep at the gas station, the service was very favorable (her staff brought a lounger to sit on and a blanket to cover, I also got a cold beer (!). I was interpreted a little like this in my ear, so that they, they absolutely do not mind, to stay, but the police won't let you. Well, pat.

And then began to Phone, some slimy, drunk officer came, and then four more of a similar company in uniforms and flip-flops. And then a few more yes, that I lost count. Immigration officer, as it usually happens here, he was looking for a visa in his passport and when he found it he had an expression on his face as if no greater happiness could meet him. Zoomed in his happiness by giving him a copy of the passport and visa, because I already know how much joy it gives local authorities have therefore always in stock a few copies to give away to the right and left. In the end, it's nice to make someone happy.

In the hands of the Burma police

Before 23.00 Police arrived at the end of a bitch, which transported me to guesthousu in Naypyidaw and already around midnight, making sure, stay for free – because it promised me – I could stretch my bones

I did not plan a visit to the nation's capital, but I have to say, that although it was a cursory ride, the whole thing still impressed me. I was driving through the giant, four-lane streets, ABSOLUTELY EMPTY streets. I passed neat parks, where employees looked after the greenery, temples, shelters, playgrounds for children - the first and only, I've seen in this country (though it was Japan that I'd have put your tent there). And no people. well , there were even bus stops and telephone booths! But who were they serving?

In the morning it turned out, I slept in a set on several acres of park Minatur - there were thumbnails of all the tourist attractions of Myanmar, plenty of benches, places to rest, pub and ... Zero visitors. Also moved here from Yangon Zoo. As I read somewhere, Local comedian after grub, that "all animals are going to Naypyidaw" (an allusion to relocating politicians to the new capital) was thrown into prison.

Do cholery. This city was built for heavy money, in secret and v 2005 The capital was moved here from Rangoon. All ministries and offices have been moved here, and their employees still do not want to move here permanently and on weekends they return to the old capital in the south of the country. Imagine a situation, that in Poland, somewhere near, say, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, they are building a new city the size of Warsaw?

NayPyiDaw and a uniform escorting me to the train station

Only in NayPyiDaw I could afford to ride the middle of the four-lane artery.. while in the company of police, because when I opened the window at 6 am, they were waiting for me. Therefore, I went straight to the train station because I decided not to bother his person more local services and do not extend your stay. I got the train to Bago. I am now an 4 days' journey to the border with Thailand and 26 February, I intend to enter there on the last day of the visa validity.

And everything is known

And by the way - nor my British, nor familiar Japanese, którzy są teraz rowerami w Birmie nie mieli problemów z policją. I heard, that men prefer blondes, but to so? 🙂

Tymczasem na koniec miesiąca w Birmie czeka mnie jeszcze odwiedzenie kilku tutejszych atrakcji, w tym dziś jednej z największych symboli Myanmaru – świętej skały Golden Rock. Yeah!

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Myrrh 24 February 2014 - 18:18

After a long break again happy to read a chapter of your novel thriller- cycling. Photo of a fisherman on a boat on a background of mountains – artistic revelation. Is in Thailand will not be too boring? I'm thinking only.

ewcyna 25 February 2014 - 00:26

I have more pictures but I do not know why the most common is klipot their umiesxczaniem.
I tez mam Taka refleksje, that after Burma is already boring will..

PiotrK 25 February 2014 - 13:13

Every place has something to zaoferownia, just sometimes you find the charm, and sometimes pushes himself to us. Recently I read an account of Thailand. reportedly a super road and going well. Well, Internet access should be easier. Recently it has already thought, if you do not have to organize search action. Stay, in the future it loperamide intestinal problems and antibiotic, sometimes it is enough 1 – 2 dose)

ewcyna 26 February 2014 - 15:34

This will report briefly, that safely got to the Thai, wallows in luxury or pure guestousie nice for the price several times lower than in Burma, and I'm going to sit on my ass a few days, take a break, catch up blogowo-Internet and above all to plan where and which way to go. What'll notify you of course.
Peter- Loperamide always gave advice, but not this time.. but there's no thread to pull the drug..

Monika 26 February 2014 - 18:54

Cudownie 😀 Nie moge sie doczekac relacji i mam nadzieje, ze nie bedzie nudno 🙂

Monika 27 February 2014 - 14:12

Te japonki do mundurów u panów policjantów cudne 😀

zofia 27 February 2014 - 15:24

I am very happy, that we have found, always my heart trembles a little, as longer silent. Have a wonderful trip, jealous, I was just strolling by the sea at spring weather, greet Sophia


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