Wulkan Aso

by Ewcyna

Raz na wozie, raz pod wozem. Dziś na przykład przez kilka godzin bylyśmy pod wozem. Nie za bardzo szło nam znalezienie miejscówki na nocleg, zatem już praktycznie po ciemku trafiłyśmy na jakiś przyjemnie wyglądający trawiasty teren, co prawda za jakimś łańcuchem, ale postanowiłyśmy zaryzykować. Wszystko byłoby dobrze, ale rano się rozpadało. I padało coraz mocniej. I nie wiem jak to jest, ale z tych azjatyckich ulew natychmiast robią się potopy. Nie byłyśmy teraz bynajmniej na zadnym polu ryzowym, a po godzinei tego lania znowu woda zaczęła nas podtapiać. Nastapiła ewakuacja na tarasik domku kempingowego, because as it turned out we were in a disused center. I just obymyślałysmy game plan for the near future and here it came Grandfather. Grandfather was very upset and probably even cried. Do not know, or thought, that camped there for a few days or something, In any event, he began ringing up somewhere and have already seen our future bleak. Grandfather did not give us even wait downpour was just waiting for it to pack up and evacuate. We now know for sure, that land to private wyglądająch must avoid like the plague. Thus causing the formation muddy feet, all grimy, wet and whatever else we came to the desk to find lodgings and he told the dry. Luckily we found a really nice accommodation, where the lady owner of the cloth to provide this to us, take a water hose and let half the yard to clean our goods. We have offered you, to take us to admire the sunrise, but zrezygnowalysmy.

But the day had just begun, that, and that cleared up we could go enjoy the volcano Aso.
And it was really something to admire. Caldera volcano is the largest in the world (so at least give the Japanese, her circuit (ie in simplifying the banks of the crater) more than 120 km and a diameter of 25-30 km. In the middle are 4 volcanic cones. While in the middle of all of it does not know, just being on top of the mountain, you see it. The entrance to the crater viewpoint depends on the emission of smoke and wind power. Everywhere arrived sulfur, and the views are truly lunar. We were lucky, that it was shortly after our arrival made available tour.

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