Cambodia on a plate

by Ewcyna

Well, I got in his talons. It does not go away – strong odor and pierce my nose at the thought of the taste of saliva almost dripping from my mouth. In Cambodia, caught up with me again. On, bristling with hunk, which spiked weapons valuable access to the interior.

First, the local market in the coastal Kep.. Only a few pieces, because this is not the season. I stop the wheel stand and think "so just ask how much it costs, What's the harm? ". ok, 5 dollars per kilogram. With crusty skin naturally. A lot. That I just have to see, While the smallest weighs. Hmmm.. almost two kilos. No, no - thank you - I tell the clerk and she and I look at the disconsolate. But I can not seem daily rate for such "wpierdalanse" - Explain himself. No, I can not! Reluctantly leaving, but after a while catching up with me saleswoman - Madam, 7 Dollars can be? (and also, incidentally, love, here as per say to me "madam"). I do not believe itself, when I hear "yes, just please peel ". Female carefully rozkraja fruit, large fleshy seeds removed and translates into the tray. This time we are both really happy.

Mam go. Durian, known as the king of fruits. Undoubtedly, for me it is too. In the spirit of speaking to him as Lord of the Rings Smeagal: „My, my precious”.. I sit down on the waterfront and absorbs all. The seed is as it should be – soft and greasy with a strong, arakowo-cream flavor. As for the legendary smell does not bother me and I do not think, that was awful. Irritant, clear - yes. Tuck it in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and who knows where else there. The best are the fruits, which already crust is slightly flared - a sign that, that are ripe. 100 gram of durian has about 150 Calories, Thus it is not surprising, that after absorbing kilkustet grams feel very sated. Sweaty hands just because the season starts!

In Battambang, pleasant, postcolonial city where I spent a few days non-stop tasters. For a change - in the company of. For a change - a cycling tour. For a change – organized. And it is great!

Do not know, whether I would have chosen, if not Yurie, Japanese with whom I stay for one or two nights and staying.. five. Yurie directs Soksabike, company organizing bike tours around Battambang. Guided by the idea of ​​responsible tourism, supporting the local community, showing her daily life. You have to go with us! - Claims, when our conversation okołorowerowa kicks off for good.

The next day 7.30 I put myself in the morning at the assembly point. This is us 6 osób, All morning coffee greets a young smiling boy - our guide. At the beginning of learning a few basic phrases in the language of the Khmer, explanation of where we go and what we see. Oh - Do not stuff for breakfast, because everywhere will be tastings!

We drive a small picturesque road, which flourishes as meanders along a small river. The first stop is the Domestic rice paper plant. We are looking at, efficiency and precision which requires making these thin, round cakes, in which then wraps food such. sajgonki. Daily elderly couple knead about 2000 pieces, starting the day with a morning, ending with 18tej. Hard work.

Oblivious to the morning hours at the next stop trying the local rice wine. Household winiarnio-produced liquor stills with a capacity of ca.. 50 percent. That I'll just have a little bit..

Rice in the next form of sticky rice ie. sticky rice roasted in bamboo stems, often found on roadside stalls. I eat it almost every day, but I see, that other people quite wary about this local jedzeniowego "Lander". Bamboo stalks are cut, to them squeezed into the hollow interior is a mix of rice with beans and grated coconut, and whole roasted in the fire. Really good!

Na couple popitkę. How about juice "with a stick"? Squeezed in the hand-operated press juice from the stalks of sugar cane is sweet as syrup and a bit bland, but when you add a little lime or even better - a piece of orange and of course, ice is a real drink of the gods. It amazes me how much you can squeeze the juice of the stem. Each "stick" is moved kilkakrotnei by the press and for any event much of it still comes as much of the liquid.. Day can guzzle two or three servings, each more or less złociszu for cup. Therefore, when you see standing on the side of the road-reel machine and stacked piles of ostruganych "sticks" do not hesitate for a moment. It will be delicious and ecologically!

At the end of the tour for a change.. tasting fruit. We get fresh coconuts, bochenkowego tree seeds, ananas, papaję i mango. If someone has not bought at a market stall now is a great opportunity, to try. As usual digs young coconut flesh with a spoon while others look at me like I was crazy. Well what I do, I like it?

