Maxing my relaxing

by Ewcyna
Round rainbow
Nong Khiaw

“This river flows in the wrong direction” she said to me once Zocha staring at the map and this and this flowing near the river in the real world. Actually, the river was flowing in the wrong direction, doing so cleverly swirl, who previously hid this fact from us on the map.

As we know, at least cyclists know it well, only in the right direction, which shall flow a river is the, where we are going. If it is not recycled water should not stick only:
a) change plans and drive there, where he wants to river
b) take the challenge and face a ramp, the more, the closer we are its sources

Then after a brief discussion on variant and postawiłyśmy) and rozkoszowałyśmy a relaxing ride over the next few days.

Well, but as we know, a variant) it is not always possible. Then remains the variant b).

For me, all the rivers in Laos relentlessly flowing in the wrong direction. Woeful ends or running out to the side, begins next. Wariant a) drops, I would have to enter Vietnam. But, but! I knew what to write, the mountains we go ladies and gentlemen estate, it was meant to be and is! It is well. At the end of Tibet's almost visible on the horizon ..:)

The effort effort, podjazdy podjazdami, but it is beautifully. I declare the country Laos green! Further, after several weeks of driving in fog smog after a few storms, ugasiły fires that finally saw the blue sky – what a joy it was.

A few days ago, the advice of a few people making plans changed slightly “jump to the side” towards Vietnam, staggered loop and thereby bypassing most by drivers of all vehicles section of the road to Oudomxay. I will remain eternally grateful to my advisors, because it was the most beautiful section of Laos, What I had to go. Narrow, quiet roads led wdłuż rivers (which, as we floated in the wrong kieruku) doprowadziwczy me to the town of Nong Khiaw idyllycznego. I think I was once not so met in August with harmonious interplay of locals and tourists – there is nothing here for many, This can be a lot of B & Bs and a few pubs, but people live their lives, not stretch and still sincerely smile at August tangled here and there rozleniwionych tourists. Therefore, I closed my eyes to the fact, He did not deserve that yet again rest because the beautiful view from the window, and I had not yet leniłam up to the max in Nong Khiaw 2 days of watching life on the river Nam Ou.

The summary of this idyll was 6-hour boat ride north – not out of laziness means – no roads and it was the only opportunity to reach local village.
Have you ever seen a circular rainbow?? With surprise I admired this phenomenon for about 2 hours just in Nong Khiaw. Is a photo, although it does not reflect her beauty.

In one of the villages we passed I saw women in colorful costumes and beautiful czepacach – probably representative of one of the tribes of mountain. Aug. tried to sell his rather poor possessions consisting of vegetables and small ornaments. I do not wear jewelery, but I bought a bracelet for the exorbitant price of these conditions 8 of gold, I think, that for the money the family can cook dinner. Unfortunately, These women also looked very, but it is very poorly, riddled dirty blouses and skirts.. Intriguingly, because everywhere there are pumps with water and rarely anyone using them is not – driving in the evening I often see residents of washing there, time alone with them I use. Do not know, maybe in the high mountains is different?

Well I have one foot in China.. this is true, w Oudomxay, where am I, fractions was 120 km from the border it's great Chińczykowo. Now only zastanawim out where to spend your coming.. Nowy Rok 🙂

Yep, yes, in Laos, Thailand, perhaps Cambodia, but also located near the border with Laos province of China New Year called Songkran is celebrated between 13-15 April. The most famous New Year's custom is spraying water and apparently the local oblucjach our cast Monday falls very pale. For many days the best-selling gadget like a see are guns – psikawki, of some 2 days after circling the streets of youth with buckets and apparently the most desirable goal are foreigners – which have slowly feel.

And that in this climate of water on the head can never have too many, and this with dignity, i bez side – we accept. The only question is where I'll be.

But then – Happy New Year!

ps. Następna relacja pewnie z Chin 🙂 Musze przyznać, I'm completely taken over and I do not know what to expect. Further, z uwagi and “fascinating” recent politics of the Middle Kingdom in the visa issue najprwdopodobniej like Jim and Marzena from I'll had to make a forced trip abroad, probably to Hong Kong, to take advantage of the next vested in me 30 days. ok, wyfejsbukować come to me for weeks, but the rehab is the same advantages.

A co dalej, I do not know. Not very positive news from the Polish cause, I might be forced to return najakiś time, and I would not want to. Very much. In Asia (and perhaps further) I'm not finished yet. But I still have a little time to make a decision and hopefully resolve the issue remotely (with a little help of my friends).

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zofia 10 April 2014 - 18:41

I read it with great activity and carries me literally, I would have wanted to get on the bike and go somewhere. Life, however, knows his limitations and puts, So I move only in those areas with reading. I greet and wish you perseverance

ewcyna 15 April 2014 - 13:38

I know the feeling.. still remember how I had young ones by reading your relationship with Indo-China a few years ago when, when I sat behind the desk and pounded in there head..

But, but .., a kto to mowil, the ends of the bike, these driveways, now it is already the only bike and car hire ..? Zofia you this was! 🙂

PiotrK 10 April 2014 - 22:08

Happy New Year Ewa!!! Merry Christmas. This is a moment you will be in 2015? And why not to Vietnam? Vietnam to be loved, Vietnam to party. I want good food – pickled cobra, tincture of rattlesnake, etc., itp. Regarding the River, it forgot about option C), which is the bath, and is in a remote area and you do not have dry clothes.
If you przycisnęło to Polish, remember that 1-4 great picnic under the sign of strawberry wine and honey.
Such a halo around the sun bode weather changes, whether it was the rain and the blue sky? Well, reading the entry – seems, that raises the spirit.

ewcyna 15 April 2014 - 13:50

Peter. Vietnam is now at the “no” with at najmnmiej two reasons. First primo – Chinese Chinese visa was a priority, that is, I have to squeeze it with both entrances before 25 May. Ale by other Community primo, opinions about rowerowaniu in Vietnam that I read and have heard are in 80 percent unfavorable and because this country is falling at the end of the list of those, which I would like to visit.
Why? It has a 10-times more people than in Laos, marl 70 million in such a small statelet. Dear crowded and habits in the way of stories reminiscent of the Philippines, ie trumpeting all vehicles at once, cacophony of brick.
Well, unfortunately, most importantly, are extreme opinions about the attitudes of people. There are very friendly, but are often simply spiteful to the max, stretch much as possible and mocked August of cyclists. ok. plus outstreached hand after “money”. It looks like, it's not on my nerves… A tinctures and bugs have you here in abundance Chianche, August rampant today on plates in a pub, sure the family does not eat everything off the board and took the rest home, apparently good, someday I'll try.

tourister 11 April 2014 - 14:58

SabaiDee Songran!I've seen your screen-halo once in my life,the plane in dole.Mysle,This will bring you to the Chokdee in NowymRoku
And in the new kraju.Kraj big as a continent,train rides Aug. week!by bike? Keep-Going!

ewcyna 15 April 2014 - 13:55

Welcome. Disappears tj. 15.04 was rightly drenched in water and drenched, I think, he will be in August led me in this new year.. but who this year did not even know… I have to check.


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