Uzbekistan. The story of one accident

by Ewcyna

Zip zaciąganego brake quickly and effectively wakes me out of rhythm pedałującego. There is no time to look in the mirror, think or run right or whether or not the left - a whole chicken in a deep and wait for a second, what will happen. Hit me in the car or maybe miss?
He gave advice to bypass. Hit the back, I'm flying over the handlebars, even in self-preservation reflex ball in a ball and I grab his head, to protect her.. (what would obviously rather it did not work).
Dziewoczka, ty kak? You have to go to the hospital! On the ill-fated car runs out of two men. Shakedown on asphalt, macam head, whole, rather rest.. I think everything about me, He decelerated.. no I do not want the hospital for now, I do not want to go anywhere because who will take care of these things, Police, need the police - call us!

Hospital! Police, now, already! I call ambulance, let someone come to document it somehow.. This is after all an accident. The bike is, Rear wheel deleted, bags scattered.. Hospital! Police!
I do not know what it's all about, but no one does not want to call the police. What is going on here?
I sit on the tarmac, the sun shines in the face, and squats beside me young, not tall man. Driver.
Please, dziewoczka, Do not call the police. I will cover all, all damages, bike fix, only without the police.. I am a good man.
But you have to call the police after.
In my head I have some scraps of information, with insurance, with procedures, papers, a stamp needed…
And then I see the tears. his tears. This man is crying. Like a man crying, and . well something is very on top of things.
Already they called - he says. M to prisonno cage, kare nałożą, driving license taken away.. She wipes tears and is very sad.
Looking forward. I do not know what to do, little couple walk down with me. Asphalt does not burn, I sit on and I have no idea.. who to notify? I sat in Tashkent and Fergana few days because the rain and cold, and until his legs to finally move.. today at the same time the sun came out beautiful, I have already been 20 km for Tashkent, He made plans for where and how to go.. and now.. on the edge of what is known to break down these plans now. Fortunately, I'm fine, thank you Lord God, but ..
Telephone. I have to phone after Rita. But leaving the Tashkent calling card is not charged, I had to do it in the nearest town.. eh, or net, or call. .as it does not charm..
Can I call you from your phone?
I'm calling. Rita from Ferghana in southern Uzbekistan, yet known in Kyrgyzstan, of which is seen recently.. Rita.. what can I do, what was done in such cases? Well, now it's me and the tears begin to fly.
Rita consoles, but can not really help. Call Peter's father, Ewa.
Well enough, Father Peter of Samarkand, od Franciszkanin 20 ministers in the years Uzbiekistanie, the soul of man..
So, Ewa, good day! I hear in the handset. So, when you are in Samarkand?
Yep, I am in Uzbekistan, just to please his father is such a problem.. .. What should I do?
Are you OK? To najważniejsze. Phone the consul, the embassy have? No? I'll call him immediately.
calling consul. Yep, arrive as soon as possible.
Looking forward.
How he succeeded? I think. Big, Outgoing wide tour of the city, now 20 km further, traffic is not too big, at the moment of impact was not driving any other car. No. Only as the passenger car, I saw coming up in the distance from the side at an angle subordinate 30%, but it was so far away, I decided to ride with. I was driving just stuck to the waist on the right, so how he did it? He could not see at all unless, He shot from the back.

