It's more fun in the Philippines

by Ewcyna

I came to the conclusion, że przygoda z dorożkowym naciągaczem była pozytywnym doświadczeniem. We had free obwózkę the manilskim Old City or Intramuros (although many places in Manila, eating lots of looks older ..), pozwoliłyśmy not be wyrolować and for that przebiegłyśmy is to stretch the bones after a long journey ... but especially now we have far more cautious. Same benefits.

Now, from the perspective of a cold shower when taken as a positive experience can be regarded as departure from Manila. So strong survival cycling has not had in my life. The road marked on the map as one of the major began to constrict and narrow.. surface wet and slippery bird droppings, we entered into a commercial zone Uliczno-and there are plenty of, even a swarm of people walking, pushing carts, wearing various miscellaneous. Everyone, however, squeezes his way, and as I can not defiance aggressively to other. Of course, all between vehicles of all kinds except for such, which are considered to be the standard in European countries. The local public transport is called. „jeepneye”, reminiscent of old American trucks, color and color, entraining likely to 20 osób. Whisk stop at a stop on tap in the bodywork. To this ubiquitous tricyclics, ie motorek or bike with a trailer on the side. Remarkable, how many people can fit there.

niiJeepneye czyli transport miejski w Manili

Pretty soon totally up zaklinowałyśmy. Ani w tą, ani w tamtą. Behind us the rope people with hope in his eyes, that the longer these bikes are cleaned out and they go. The only solution turned out to be half-hearted dismantle a booth, po to, we could squeeze through.

Manila dworzec
Dworzec w Manili

Pretty soon dostosowałyśmy to the prevailing driving conditions, ie. no heed to any such light if you've ever they appear, ride all the belts at the same time, evasive action to the right, the left and on the swivel. The aim is moving on. To give yourself the signals specifically took the bike home trumpet, because the bell can generally only pride to be here - but the trumpet, and so he can not. Zocha not once has not responded to it saying,, and so that everyone honking all at random, so it is no difference.

Filipinos are extremely smiling, friendly and welcoming, but the environment is frankly quite depressing, at least so far. It also seems, that, unfortunately, do not give advice to break the tent. This is why, with poorly is basically nothing, is just horribly dirty, and to the substrate in this climate is mainly wet and marshy. It smells damp and feces. Most of the local buildings like chicken coops.. - Well, I really can not find a better term.

Philippines bicycle

What, then, remains the issue of accommodation? Churches, and there are plenty here. Filipinos are very faithful and what I'm here just like.

This also was our first night on the road. Marriage pastors have provided us with living room in a local church, which, although based on the same books of the Old and New Testaments turned out not to be the Roman Catholic Church, the most common here. As, that today, Sunday was also the devotion, na którym z grzeczności zostałyśmy. Trwało aż trzy godziny i trochę zazdrościłam Zośce, ze wzięła ze sobą czytnik Kindle i sobie “the counter” urozmaicała reading time. Not without our presentation – there was an official welcome – we received asked to go to the center of the church, then every person found there came, to give us a hand.. At the end of your pastor asked only to us, if you want to be baptized now, if we want to even think about it.. Answered, that we are baptized total, but it may yet we consider.

Ewcyna Filipiny

For breakfast we got a bowl of boiled potatoes (the previous day asked me what we eat in Poland :), and the local specialties for dinner.

We left about 14.00 means, that before us some 2,3-3 hour drive, because the sun is now about 17.00. Thanks, that a local bridge is closed we were directed to the side of the road and we could finally relax from the howls of cars and the smell of exhaust. The road led mainly by rice field dikes.

rowerem przez filipińskie groble

Together the team that today zadecydowałyśmy accommodation must shower and air conditioning, I do not give advice. I mean, I think I do not give a more, Zocha he sleeps like the dead, but I have virtually no night there slept.. overpowering heat and noise, easier to read about it than when it comes to practice.

Therefore, we are looking for some sort of night and what it turns out? That all the local shrines of this type of – a odwiedziłyśmy jakieś sześć w dużym mieście o wdzięcznej nazwie San Fernando – rent rooms, but the hour. For this, all are equipped with one double bed, not because such a sum is used in rooms for hours. And we somehow do not desire to cuddle pałamy, me so sorry….;)  But in the end we found something.

Philippines bicycle

Password Philippine tourist organization is IT'S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.

Oh, yeah…! Definitely!

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Ewa 15 December 2013 - 16:42

I am happy, that additional entries are now more optimistic- trochę się zmartwiłam jak pisałaś o pierwszych wrażeniach z Manili-ale teraz już wszytko idzie a raczej jedzie w dobrym kierunku 🙂
as being the night in air-conditioning? 🙂
and what temperature you?
In Wroclaw, today was a moment 7 degrees and the sun shone strongly, że nawet bardziej wiosnę było czuć niż zimę 🙂

PiotrK 15 December 2013 - 17:30

Hi Girls,
By reading the blog, I felt like I was riding along with you. Word almost second Japan :). Everything has its charms and shadows. Something I feel, that the Philippines will be a super successful although at times difficult. Ewcia, do not stop writing. He's gonna be pretty good book.

ewcyna 16 December 2013 - 01:06

Air conditioning is a big word, but it was not so bad. Wywaliło me considerable herpes from those temperature changes. I do not know exactly how much is, but the worst is that the humidity, to that in the night it rained. No nic to. We move now standard, maybe as not equivalent to modern tomorrow to reach the sea, I already dream about baths.

PiotrK 16 December 2013 - 11:48

buy acyclovir ointment (aciclovir) -should be available without a prescription, Lubricate several times a day, the sooner you apply the better

Myrrh 16 December 2013 - 19:29

I am very amused by offering baptism in the Filipino church. But most of your reaction to this rather unusual proposal.
What once strongly denied, better to leave the friendly people of hope.
Dusk at. 17 surprised me. Does this mean,the come together at this time of the bike and pedestrian tourists start to life?
Eve! My experience with herpes are like the hay,that is, if you rubbed something is present or not- it would still be us this “pleasure”accompanied by his time.

Tom 22 December 2013 - 13:20

Hi Girls:):):)
This is Tom. Reads WAS excellently.:):):) every time I laugh out loud and you know I can see it robić.zreszta Eve to face the question of the need for acceptance of baptism:)This smiling face naaapewno blissfully affected people gathered in Kościele.Podziw for you for dealing with przeszkodami.Wierze with the poowrocie Eve writes that xsiązke of the wyprawy.Ale both do not snore so common bed will not be such an ordeal:):):0
I greet you VERY MUCH and James T

Myrrh 22 December 2013 - 22:44

Girls! Sophie Eve! Why zamilkłyście? Let me know what's going on with you!! Do not you write,if my computer broke down. I'm worried about you.
Here in Poland continue preparing for the less than sharp 3 Christmas day. And everyone is so busy , if holidays were to last from half a month. Memory lane of a fever, although this action on Tuesday. Talk to me to. How do you prepare there for Christmas?

ewcyna 23 December 2013 - 01:57

Myrrh, Now just give króciotko know, that we live, I catch has just internet and it looks like, that we will be here tomorrow, So in the end I write. We are in the high mountains, we came here to take a break from the humid. There are slightly more than 20 staircase i eat Bosco.
about the holidays is a disease still do not know. Unfortunately, it looks like, that the saint's closed here and not really know what to do. But maybe now with internete3m explain something '.
Merry Christmas to all!!!

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