Rest-day in Kochi

by Ewcyna

Today we expect a little bit unexpectedly dropped us rest-day or day of rest. Suddenly, because I planned, a longer wait because we knew a few days, by on Tuesday evening and Wednesday is to pour, and that all the weather forecasts for now here to check in 100% and the exception was not (by the way is a phenomenon). He enjoyed only fact, just that we reached the largest and most pleasant cities in the south of the island of Shikoku, ie. Kochi, and that no further in the same town we found it just as nice hostel, So the reasons for satisfaction was more than enough. According to the forecast, it rained cats and dogs, therefore, necessarily uniknęłyśmy the next flood in tents.
Kochi actually turned out to be a nice, a thriving town, in which all sides were attacking us cyclists represented mainly by young people of school age. In Kochi also has a castle, and although we decided early on the, disappointed in Kumamoto castle which turned out to be a pretty only from the outside, the castles in Japan thanks, However, this provision złamałyśmy. Castle in Kochi is one of the only 12 preserved in the original castles in the country.

Actually – was made of wood and not concrete as the latter. And so it was not, shoes you had to leave before the. What saves the museum house slippers, because each uses only his socks.

In the evening, the hostel skusiłyśmy served here for dinner. It was difficult to convince Zocha, I was going through the day, that will give us the raw fish, and she does not eat, and the need to ask her in the kitchen it usmażyli. Somehow I managed to convince her, kichy did not do so and went with the flow, because it is the original Japanese cuisine and skipjack tuna is a local specialty, so you might want to try it. Bonito as the name suggests, it turned out to be a delicious dish, fish from the outside even slightly opiekają and for that we had with 6 bowls with other Japanese specialties. All of it was delicious and I'd love to just ate every day. Well, because of the cost can not be.

Tomorrow the road again, although further route is still debated. We choose to go through the wilderness – or the mountains, including tens of kilometers upstream and then down several, or longer, but along the coast. We'll see how it will be. Weather forecasts in any case, are beneficial, and our batteries recharged.

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Mira Boat 25 April 2013 - 21:37

Girls, what a pity,the soon to separate. Too bad, because Sophie would lose half of Japan and Eve a great traveling companion, because Sophie's reluctance to raw fish is not yet too much wykroczeniem.Póki at- greet and look out for further relations. PS. You praise other countries … and yet last week also forecast for Lodz be checked…..almost 80%.

ewcyna 26 April 2013 - 11:00

Myrrh, 80% a major achievement. But seriously, We do not know what's going on with this forecast. Sprawdzmay on 4-5 days forward and checks to the letter. Maybe it is, that this island? In any event, we are pleased with recent forecasts, I expected a light rain on Tuesday and Thursday only at large.
Well, what about the separation, will not ckniło, more the merrier and Sophie is very patient. Maybe even to describe…?


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