The way in Tashkent – the scene
The car of the embassy is filled to the brim. three people. Driver, consul and embassy employee. today, Saturday, but they happened to be at work and feuds had to go home, and here phone me, they came all. No niefart.
There is also a police. I do not speak Russian you control with traffic police, such zonk. only Uzbek.
some findings, who is guilty? Yep, driver admits, It is the culprit accident 100%. Although many.
Bike and damaged pouch (torn hook) you have to give a deposit, car perpetrator also. Is Saturday. Civil case will be held on Wednesday. If you confess, I do not have any "blame" as they call it here, the driver will apply a penalty, but he will not have a criminal case and left his driving license.
We talk about the Uzbek reality. Calling the police is the worst gorszość, why so long they waited this. Almost never does not do. The degree of corruption is unprecedented, and the police at the forefront. I see traffic police seeded at almost a kilometer, They stop cars, always something to attach a.. Mr. authority has the power. They will rot to the fallen man. Press down a massive punishment - on paper a little, for the state to fall miserable ochłapek, the rest goes into the pockets. All you have to pay after the other, anyone who can draw a paw. Therefore Uzbekistan perpetrator and victim frequently get on and handled by the matter in its scope - it's easier for everyone.
Medical care.. you have to pay for everything. ambulances? sometimes, but in larger cities, generally there is not what you count, brings the patient to the hospital yourself. Doctors good, educated, just do not have the cure. "Lots of luck you had Lady Eve" I hear again.
Wednesday need to repair a bicycle. Where, how..? The bike took, I do not know, or just went wheel or something else ... etc derailleur. Model Koga World Traveller, Armored wheel rim, size 28 on 40 spokes, not to enter as it turns out, so far, ok. 40 000 km and never once did not even require centering.

But even hospital, we have to go to the hospital for examination. And it's not a hospital in Tashkent just another, local, because it's outside the city and was valid zoning.
Hospital.. oh yeah. No ok, I've seen worse. We're going, we are waiting. The doctor operates. today, Saturday, a lot of accidents. A woman enters with a child in her arms, the child does not move. Pulls the car screeched, someone shouts, help, pulling a man from the back seat, the hands, on stretcher, unconscious.. another car, man gets out. bent arm raised.. hand, where is the hand?
O mother. What am I doing here, I do not. But you need, police orders. Arrives another power. The protocol we list in the Infirmary.
What are my education? Do you have a family? How much time I am in Uzbekistan? Where I lived so far in Uzbekistan? A hotel reports, Please. (Subject reported data records describe yet). Passport opened the 20th time. I ask how is my education to the circumstances of the accident? Instead offender case I am subjected to meticulous questioning.
And the doctor is, X-ray.. skull in order, small certificate, you can go.
Back to the hostel, sleep. It's hard to sleep. Be repaired bicycles? Where, what if? Is there anything you can buy? Import from Europe? I am a total foot in technical matters, but fortunately fejsbuka and forum members with not only help. Thank you all.
With the perpetrator of the accident I was in contact. Lives in Angren, it is some 100 km from Tashkent. He knows about bikes as much as anything, and although the old, it comes out worse. The next day arrives with a friend, We go to the bazaar, everything you buy in the bazaar.. apparently not everything, rim no good. Bicycle shops dialin, but will be open tomorrow. The Angren found a bicycle mechanic, What it boils bikes from Germany. He has reportedly matching the rim, we drive? I do not know what I gave a ride to persuade Angren. The mechanic was extremely pleasant, but he had only old, used bikes. Perhaps because of good quality German, but podrdzewiałe, the years of 30 They were.. no sense, or I'm picky. I have to stay just in Angren, przyjmję invitation from the perpetrator of the accident. In a small apartment block, cichutka tiny wife, terrified, dinner treats.. child eye 6 summer feuds went to school.. only glances. The second was a small grandparents, not to disturb. I get a room at the disposal of spouses. Well, not poured in the house. It is a strange feeling to sleep in case the perpetrator, moreover, in his bed. From all forget, I also can not go back and check in at the hotel Tashkent without registering for the previous day (b hotel does not accept) - thus leaving in the morning we go to the hotel in Angren, where the offender pays for the hotel slips a normal price for the room. I could just sleep there, no sense.
We return to Tashkent. With the informants Fejsbuka Alexei dialin, cycling gold handle. He works in a shop in the largest bicycle DI Sports in the capital of Uzbekistan, we go there with the police wybłaganym deposit a damaged wheel. Alexei not to be talkative, but that is not the point, probably knows his stuff. states, should be enough to mention the rim, the rest - hub, spokes looks fine. What hoop? Sure, there is nothing on 40 spokes. Experience 36 or not, AUTHOR take on crossa 32 - the only possibility. We'll see if the roll will be.. as it does not order a new representative Kogi, but the most important thing, to be able to roll on..