We're going back in place, where it is not so lukrowato and literally have to block the nose. This fish market, where it is used for making fish paste with ..sfermentowanych. A fuj! When I hear, that is the basis of my impression of the local broth, with anymore I will not touch any soup. Accurate ...

Hello hello! Everything so good? And what about the typical district of Cambodian cuisine. With legendary creatures and crawling fruwającymi?

Well, They are, I was just not usually look from afar. Fried insects, Tarantulas, or cicada larvae are local przegryzki as chips for us. Toasted deep fat, trays piled at roadside stands and supermarkets evening. Last rozczuliła me a local version of fried larvae with chives and chili peppers. Everyone knows, that is the basis of the appropriate spices, truth? I did not have the courage to try, but my friend says, that taste like peanuts. For now, I believe the word of.

Do not know, or a similar taste.. scorpions, but apparently the price is about 12 USD 100 grams.. I mean, I went near the nose so dibs because a few days ago, the accommodation in a roadside, restaurant better packing up in the morning I discovered with horror quite alive and quite militant oriented individual to me, which was about 20 inches from my feet.. and he measured some 10-12 cm. I freaked out in earnest, although my landlady just shrugged. Apparently quite harmless species, These are generally less dangerous. These are more… tasty.

Small or large, alive or fried, to me, and ten times that gave it I do not want to close encounters of the third degree with scorpions brrrrr..

This I ask durian. Bon appetit!

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Jola 31 January 2015 - 17:49

Nice culinary adventure. Watru in the back and good luck!!!

Ewcyna 1 February 2015 - 00:47

dziękuję 😉

Ewa 1 February 2015 - 18:02

Eve, Thank you for this entry – I get the impression, for me that wrote it and still have many photos ! Bon Apetit! 😉

Ewcyna 4 February 2015 - 03:10

Ewa, niemożliwa jesteś z tym jedzeniem 😉

Mira Boat 3 February 2015 - 00:56

The durian I did not heard.
Eve, just got back from a short trip to the mountains and your culinary description is away 100 light years from what I saw and ate in Małe Ciche and Zakopanem.Pamiętasz still ciężkostrawny cake Highlander robber and oscypki heat or snow drifts in the Valley Kościeliska??? A natural snow on the ski slopes? It's also probably the exotic – Only Polish. Especially when he gets back up for homeopathic amounts of snow in their own city.
It's fun writing- write to us often.

Ewcyna 4 February 2015 - 03:15

Myrrh, durian fruit is quite legendary, he is known just from intensive, very interesting if not horrible smell. Sorry, I explained this is not the. In addition, the, it is considered a delicacy is also a non-transporting it by public transport in many Asian countries and certainly plane – many daredevils have failed, he beats the smell of August by all. However I really do not mind.
Of course, I remember the taste of the cake robber, I order it always, although unfortunately sometimes do with a potato powder.. ;(
I had a little bit of snow in Korea, but anyway I forget. I like the snow and I like cross-country skiing, the worst of the weather is like this szarobura.. brrr, to such weather do not miss. Here I am almost 100% the sun.

tourister 3 February 2015 - 09:21

Because you are in the vicinity of Surinu,you have the opportunity of tasting durian in a special edition.
There is a village,sloni.Ten culture famous durian special needs to stay entirely digested and expelled by slonia.Z studded elephant is doing the kneading fruit and trawe.podobno by wrapping it in a very lubia.Mozesz them to come to an elephant with your durian and bananami.Banany not suitable for re consumption,but durian after this treatment is still produced in a similar manner lepszy.W a special kawa.popytaj in starbaksach,as you do not believe.

Ewcyna 4 February 2015 - 03:16

While writing this post, I was just in the elephant village, but unfortunately I have not seen durian consumption. Maybe the reason is, this is not the season?

PiotrK 14 February 2015 - 21:35

Mrs., wpierdalanse this and that is a pleasure of life, and reportedly scorpion venom is not only nutritionally

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