In the far north

by Ewcyna

On the way north Hokkaido landscape became more and more severe, of the time existed only on the map, emptiness around and wind. It was windy but mostly nice in the back so I flicked km nos. Sometimes flat and boring, sometimes good impression on the hills. It became a downright sweltering.
From Asahikawy much the whole time I was passing armored vehicles and army general, I thought even if this is not Korea started from scratch.. once booked into the large parking lot and drove up the night calutką Trooper. Everything I've seen!
One day, the way I came across a lovely campsite situated, and although I was going a little popedałować it after hearing a price I found, that nothing will happen to me to stay. All 200 jenów czyli jakieś 7 PLN . The price of hot water at the tap (is in general not seen in Japan rarity) and wifi.
After the camp was spinning a few people, and two men on bikes drove me. How do I? Alone? How does it go with the Kyushu.. impossible.
Although showers were not, because it is rationed at all pleased at local camps, but the opposite camp was onsen. As I sat and wondered if I was so dirty, to deliver these 400 yen in onsen (I was) drove one of these men and gave me “presented”- small note which proved to be an admission ticket to that just onsenu. He read my mind, however, that also looked a haggard and unkempt cramps ..? Anyway, I had no longer ponder just gathered belongings and onsenu.
In so-called mięczyczasie also came to make friends with you yet dachshund. I could not even start hating the little dachshund because he was a barker (but as it barked at him to shut down the trailer, and this is different approach to the topic of noise in Japan and here ..), but the lady was delightfully. From word to word – sorry about – from gesture to gesture because your teeth than in English – and found that it also goes to onsenu, So we went together. Upon his return brought me something to eat.. Chinese soup (should be called the Japanese soups because that's what it was invented in Japan) and water in a thermos, I myself could immediately pour half of soup. I boiled eggs. Not that I was going to eat for dinner but a gift..
But I guess I looked pretty miserable as me so at this campsite Bifuka cleaned and feeding..
Mr Senior said, even if do not want to recharge batteries .. if they guessed, because the camp there was no electrical outlet. And you have your solar panels. The Lord told me Manako, to live in the camp 4 months of the year, and it costs him 100 yen a day, and that is a great starting point for a whole Hokkaido. Podpytałam therefore it's my further route and told me, as the wind blows in Hokkaido.. the result of this, that, in accordance with the direction of my driving. Trele apricots thought, such talk. But time has shown, I was right! I'm lucky, What can I talk to.

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