Burn up, burning forests

by Ewcyna

I was warned before the, in March in the mountainous regions of many Southeast Asian countries Wschodnej forests burn and smoke is a nuisance, but this, what this experience can not be described. In northern Laos, just as it was in northern Thailand burns almost every piece of land. At noon, when the heaven shall shine in the sky is red ball. All drowning in gray, smoke haze, eyes sting in the air in addition to the smell of burning are flying black fafrocle.

Today's storm in the night, fortunately, some cleared the air, but far from transparency.

Incredible. This all supposedly so, to clear the land and prepare for crops, but what can be planted on slopes 70% you really do not know. I have a feeling, it was brutal tradition and only “Art for art's sake”.

I do not understand, I do not understand even very.

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Myrrh 3 April 2014 - 22:54

With the burning of forests is indeed a strange thing. You can not smoke grass due to human security in Laos Do not afraid of losing control of this element as fire? Obviously this is a rhetorical question.
Eve, or if already nakręciłaś policzyłaś kilometers? You're doing yourself a note?

ewcyna 4 April 2014 - 02:55

I wondered, too, if these people are not afraid to, whether the fire overtakes their homes. But apparently not.

He has made almost 5000 km, but I do not do detailed notes.


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