Kali eat a lot of mission…

by Ewcyna

That in China they eat worms?

Yes, but in Yunnan and Sichuan eats mainly bears.

Meeting with Chinese cuisine took place already at the limit laotańsko-Chinese. It was somehow slightly after 16tej, when I wanted to cross the border, but you only yawned border guard, idly scanned my passport, watching each other all the visas and stamps in turn then yawned again, that have already closed.. ok! It is here working at the border of 8mej to 16tej as Polish budżetówce I thought and went back to the border-town. I need to eat, I do not know "what's it all about", everything else is, subtitles in Chinese and Chinese currency although it still Laos. But I go to some pub and shyly perches on the edge of the chair. And I'm going to basically just good to sit down when I see, that someone from the depths of the sanctuary waving to me. To me? Look back, no one is there, so I guess to me. Young girl waving and gesturing again invited to the table. Well, beating innate shyness get up and walk up. They sit there 3 women. The youngest, ta od machania, suggests to me a chair, gives the bowl and chopsticks, smiles and invites you to eat. I hate it, because even a word of Chinese do not know, but grub looks promising so I will not mince. I do not know too much what course of consuming technique… observed. ok, We are already in the country sticks. No spoons and forks, and especially of the latter will not find a. OK. First bowls were rinsed with water from the spinach and the water drunk. A bowl of rice is of course the main site, lands around the plates with different specialties. I do not know too much what is there, identify some components, others do not, but everything is very good.

Such calls had then several times. Food in China is aktywość collective, rice and food is given to the joint plates, each of which is dziubie myself little by little this and that. Munching and ciamkanie - Mandatory. Young Chinese woman, let's call her Jessi, smiles at me and she clicks directly przeuroczo. Tables in most Chinese żarłodajnii are split level - ie. round with double worktop - middle, the upper part is rotated so, next to a dish to bring – in bad taste is the administration itself plates across the table. I like eating with chopsticks, because the bites are small and it is slower. I do not know why every time I start to eat it runs up to someone giving me a spoon ..? For I can not figure that out.

Well, but stick has two ends - being yourself, be careful and determined in the pub before the meal, otherwise there is a good chance, that we get food in quantities as for half the army and the price cause us heart palpitations. I was able to avoid such situations, but I was, oh I was close.

Initially, my orders were, however tasteless and did not have much in common with the, what I ate at a common table. The city is often different, but in roadside eateries in China food ingredients composes himself pointing to the ice in the glass which is to be cooked. "How should I know what you use?"I was thinking helplessly staring at the little interesting content usually refrigerators. And indeed there, sometimes some meat, but mostly tripe, sometimes larvae, offal and various viscera.. 'll also lay something that looked like a ragged leather frog (quickly ran) - None milligram protein is not wasted. Bowel play march, nothing to eat but I can not see..

Fortunately, I discovered pretty quickly MAGIC INGREDIENT.


More specifically, ginger root

It's slightly spicy and slightly citric side dish with an aromatic taste and smell makes, that the murmur of satisfaction to himself and chewing a piece of ginger, melt with happiness. I used to have earlier ginger pumpkin soup and of recently my family is extolled it as an aggravating component taste of home wiśnióweczki, but I did not know, that ginger so perfectly with meat and vegetables, and I swear, in addition favorite so far ahead of my onions.. Yum! Now, going to the pub I'm only interested, or have ginger, if so, This sit down and order a basically anything. And so it will be good. And how this will add a few (but only a few) dried chili peppers and maybe a little lemon grass is already in all heaven in mouth.

The second component, which I discovered only in China, although it is also available with us, to tofu. Tofu unlike the meat is cheap and even as to the elderly, because that also here to eat, I did not taste it, and should not harm. The taste resembles a rubbery white cheese, and that Yunnan is famous for the local tofu tastes manufactured on site in any form - that is boiled or fried on street standach.

China totally captivated me with his food, though I thought, it will be Thailand. Such wonderful things can you Chinese in the wok in 3 minutes to conjure up.. Everything is prepared on stump in the 3-5 minutes - how does this apply to our "long cooking on the fire"?. I wonder if we in this our world, say Europe is not exaggerating with this cooking, which often takes so much time? Here, since the meat and other ingredients is sufficient to slice finely, that it will be in the pan 3 minutes and longer.

The fixed component of lunch meals is also landing on the middle of the table with a bowl of boiled leaves - cabbage, sałatą, spinach, that there still can be found in lightly salted water with a spoonful of oil.. And here again - cooked 3-4 minutes the leaves are crispy, but not hard, Mild in flavor which is a good alternative to other foods and relieves fire on the tongue, and above all do not healthy. This next patent, which I intend to adopt a pet pieleszach.