We arrive tomorrow. Tomorrow, or Tuesday. The last day of the settlement of the case before the visit to the police.
Tuesday. circle made, But to finish repair, you must have a bike yet. Adjust the wheel. A bicycle is deposited somewhere 20 km from Tashkent.
"My" driver which drives every day Dilshod Angren, 100 km one way. He has to call as you will, together we will go to a mechanic.
17ta, I'm getting nervous, because I do not have any information from him. In the end rings. Ewa, begged bike with deposit, but I can not znalexc car, that it takes! I can hear the voice of despair. Your bike is big, it does not fit in (I told him surely). A mechanic Alexei said with a need to come to 17.30. ..
Dilshod, but what I will help you?! - and, foreigner, in addition, not being on the spot? This is really the last hours on the bike, tomorrow morning the matter to the police. How not to be done is to give you the wrong end. Do what you can, who you have to pay, Alexei call and beg him, to wait and did the bike later.. Dilshod a good jack, but I think it exceeded all, it had to be properly potrząchnąć. So please – the car was, Alexei also be persuaded. Repair garage evening time, a ok. 20I'm doing this test drive.

even purse. Dilshod he made a model of the handle on the hook, somehow twisted, somehow he is holding up and even I'm happy.
Wednesday. The case will be held in the village outside of that Tashkent. No one will come after me, Dilshod because he is not only pollinate the bus, therefore, go by taxi, minibus and local PKS. Thank you ladies for-such as Russian. Goes. It also gave the delegation from the Polish embassy in Tashkent - ambassador, consul, You no translator and driver. I feel completely taken care of, but is shrunken Dilshod, tiny, almost transparent, absolutely overwhelmed company.

Dilshod, It will be fine speech, seeing the light in the tunnel.
So..? It corresponds to something like unconvinced smiling wanly.
In all it liked that boy. We were on links quite extensively by the 4 days.
It had previously been established, the repair of repair, but the cost of the damaged rim is much higher, than to repair worn parts, So the perpetrator has to pay the difference to me. I see, as calling upon colleagues, to borrow the money.. 100 dollars is for him a whole monthly salary. OK, Disod, OK, you do not need to pay extra. So..? he asks incredulously.
The case does not want to end fast. again hospital, even otarliśmy about dissecting, some phones, and the autopsy protocol .. Mrs. writes something there, but you have to wait for the official paper.. 2 days! Or even tomorrow. People, I already want to go from here, I can not sit here in the infinity inside, run.. Representatives of the embassy intervene, godiznie protocol after less than a hand. Zapakowuję some miracle the car and set off the embassy.

Esteemed team of Polish embassy in Tashkent

In the morning I pack on the bike again and choosing another route and now again I plan to Uzbekistan. Cut, short, but it is of little importance, will support the train. The bottom line, jade that further. Only at every sound the horn, each creak vehicle brake dies.

On the way to Samarkand

*And finally, a few words about the habits of the road in Uzbekistan - I like this country for many things, but driver behavior is the worst I've ever seen. The case was deteriorating local customs "Taxi" and it really catching way - so each car is a local "taxi" and taking someone driving a car on the way to the shortcomings of local transport. In practice, therefore, it looks like this, that people are standing on the roadside streets, whether in or outside the cars and race against them stop, ewentalnie to "catch" the passenger, ktróy going in the same direction. What does this mean for the driver and the cyclist more? Because you never know when your car, two or three it wymin, stop suddenly right in front of your bike, and several more behind him. Wymijanka-free American. No directional lights. Hands on the brakes and the eyes of non-stop around the head and a few stronger words reference drivers to hell. Coming roads each, literally every day saw a serious car accidents. Be careful, because no one behind you, do not do this. Fortunately, I was able.

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Mira Boat 16 December 2017 - 21:10

God watches over the brave (not to mention the embassy). And fortunately…………

zofia 17 December 2017 - 09:30


Anna 17 December 2017 - 10:25

lady Eve, Fortunately, that nothing had happened Ms.. All the best.

Ewcyna 17 December 2017 - 11:20

Absolutely yes! unless a miracle. Regards

Anna 17 December 2017 - 12:20

I also warmly greet Mrs.. I read travel reports, They are super interesting. I admire the courage , perseverance.

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