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by Ewcyna

registration report Uzbekistan

Uzbek reality, although small steps moving towards wider normality is still full of surprises and a number of absurdities, and it is one of the main obligation of registration. As, the adventures associated with it variety to my stay in Uzbekistan and kept us forget about ourselves continuously and as, I have a lot of questions about this topic I devote a separate entry with his practical species - can someone come in handy.

What in general is the obligation of registration / registration?

This is a record of law constituting the, that a foreigner residing in Uzbekistan in the destination should every night spend (or check in / sign up) hotel / hostel. Further, as in China or Burma must be the hotel, which is licensed to accept foreigners, because many locals can only sleep (Price for foreigners will be roughly twice). Theoretically, therefore, different coachsurfingi fall and stay with people or in a tent in the proverbial bushes. Theoretically, because the interpretation of the above. provision for, moving the bike is already more leniently - due to the fact, However, not everywhere with such hotels are, You can check in (or sleep in the hostel / hotel) every third night. However, it looks like, that this is not only a right whispered written, Thus, the final interpretation depends on the person sitting at the front desk.

Places, where you really should every night without exception sign up at the hotel is the Fergana valley and the country's capital - Tashkent and Tashkent region. Fergana Valley is a special place under the supervision of the police and repeatedly passing through the check - pointy written down my passport data.

After spending the nights we will issue registration slips just called. I heard, that not everyone does it automatically, in my case it did - but you can always ask for it. Keep an eye on him like a hawk, without it can be variously.

What danger does not have a check in or interruption of their continuity (more than 3 nights spent outside the hotel)?

Firstly, not admitted to the next hotel.. Frequently at the hotel will be asked to slips of the last Accommodation. When you do not have it, or if you do not have continuity accommodation, or break in is greater than noclegach 3 night is almost 100% warranty, the hotel / hostel refuses to accept.

Secondly, when leaving border guards can check your hotel registrations. When you do not have appropriate, you risk punishment 1000 USD and threatened the same punishment entity, which exhibited an invitation to you. While the hotel will welcome you in spite of, say, 4 day break continuity accommodation, Jemuel theses threatened kara 1000 USD and withdrawal of licenses. Therefore hostel in Tashkent so took my reckless enough to admit stay "friends" in the Fergana valley and issued me a receipt false - because they were settling me an invitation. Registrations can also check the police at any time on pointe czeck. I also checked after the accident.

Well, district - what, I / my friend / dozens of other travelers transited through Uzbekistan and took it somewhere – The hotel can sleep in 2-3 times! And one of them did not want either in hotels or at the border!

Exactly. I heard it too, and I can still hear this information. In my case it was different, in your theses can be variously, because it looks like, it is a lottery. Probably best to stay in the whole Uzbekistan and describe stories day after day.. (It can be boring, but can someone help in understanding the subject and thought process)

October 2017

Route: Border w Osh – Andijan – Fergana (- my bike) – Taszkient (train) – Samarkanda (- my bike) – Urgencz – Chiwa – Buchara – Samarkanda (train, taxi) – Taszkient (- my bike)- trip to Kazakhstan proceeding Tashkent – Shimkent

Date Place accommodation How / History

1.10 crossing the border Andijan hotel (90 000 SUM – 12 USD)

2.10 When the Catholic Church Fergana

3.10 When the Catholic Church Fergana (weather breakdown, I do not really like to go)

4.10 Private house Fergana (still pouring, but the elevation of the land of the parish)

5.10 Taszkient Hostel Topchan. (10 USD). They were settling me an invitation to Uzbekistan, So they bear a kind of responsibility. When I call to them from Ferghana asking whether there will be trouble with a report on the 3 nights break, they tell me to come immediately from Fergana to Tashkent. They set me a receipt for the missing nights, expecting to pay for all accommodation, while I was. Finally, I pay for half, or two.

6.10 Taszkient Hostel Star (I move, because I Topchan because the hostel is noisy and crowded) 9 USD. Verify previous registrations

7.10 Tashkent Hostel Star - back there after the accident, supra.

8.10 Private house Angren. During the trip from Tashkent I have an accident. Spend the night in a private house in case the perpetrator. I recall that in Tashkent can not accept me, I'm calling 2-3 place - no receipt for last night no I do not accept. Therefore, we go to the hotel in Angra, where registrations buy the hotel for the price of a normal day in the hotel (100 000 SUM – ok 13 USD). Check first previous registrations

9.10 Tashkent Catholic Church in Tashkent - ultimately spend the night there thanks to the offer of help and hospitality brothers can rest after crossing the accident and handle matters related to the repair bicycle.

