Jezioro Inle

by Ewcyna

For Bagan I headed towards the next myanmarskiej place which is the Inle lake in the east of the country, abandoned in pushing further north as the roads in most closed. And I've had enough of these undercover neck, to be even more exposed.

On the way I met a nice surprise - I met the first and probably the last I think in Burma bicycle traveler. Sue and Charles are British, Rearing children who decided to go on a six-month journey through Asia, Central and Eastern Europe. We were traveling in the same direction, but only exchanged a few sentences because, unlike me, had kolarzówki on bezbieżnikowych tires, where poorly hung the half-filled bags. Again, I began to wonder what I can throw away, to relieve bike, but again came to the conclusion, the importance of doing my camping equipment, computer and clasp, and of these no more I can not get rid of. Sue and Charles, unlike me, they're not carrying any equipment, śpią w guesthousach i hotelach. Frankly it and I for now I use it very little and hardly Burma, but in view of the further plans I can not leave, unfortunately,. And so now I sent my indoor shoes and 3 kg of other stuff to a friend in Japan and very much wonder if they pull back, because I have plans to Yunnan province in China in April-May, and it is rather a mountain area.

I was hungry for conversation and exchange of experiences with the British cycling, but as luck would have, that we ran into each other again 2 days later, not hiding the mutual joys. Sue and Charles decided to ride the bus piece. Started up and on the way saw me running up to 25 km podjazd – apparently they could not believe, with I do it. Well, nobody said, it will be straight and made his way driveway in the morning was not so onerous. I started it the day before in the evening and I was driving in the night dark as pitch black hoping for some wild camping, a small exit where I could be umościć but none of this. Streamers and gulf. And going in the dark, blinding headlights of a truck. And so when I got into some mountain roadside restaurant I knew, that he will not move from there, even if I had to sit under a tree until morning. But there was no need - the owners of this time somehow not mentioned by the police and a senior family only nodded, that yes, I can be and gave me a bed at the shrine of the Buddha. I washed, and I fell, and in the morning with renewed energy drove to the town of Kalaw, which is equivalent to our Transboundary or Upper.

My friends cyclists met for the third time on Lake Inle, and there was almost no wondered. They took me for a ride on the lake, well, because when it finally arrives there. Inle Lake is picturesquely situated among the mountains and hills of Shan state, famous for its floating crops – vegetable and flower beds of drift yourself poweirzchni lake. Although a tourist attraction is zwyczjnie life goes on here, people live on the lake and of the living. On the surface of the lake are grown vegetables, grow flowers, course is held floating market - everything happens on boats. Famous are the fishermen paddling upright legs - although we only saw one, and I suppose, he was substituted for taking pictures. Anyway, it was a nice change from the rather demanding and tiring driving on roads Burmese.

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Andrew of soot 24 February 2014 - 17:12

I am very impressed by your road bike .Read each entry and admired for his courage .Życzę successful every day, you met the same kind people in this / for me / the eastern end of the world.

ewcyna 25 February 2014 - 00:18

Andrzejku am so protected from not at all to admire.. Regards. Do you already spring knocking on the door?

Andrew of soot 25 February 2014 - 13:39

OJ ..tak Puka…. spring from the very first days of February. Winter in Podhale this year was and is unusually hot .With a window of two weeks snowdrops / no snow / Stay Ewuniu including nachodzącym for you getting warmer tropical climate .Thanks for each relationship .Dużo warm greetings .Dobrej road A.

Depopulated capital Naypyidaw | Ewcyna 6 February 2021 - 19:48

[…] from Inle Lake unfortunately had to take the same route, because I would have to have a permit to take another one. […]


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