Patchwork fields in Furano and Biei

by Ewcyna
Hokkaido by Ewcyn's bike

Przewodniki rozpływają się nad pięknem krajobrazu centralnego Hokkaido, in particular, over the region of cities Furano and Biei. Wzgórza otaczające te miejscowości należą do szczególnie malowniczych i są widokiem dość nietypowym w Japonii, dlatego należy tu przyjechać i zrobić zdjęcia.
One day I decided to have some fun in the Japanese tourism and follow the route described in the flyers. Pani w informacji turystycznej ułatwiła mi sprawę dokładnie mazakiem nakreślając gdzie i w którą stronę należy skręcić, aby uzyskać najlepszy widok.
Widok na: … samotne drzewo.. dwa samotne drzewa.. trzy drzewa, that look like a family.. number of trees that have occurred in the advertising of cigarettes Mild Tobacco.. tree, which resembles a Christmas tree…
The tourism marketing in Japan has repeatedly wrote, but that's me overwhelmed. if someone came up with us to this, Map to describe the access to the trees, assuming, this is not a Bartek oak?!
I gave up on finding trees, although it was not difficult because they are everywhere in the arrows. Riding on the hill was really nice and it is sufficient. And it views as linked in the Beskids overlooking the mountains is another matter.
However, the, a tourist has to be a full fledged I went to the zoo in Asahikawa, which is considered one of the best in Japan. Do not know much about this type of attractions and altogether I do not like animals in cages… but, but it was not that bad.
Having finished the tour, I found a place to stay on the riverside boulevards wondering what's going on in the middle of the week in a large park on the opposite side of the river. There were lots of stalls and as you might guess more people. Today I learned, that in this way worshiped some sad event of World War II, a battle, which took place in the vicinity of Asahikawy. That's one way.
No and I'm setting off to conquer the last section, What separates me from the northern cape of Japan and Russia pomachania – this time with the other side.

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Mira Boat 6 June 2013 - 22:05

Now read “en bloc” Your impressions of the trip ( a break in the reading I'll explain in August in the mail) and of course, I paid particular attention to the story of Kou 25 May. God! As well as a teacher in Poland. 8 holidays- poor! Is there no trade unions, or what( For example, PNA)???????
He immediately put me in August humor and tomorrow I marched skipped to school with wonderful conviction, that I have in paradise.
Most look forward to the stories, where there is a vibrant Japanese man and follows the thread of social agreement.
Kou and his family were great.
Yours sincerely

ewcyna 7 June 2013 - 01:03

Myrrh! Verily I'd wanted to make more contacts with lokalsami, but coz, .. without language skills can not be August. They often are very friendly, talks, but it besides a few basic phrases and words I do not understand and what they already starting to be annoying and sad really do not know the word in English. No matter whether old or young, or village or city.
Kou is doing a lot, to contact utryzmywac language, meets with foreigners, who live in the city. His dream is to live outside Japan. His family and he still invite me c though I was not the way we see.

Mira Boat 7 June 2013 - 23:02

Eve! So what language I'm learning Japanese at school? What May election?

ewcyna 7 June 2013 - 23:24

From what I know angielskii mandatory for many years…I think nothing else but maybe I can podpytać Kou. I myself do not Lew, so learning these kids do not know how. and I see children in school uniforms on weekends – Saturday, niedizele.. all the time. Even what I asked. It seems to, to have compulsory school activities such as. Physical. Anyway, I'm always youths in yards and fields until late. More than once I'd already smashed the tent and they run and biagają…:)


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