Pacific Coast

by Ewcyna
Pacific coast shikoku
religie w japoniiPacific coast shikoku

It's seven o'clock in the morning, and here in the tent sounded “good morning”!. And so there was no doubt again “good morning”! I mean, we slept, but the devil ki? I open the tent and there is a guy in front of me with a dog at his feet and said for the third time “good morning”! And then another showing in the sky “sunshine”!

Well yes, rightly. The sun is shining, What are we doing here?

Not for the first time, we are pleased to be awakened by lokalsów, however, usually this is done differently – revolve around the tent in the morning and roll discussions, that does not belong to the discrete. Once even some “petenci” spent under our tents around. 1,5 hours, starting at 5.30, because then gets up day and older Japanese have before dawn walks out into the. A few days ago while on 5.40 I heard a strange knocking uniform. I open the tent to see what it could be, and there's an old man 2-3 meters from my tent knocking the marbles, Such a variation of the morning round of golf.. It's, that was a lot different around the grass.. wiocznie near my tent was better. Well, but in the end we were there that we were intruders. All, however, are always very friendly.

In our travels around Shikoku won variant lajtowy and follow along the Pacific coast, because of the hills you will have plenty of, and all praised the coast. I actually, Japan as the beaches are nice and my first time in three weeks go on (almost) flat and to accompany us for quite a while nice bike path coastal strip.

Also admire the ways of doing something with the product marketing. In fact, it is difficult to judge me now, or something that is described as 'excellent' and have any “most” is that, in fact, and if it's worth there or elsewhere push? The Japanese will go there, where they indicate. These beaches, we pass are often more beautiful than Katsurahama near Kochi, and there were dozens of tourists. “Here is the most beautiful sunset”, “shoot here” and this type of information appears quite often. I was intrigued by a sign saying “lovers sanctuary”.. What is it? Checked. This beautifully arranged benches overlooking the sea. Must be romantic, ot co!

It is the end of April and, as in Poland, begins here has just a long weekend, picnic, here called Golden Week. This is one of the two weeks of the year, when the Japanese compulsory and mass leave to rest. The holidays are made up Emperor's birthday, Constitution Day (note- also 3 May!) green day, Children's Day and the day of something else. It's the holidays so much, that fill the whole week the turn of April and May.

Well, and we are now for the first time as a guest of Toyama, boyfriend organization warmshowers, or cyclists for cyclists. Toyama originated from Tokyo, driven half of the world on a bicycle, and finally settled in the south of Shikoku and operates a farm. To the right was ciekwaie takes to help people from all over the world, Now here is Yoko Japanese and American Scott. In the end we were able to find a few things. E.g. – what these troubling us yelling quite often and different times siren? Because I have a craving to take to his heels. But the siren? – we got the answer. Mermaids are like the earthquake.. So I do not know, whether we survived so many of these earthquakes, because I do not feel anything and they really sirens howl from a few days several times a day ..?

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Asia 27 April 2013 - 11:51

maybe a little bit more about Toyama and the organization? 🙂 zaciekawiło mnie to. I understand, this time without a problem in English You could have to get along? I greet!

ewcyna 6 May 2013 - 04:02

Toyama is the organization, generally found, cyclists who Travel Association, people offer bed and warm shower or shower ghoracy, because this is what dreams Aug. most from. Usually. There are not too many warmshowerow in Japan, at least on my route.

Mira Boat 27 April 2013 - 21:16

Toyama- This is only the second Japanese cyclist mentioned by? The first was the previously mentioned. That's how it is
of rowerowaniem tourism among Japanese? Toyama is the exception, that went beyond the boundaries of their own town? You meet them on the way, if you were the only zrowerowanymi turystkami?
That's another question at the end of. Will Japan be broken tent anywhere? Of course, do not take into account the squares surrounding government buildings.

ewcyna 6 May 2013 - 04:04

Myrrh, This actually almost a month there I met cyclists, outside 3 and were always exceptions to the Japanese. The brilliant idea in August we passed on the highway by 3-4 days. And once he traveled Toyama, and now grows tomatoes.. As for breaking up in August in Japan, writes in the next thread..


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