On the train

by Ewcyna

No, there'll be a super-fast shinkansenie, but the journey is a unique experience, but this time as we know it by bike.
This morning I got thinking. Since the last resting passed 2,5 week and my four letters rebelled. They did not want to move and get on the bike. The decision was made - staying, but due to the forecasted rain the next day should result in another day and wait. Well, but oh well.. A seat was perfect - in the parking lot located on the edge of a forest recreation park with a golf course, tent (I did not like) and an old railroad car with a locomotive standing here probably for the museum. Large stand with sinks even suggested, it is a place suitable for camping – already met the pre-.
I went into town to shop and on arrival I found the tent card.. something is wrong here probably. Immediately afterwards appeared ia what if you translate, this can not be here for a break.. tent can not stand here and now. That there on the hill is a non-smoking environment.. accommodation in a house that costs 2000 yen, in the tent 500 yen.. but here - and he took me on the train station - you can sleep for free.. it is not difficult to guess, What was my decision, especially in the face of impending rain. A car you are completely different from our, because they are the only places lying, and indeed one large area for lying. So therefore once looked trains in Japan and I, it's a great patent.
In the meantime, you perform some phones firmly into the boss and after some time, a second man in a suit and the mask on the face (half the nation wears the mask) - Surely this was the boss. We filled in a document, probably account, because a value of 0 yen. I wonder if they had a box "sleeping in an old railway carriage", and also has been created especially for me.
You probably first apologize for the inconvenience brought me there were sweets and crackers, and you have a second (boss?) leaflet about the town and its surroundings, and wished a pleasant stay asking, how much time is going to be. Because they clean up every day in the car.. I expressed my surprise at this fact, but he answered, that tomorrow, in principle, it does not have to clean.
I liked this car, but as I started getting a little rush I found, to wait only, until it stops raining.

It rained quite properly, So there sat the, and at noon the next day to ask the gentlemen came, if everything was ok and if there's anything I do not need. And I do not need to rush. But then ceased to pour, So I left this friendly range.

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Mira Boat 18 June 2013 - 22:58

Wagon without seats seems very practical, because many more people there will – this time. And after two- no one no one has to give way to the lookout and evaluate the movements of the body and small gestures that, which intends to release the 'passwords
( I came to this perfection). A lie down in pustawym tram on the way home after work- I have often wished I. But I guess I will not dare……..

ewcyna 26 June 2013 - 15:15

evaluate the gestures.. he he rozśmieszyłaś me. Like a scene from “Day of the Wacko”


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