Minga-la-ever Myanmar!

by Ewcyna

Ming-la-ba! this time being the first and only word, I was able to remember. It is not difficult, when you hear it dozens of times a day.. topped with even more smiles.
Ming-la-ba – good day!

Smiles residents of Myanmar are joyful, innocent and charming, incredulous. Faces of children and women, men are less smeared with yellow powder – Tanaka, which serves as a sunscreen, but also for women's decoration and makeup. The country, which only slowly opens up to the world every foreigner is welcomed with open arms.

I am overwhelmed beauty of this country, the teachings herein smells, music, and above all, his uncommon residents. Being here fills me with a joy. Mornings are filled with songs from the temples of up, the banks of the road going in the purple robes of monks and nuns, old and young, who collect the donated rice garnuszków. No one on me honking, although the movement is sometimes disputes, do not laugh at me only to me, music is pleasing to the ear and are not the only local American pop songs. In fact, melodic noise comes before temples, against which most frequently women collect donations shaking tin dishes.

With the guest of warmshowera Jasper, which is a Dutchman from 8 years living in this country (and a fantastic man) I facilitated the beginning, but do not hide, that and I remained in considerable shock. After 3 On the Yangon, during which I was able to visit one of the biggest attractions of Myanmar – Shwedagon Paya or high at almost 100 meters, With a population of more than 2000 years szerozłotą temple (jaw impression I gathered from the pavement), naprawiwszy bike only in professional bicycle workshop with a high degree of uncertainty and even greater curiosity set off on a route.

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Ewa 5 February 2014 - 20:31

Ewa – beautiful pictures, najładniejsze to z dwójką dzieci 🙂 widać ,that well get you there!

Myrrh 6 February 2014 - 19:41

But beautifully captured in these photos exotic and fantastic colors. Photos from the calendar as good quality. Do not pity us Ewa such views and the natural and social has just.

ewcyna 7 February 2014 - 12:07

Myrrh, very, very few people choose to Myanmar on bike, znaelzc can not be any entry in the Internet on the subject not to mention already about meeting someone on the paths of.. Glowny zapenwe koniecznoswc this reason the use of hotels, which are spaced from each other a lot of time.. slowly beginning to understand why.. :(. It is still a police state..


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