by Ewcyna

Japanese people care about the environment.
In public places in Japan, there are no trash bins. There is and has. The toilets, stores, and already the streets certainly do not uwidzisz. That is to say, even in a large amount, but only a waste cans or segregowalne, paper, glass and have an appropriately profiled holes, yes, to any other Rubbish was not hit. How so once stood and pondered before gallery 6 baskets (in a single tray and the second tray cover), every where to throw a guy showed me rather irritated right place . I may not dropped where you do not need. It was yet another basket for dirty trays. By the way, where to get the clean ejection?
In the morning we drive to pobiwakowymi śmietkami sometimes half a day because there is simply no where to throw it. Recently, in desperation after a meal podsklepowym Sophy took our bundles, returned to the store where Isa bowed before the clerk and, of course, with respect and with both hands handed her our dare, if conveyed the gift of peace, Said clerk every unblinking respectfully, smile and took it with both hands.
We decided, it's a way out.
We wondered to what's going on Zocha, until finally there after we came across awareness information: We are sorry but we do not trash facilities popup. Please Dipos appropriately. And then one more "illegal dumping and vandalism prohibited. Penalty: not more than 5 years imprisonment or fine of not more than 5 million yen. "
So, in free translation "does not provide trash bins. Do with them what you want: chew and przezujcie / Put yourself / Seize the house .. but do not leave them here. Whoever fails to comply with the ban will be fined not more than 5 years in prison or a fine of not more than 10 million yen.
The words "no more" sounds very optimistic after all, but since then the closer we look, no wrapper to each other not to leave.
After talking with Toshio already know, where they come clean trays. Just be sure to wash them before you discard and dry. Just as cans and bottles.
Ps. 2.
I also already, that my assumptions are correct - garbage produced in the city or in the outdoors to bring with you to the house and processed for disposal. Photographic documentation attached

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