Niigata and night frolics

by Ewcyna

W mieście Niigata, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, smell of big city. I met there with the familiar Japanese Kaoru, Which one jchala rode almost 4 godziny w jedną stronę z rodzinnego miasta Kanazawa, which had earlier visit, ale mi się zmieniły plany.. Zeszło nam na pogaduchach do 16tej, wiec już nie ruszałam w trasę i na drugi nocleg (pierwszy był w przystacyjnym hotelu) w ramach oszczędności poszłam na nadmorski skwerek. Skwerek był de facto placem zabaw w ramach dużego kompleksu sportowego. Na placu zabaw jak to na placu zabaw, były huśtawki i inne ustrojstwa, and the whole reign impressive castle Gargamel. Dla mnie zaś ważne było to, ze za morze mam w odległości 50 meters and noise will sway me to sleep. Above all, I like the atmosphere.
But instead of blissful lullabies night I had enough …varied. To my surprise first approximately 22 nd he appeared teenage girl in the park and seemed to be delighted to pohuśtania… Already it surprised me, I have not seen here in Japan teenagers tangled the streets in the late evening (but all in all I can at this time rather not Cry). Isa was surprised, however, a lot of flex more, when another couple arrived at the place for the same purpose around 2 am in the night. This time I decided to ask them politely, But that changed a seat on a little further. Were very surprised, when someone came out of the tent. Perhaps they thought, As I have already several others of their countrymen, that in this place there is an exhibition tents, in this case, specifically a.
This place probably serves not only children to have fun, but as you can see is a favorite night a seat for lovers of teenagers in Niigata. Nightingales will not hear what is true, but in the end we have the month of May and is doing her in matters of the heart. So in the morning, too pohuśtałam.

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