Matsumoto, Alps

by Ewcyna

Na reset po kilku dniach podjazdu wybrałam Matsumoto, niezwykle przyjemne miasto w Alpach Japońskich ok. 80 km od Nagano, słynące z .. najstarszego oryginalnego zamku w Japonii.. pochodzi on z XVI wieku. Czyli zwiedzamy trzeci zamek w Japonii, to 3 razy sztuka. Trzeba sobie wyrobić opinię o panach i władcach.
Pod zamkiem zaczepił mnie człowiek, który okazał się być tzw. volunteer guide i zaproponował zwiedzanie za free. Bardzo to fajna sprawa i szkoda, że nie jest bardziej rozpowszechniona.
Mitsuto był bardzo zainteresowany i przejęty moją wyprawą i nawet nie patrzył na mnie jak na kosmitkę tak jak inni. Po zakończeniu zwiedzania i pożegnaniu poszedł jednak za mną i zaprosił na lunch. If only I would have nothing against it…
It was very nice and eager tried the local dishes which are dark soba noodles, which is eaten with soy sauce dip.
At the end of Mitsuto repeatedly thanked me for the company, and that makes me able to practice their English..
O mother. How will I learn to give thanks is only in Poland will patrazyć me as an alien.
A simply wonderful Matsumoto found a cheap guesthouse where the zadekowałam on 2 nights because once in a while to be and besides, tomorrow is rain.. what a pity, because so many places around here to explore..

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Mira Boat 10 May 2013 - 22:49

Eve! Long, long time nothing and suddenly today I discovered a few new entries, that came together. Well enough,it is Friday and I have time to read them carefully. I was intrigued by Mr. Toshio, which – understood as- Cie hosted at home. Not anymore so I am not surprised,with not describe his home and his surprise,the stranger let you through the door of her home, I wonder what the issue here is that. Am I meeting in Lodz exotic biker from another continent, of color dared to invite him to his home- just like that lightly? What else to pubs for lunch.
Of course, after your description is simply running out into the city tomorrow and take the round-up of some biker obcokontynentalnego
and …. Firstly- I lead him to the Lodz palaces as a volunteer guide ( as you Mitsuto) and secondly, I will bring to your home for dinner, shower and bed, whether you want it or not.. And that all this, to break into the European and metropolitan distrust and excessive caution in dealing with others.
However, train travel….. I know, I know,particularly those educated.
You are great and brave Eve.

ewcyna 11 May 2013 - 00:23

Myrrh, not actually an unusual case, but let me tell you that when I felt a little Toshio a rat by the 20 kilometers as we were traveling together. So he's not particularly surprised and certainly nothing I feared nei. I took photos of his apartment on 10 floor only in this city skyscraper, but I will not throw because I am in contact with him and I know, it looks in here. A flat has a large, nice and more European than Japanese (besides sleeping on tatami mats), in one room keeps his collection of bikes (and equipment for golf) – is the dozen, three face block, several in the room and a few somewhere else. This hobby:)

And if I would let.. ? probably not as, I know what it is to travel by bike. Otherwise, I would have thought for sure.

ewcyna 11 May 2013 - 00:25

aha, and the reaction of volunteer definitely surprised me. He followed me to the shop, that is, he had to really break the Japanese shyness. And then also asked me to send him information on how I'm doing.

Mira Boat 11 May 2013 - 19:40

Eve, because shyness goes into a corner when they meet two extraordinary personalities. Its your diagnosis and wants to talk.
But you have to impress them. Supposedly weaker sex……. What's happening this Europe- probably think Japanese, which you pass on the way.

ewcyna 11 May 2013 - 23:16

oh yeah, something in it:)
Also today I tracked down some lokals and wants care to accompany for a few hours.. only compare it to my bike kolarzówce camel..


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