Luang Prabang

by Ewcyna

Luang Prabang jest piękne. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Laos, currently listed as UNESCO cultural heritage is made for relaxation. A small promontory on the Mekong is full of temples, odrestauranowanych post-colonial buildings and .. pubs, tourist offices, hoteli oraz guestousów.
I have a feeling, that the city consists precisely of habitations is determined in Category meet the needs of tourists, but these are at least shrines are aesthetic, beautifully lit in the evening, well maintained.
Luang Prabang to nagroda please 5 On breaking through the top (counter counted 9,5 km climb vertically and about 1 km less zdjazdów). Owe in an air-conditioned room, I feed on something other than just rice noodles, I give body massage laotańskiemu, which is more like acupressure (great!) I shop on his way by paying several times more than in Thailand, I meet and talk with cool people.
Unfortunately, the city is situated in the basin and the sky is covered with thick clouds okropnmi the smog. Again I hear, that November after the rainy season is the best month for a visit.
After 3 on I, I'm ready to go further down the road. Rain is in the air, but at least it is cooler and the area through which I decided to go apparently extremely picturesque. May only smokes odpuściły.

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Ewa 3 April 2014 - 20:42

hej Ewa 🙂
well,that you could have a bit of a rest and recharge – pictures of burning forests were very sad,Very well,now that you get out of there…
ie say,rice that you have enough already ? 😉
Wroclaw today dropped the first spring rain – as in you with the weather and temperatures?

Myrrh 3 April 2014 - 22:59

Be Eve in Thailand and met a fellow. Poles like Tajlandję. Do you abandoned tent here for a civilized peace?

ewcyna 4 April 2014 - 03:17

Girls, as I added in the post – Unfortunately fumes love Luang Prabang, After the first few days here again caught up with me and I wonder how it will continue.
I have reams out the ears, this is true, but what to do. Ziemniaczka would have eaten… (not here). Yesterday devoured on the spot baguette with pretty good production paszteten Vietnam. Heaven in my mouth! I went to the store to buy.

In Thailand nei sotkalam any compatriots, but I came across in any tourist areas or even foot never touched the sea. Also avoided the tourist places in the mountains, such perversion, So in general it was difficult for tourists.
For this seaside Tajandii I have also used zawitać, because so far it right this country tired after me, but rather inadvertently, because of the time of year.

But in Laos peirwszy time in many days I met several times sakwiarzy – road, I was driving is the main road from the south to the north. The main national highway is not far – sometimes passed me once a vehicle 15-20 minutes, Thus, even decided to stay in roadside stalls with mats of grass covering – is pictured widoczen. Unfortunately, if only just convinced, that truck deigned to go after these mountain serpentine mainly at night, and next to my clipboard driver did stop to pee myself. But all in all I slept njawet up.
Temperatures around 40 st.

tourister 4 April 2014 - 12:50

Have not met fellow? but it was a chance for – we passed in August already twice!The second time on the route between the LP and VT,It had to be close-miss
because the road is in China in August waska.Moze happen again?

ewcyna 6 April 2014 - 12:20

It waving to me, shout or whatever, raczej jestem rozpoznawalna 🙂


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