But, but - as the title of a teddy bear?? Does a bear was part of the Chinese diet? Maybe, I do not know, no cost, but not about the teddy bear I mean.

Mi-shia I affectionately called Misia or "soup kluchową" is the basis of the local board. Dumplings, rice or wheat, thin or thick, bright or dark but always sooooo dłuuugie in broth with a touch of greens, vegetable silage, sometimes a bit of meat and of course chilies seasoned in various forms accompany me from Laos, but only here have taken on the character. "Teddy bear" eat all. Mainly in the morning, because it is essential the local breakfast, but also at noon and in the evening you can see people everywhere addictive long dumplings. The word "addictive" we have taken literally. Dumplings be pulled, components fishes out chopsticks and leaves decoction. In southern Yunnan, micha mission was so large, that resembled my biggest homework Salater, Now the bowl is strongly reduced and chilli seasoning grimacing mouth. Not without reason Sichuan cuisine is considered to be the sharpest in China. Well, but the advantage of "mission" is the, that is publicly available. Kali zjeść dużo misi… 🙂

I admit, however,, that has me a little caution and lately more often, please dumplings that same corner season with a milky drink.. every time I do it takes to fight almost even with the seller, who tries to do everything, to me that something strange pour dumplings, even a little bit a sprinkle of chilli.. And I come from a country of milk. I like milk for breakfast, little bit of milk…

While at breakfast - eaten as such local, steamed pampuchy., which are sold hot with characteristic, arranged in tiers of sheet metal vessels. Very cheap, nutritious well and in the end it is a substitute for bread! I generally try driving by porridge to which I add dried fruit. These the local dried fruits are super, dry and semi-dry not, just add water and namiękną.. Mira powinna być dumna z tego mojego zdrowego śniadaniowego jadłospisu 🙂

This ode to the Chinese (about sorry - yunnańsko-Sichuan) kitchen finish the dessert durian. About durian the stuff of legend, that stinks anyway, I will not write much as, but not so bad, that either you love him, or hates. It is certainly true, but I did not recognize Asians, who would hate him. When in front of a shopping mall in Kunming "rushed" fresh durians from Thailand lasted about not melee. Price niebagatelna - 15 zl per kilogram, and, after all, only eats a fleshy coating seeds with creamy, all the while surrounded by heavy, spiny shell. Not knowing what to repay the family, who hosted me there I bought the durian is. Joy the whole family was so sincere, a time of rapid consumption, I had no doubt, the gift was a hit.

ok, the picture still presenting the choice popitek rates. There are plenty to choose from if you like, I will not go through ardło, but I have to admit, that Chinese beer content 2,5 – 3,5 % is yes, yes.

Food is the good side of China.. I wonder if my insurance covers death from overeating. If you find me with a face plate in the Chinese do not weep for me. This means, died happily with.

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Monika 3 June 2014 - 21:00

A paradise, to faktycznie szkola przetrwania 🙂 Dzieki Bogu za ten imbir!!!! 🙂 Wyglada to wszystko bardzo apetycznie i zachecajaco 🙂 Nic tylko wskoczyc i dosiąść się do stolika 🙂 A ten bar na pierwszym miejscu zaskakuje nowoczesnym dizajnem 🙂 Mnie sie tez bardzo podoba to szybkie przygotowywanie, Comparing with hours of brewing our stew…..hehe
How to arrive, to na kurs gotowania sie do Ciebie zapisuje 🙂


ewcyna 4 June 2014 - 13:35

Because the bar is my first one happened last time – This is typically,lo attractive “dziple”, but there just asked me for a photo so I slammed a sweet foci:)
No stew it in 3 minutes can not brew, fact.

Mira Boat 3 June 2014 - 23:27

O rany! Eve ! But you gave a culinary column! Saliva dripping on the keyboard. Tomorrow I press the ginger and throw vegetables. So far only Now add fresh lentil soup. And of course,I'm proud of you and your porridge breakfast and even I no longer poison,that fruits should be eaten only as a standalone meal – whether or not dried, because in China it's all you can afford to mix…bylebyś only be happy, fed state and always had around friendly people.
Well enough,I finally said a word to.

ewcyna 4 June 2014 - 13:36

Myrrh, is not it poisonous of these fruits, so proud of myself I am..
And my second day of rest (one is not enough) result in the next entries.

PiotrK 12 June 2014 - 22:14

But this description and photo mission you've done me a taste of. At night the dream, I am in China, and get a big bowl of full Dumplings, veggies, mięsiwka. Why we do not have such normal, typical Chinatown? Man to go, ate and even home nakupował this “abomination”. And how is dried or cured sea cucumbers? Have you tried? Apparently quite a cucumber of them have.


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