Bike on the train in Japanese

by Ewcyna

It can even wash some information about the bicycle carrying trains in Japan. In Poland, is about the river, know - it all depends on the type of train and the conductor. Here, the case is simple - when folded bike may not be transported by train. And it is no surprise and pain and.
Arriving at midnight same Devises Wakkanai Hokkaido to further the route and thought about eventuality run over by train track route if needed. I knew, the bike should shove your bag, I end this my Ruthenian, but a large poster at the station but inside my head the idea.. This resulted in the, to take a bike from the train not just put it in a bag.. practically have to be folded in four, and to sit still for this, knead and flatten. Yep, this is true, bikes in Japan are divided into city with shopping carts and lightweight, Folding racer and a saw were transported, but that until such discrimination for trekking!
Poster also suggested, that dogs can not be transported on trucks to dolls, lap, in baskets and on the back. Given the widespread praise here for small dogs, which is usually seated on his lap I see leading car owners, I do not think these bans for exaggerated.

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