10.10 Tashkent Catholic Church in Tashkent

11.10 Tashkent Catholic Church in Tashkent

12.10 Syr Darya Tent. Leaving Tashkent I, I have the 3 night break, So I decide to try to buy registration for last night. One hostel refuses, the second proposes a price representing twice the normal rates, The third helps, but the registration is not the last, and the current night. So theoretically, I do not have to worry about for the next two days. The problem is that, stretching along the roadside, intersected by canals endless cotton fields I can not quite find a place for a tent. In a roadside small hotel receptionist refuses to accept me, because I have no continuity or receipts for each day of stay in Uzbekistan. He looks at me with piercing eyes asking "and where were you between 9 a 11 October..? Furthermore, really do not like her, I have the registrations on the current night (sgeruję mistake hostel) and does not respond to suggestions, I can somewhere with so perched on the side, a mat on the floor, because in the end you do not have to give me any registration today because I already have.. I even fear, he would call the police and wpędzi in trouble not only me, but hostel, I went on a hand, but eventually I manage to wash away. Fortunately, the road behind the hotel and find a field, where I break tent

13.10 Somewhere along the Tent

14.10 Jizzax Hotel. After negotiating the price falls to 120 000 SUM (ok. 16 USD). They do not ask for registration!

15.10 Somewhere along the way Tent

16.10 When the Catholic Church Samarkand

17.10 Samarkanda Hostel 9 USD. Despite the space at the rectory at night I go to the hostel, because I have not already registered two nights. Verify previous registrations

18.10 train Night Train relations Samarkand - Urgench. Please pick up your ticket from the conductor and stick, counts as accommodation

19.10 Chiwa Hostel 10 USD - here also do not ask for registration

20.10 Private house Urgench

21.10 Private house Bukhara

22.10 Private house Bukhara (before I call the hostel in Samarkand, if I accept, when I was 3 not two nights break in registrations. That's saying, the last chance, with a break over 3 nights certainly do not give advice

23.10 Samarkanda Hostel (I go to the hostel, though I stay at the rectory, but I need a registration). They want to see the last registrations. In the morning there is a Spanish cyclist, which goes from 5 days from the border unaware of the problem - my hostel and a few others did not accept

24.10 On the way home in a private family Tajik

25.10 Private house Jizzax. Although, the last is a big city has just some celebrations and perhaps in all 6 hotels are fully booked. One of the hotels is the place, but is not licensed to accept foreigners. The receptionist takes a very different theme and all around obdzwania, then finding no room for me.. calls to his sister and puts me there for the night

26.10 crated Hotel (without registration). after more than 100 km of road in the dark and control of border guards during the search space for a tent (because it is an area on the border with Tadzykistaniem) We get to town, where the hotel is, but no license. I am padnieta and ask for a piece of the floor. The owner comes and invites me to the hotel did not want any money Zan. Receipt but I will not have it.

27.10 Pskent Tent, although I am looking for there is absolutely no hotels in the area several dozen km before Tashkent

28.10 Tashkent Catholic Church. Controlling and calling for 3 hostels asking, if I take a break 4 days ciągłościach registration, but there is no. One of them suggests, I rode today and exceeded the boundaries for their own good. But it is already dark again and knock the request to the Franciscan brothers at Tashkent katadrze.

29.10 Departure from Uzbekistan Uzbek-Kazakh border between Tashkent and Shymkent. wild crowd, no separate transition can bike. The Sodom Gomorrah.

Border guard asks for my registration. Resigned, I give your file. The clerk puts them slowly and carefully one by one by date, including rail ticket. Asks the rest for the last days. I sweat flowing from his forehead, I do not have. Consult this fact with a colleague in the second and boxing .. Nails exit stamp. We managed to, but the vision was to pay a penalty close to - or I just thought.

To sum up - registration duty in Uzbekistan, however, I propose to not underestimate, although much depends on luck and chance. I did not hear about it, someone paid the penalty for failure to comply with the requirement, but the deportation case was recently described on forum Caravanistanu, where I suggest you consult the latest information in the subject line.

It is also possible, and I hope, that the new president of Uzbekistan will abolish soon as this absurd requirement of Soviet times.

And what you have experience in the subject?

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Mira Boat 29 December 2017 - 22:53

Eve, I wish you the least difficult moments in the journey and the most friendly people along the way, because you can see,the bureaucracy is not yet all been bewitched, which is simply a Happy New Year on the bike!

Gregory Wandzel 2 February 2018 - 17:19

Nice story.
And for those registrations / reports it pays, even if you do not spend the night?

Ewcyna 2 February 2018 - 17:24

Hi. You know what, it slips, who was staying overnight as it gets. Generally. But as I or are the others who could not / would not / missed sleeping in shelters authorized it might not ask for exposing fakes and do it for the pay as you can see. Hotels are generally not eager for such things because it is illegal and punishable.

Uzbekistan, oh, these colors! | Ewcyna 4 February 2018 - 11:29

[…] with registration tickets, he persecuted me until the very end of my stay in Uzbekistan, because on places, where he was very drawn to the attention. When leaving from […]


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